Top & Best Politriz Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Politriz: How to choose the best in 2022?

Polishing is an important step in finishing work with different materials. So today we are going to talk about the tool that helps us in this process: the polishing machine.

If you work with crafts in metals, steel or wood, it may be that a polisher improves the quality of your work. And in some industries, especially automotive and steel, it is essential for the parts to look great!

Do you know how to choose a polishing machine? We will discuss in this article the advantages and disadvantages of the tool, the differences between models and between it and other similar equipment, in addition to some technical issues. Prepared?

First, the most important

  • The polisher is a tool used for polishing. Although very similar physically and in the form of use with a sander or grinder, it has a different function.
  • The use of polishing machines is very common in the automobile and steel industries. You can have one in your home if you work with some types of crafts or if you like to polish your car frequently.
  • There are three types of polishing machines: Orbital, angled and bench. As they are indicated for different situations, know what your needs are at the time of purchase!

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Ranking: The 3 best polishing machine models

Some of the main tool manufacturers  produce excellent polishing machines. Therefore, we have selected some that will please you very much if they are chosen! To make it easier, we also try to choose models of different types. Check the list below:

  • Vonder 7 ” Angular Polisher
  • Great Orbital Polisher Black + Decker 5 ”
  • Excellent Bosch model

Buying Guide

Now that you know great polishing machine models, it’s time to talk more about everything that this tool can provide. After all, knowing the instruments used in your work well is essential!

What is a polishing machine and what is it for?

Polishing machine is a type of power tool whose main use is, as the name suggests, in polishing surfaces. It is widely used in the automotive industry and in metals in general, but also in wood, concrete and other materials.

In addition to giving a quality finish, polishing is also important for cleaning materials before subsequent work steps, removing crusts and layers of impurities and preparing for painting and coating.

To work properly, the polisher uses a polishing disc. It needs to be changed according to the composition of the surface to be polished. In most cases, the acquisition is done separately.

There is a lot of physical and working similarity between polishing machines and other tools such as sanders and grinders . The functions, however, are different.

Did you know that polishing has links to astronomy?

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first people to imagine and try to take a polishing machine out of paper. However, he failed in his attempts to make it work.

It was 18th century astronomers, especially William Herscher and Lord Rosse, who achieved success in this endeavor. But what is the interest that links astronomy and polishing? Basically, a good telescope mirror needs to be polished for perfect use!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a polishing machine?

The use of a polishing machine is very specific and professional. Unlike a household tool, such as a screwdriver , you will rarely need to have one if you don’t work in an area that needs to polish materials frequently.


In some types of crafts or production of floors and jewelry, it is impossible to escape the use of polishing machines.

But if you work in the auto or steel industry, as well as car repairs (mainly painting and bodywork), some types of crafts or production of floors and jewelry, it is impossible to escape the use of the polishing machine.

The only possibility for constant domestic use of the polisher is for those who want to keep their personal vehicle polished. For this niche of car fanatics, it is also a good buy!

It is not an expensive tool, nor is it hard to find. As famous brands manufacture it, technical assistance is also guaranteed.

Eventually, you will find sanders that also have the function of polishing. If the two areas are important to you, perhaps the polisher is not the best purchase: After all, a two-in-one machine will always have an advantage!

In the table below, we compare some advantages and disadvantages of the polisher:

Polishing machine, sander or grinder?

Seeing a polisher, sander and grinder side by side, it is difficult to distinguish which is which. But despite the similarities, the three do not have the same functions. There are fundamental differences between the tools.

Whichever tool you use, don’t forget your safety equipment. Protective mask, gloves and vests with sleeves are essential!

The differences start in the functions. If the polisher is used to polish, the sander, as the name also says, sand surfaces. The grinder primarily performs cuts and thinning, requiring a cutting disc.

What differentiates this operation in practice is the speed of rotation. The grinder is much larger, thus making it possible to cut hard materials. The sander is intermediate and the polisher is quite low, preventing damage to surfaces.

It is also not possible to use the same accessories on tools. A cutting disc will not produce the necessary effect if used in a polisher. Likewise, a carbon brush will fail if placed on a grinder.

To facilitate the differentiation of the tools, we have created a comparative table:

What are the different types of polisher?

There are three basic types of polishing machine: Orbital, angled and bench. The first two are similar to each other, while the third has some very specific uses.

The orbital polisher is the simplest to use, chosen for standard vehicle polishing, in addition to use on some metal plates and similar materials. If you intend to have one at home for your car, it is the one you should buy.

A little more professional is the angle polisher. It works with more speed and power, having the ability to correct more serious defects, both in vehicular painting and in sheets and spare parts of metal.

Different from the two is the bench polisher, which even has another visual aspect. It is not used in automobiles and has a greater variety of materials and surfaces on which it can be applied. You need a table for the correct use.

We compare the three types in the following table:

How to use the polisher in your car?

The use of a polisher to shine cars is not very complicated. It is made with a wool or foam beret that is often purchased separately.

The entire beret must be placed in contact with the surface of the car and the rotation should be kept low. The movement needs to be done in vertical and horizontal orientation, always alternately, so as not to leave any part forgotten.

The following video from the ITP Institute gives clear guidance on automotive polishing:

How much does a polisher cost?

Orbital and angular polishing machines are those that are in a starting price range. We found some that cost approximately R $ 200, with the average of the best models ranging between R $ 300 and R $ 400.

Countertop polisher models are often more expensive. It is even possible to make the purchase for approximately R $ 500, but the quality tools reach around R $ 1,000.

Where to buy a polishing machine?

To buy a polishing machine, you must go to tool stores or specializing in auto products. Another good option is the large networks of home and construction materials,  C&C, Telhanorte and Dicicco.

If your intention is to buy over the internet, Amazon is the best option. It has a wide variety of models, brands and prices. Be sure to also check the Free Market and international Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when buying a polishing machine

You already know differences in the types of polishing machines, in what to use them and the advantages of this tool. Now, let’s talk about technical specifications that will help you at the time of purchase:

  • Rotation system
  • Tool clamping method
  • Wattage
  • Weight
  • Extra items

Below, we explain each of them a little better.

Rotation system

Choosing the rotation system for a polisher is quite simple. It can be fixed or variable. In most cases, there is no need to have a tool with the second option.

Only in specific professional cases, such as working with some metals, you will need a polishing machine with a variable rotation system. If so, pay attention to the product description!

Tool change system

Eventually, you may need to change quickly from a regular polishing wheel to a rubber wheel. At that point, you can rely on a quick tool change system, or stop what you are doing and do the work manually.

But once, this is a question that is not of great importance for those who use the tool at home or only occasionally. But a fast system can give great agility to those on an assembly line.


A polisher with a higher power will work at a higher speed of rotation for a longer time without suffering wear or risk of problems. If you move the tool several hours a day, it is better to opt for a high number in this regard.

The most common models on the market vary between 600 and 1800 W of power. The greater your use of the tool, the more you should be concerned with that number.


When working with a tool such as the polisher, you must know that you must hold and move it for a reasonable consecutive time. Therefore, among models of similar quality, the lightest one will help you a lot!

Polishing machines usually weigh between 2.5 kg and 4 kg. Which of these measures do you prefer to handle repeatedly over a long period?

Extra items

There are several items that can accompany a polishing machine. We can separate them into some categories:

  • Indispensable items: Instruction manual, side handle and tightening wrench.
  • Protective items: Caps, masks, gloves, ear protectors and the like.
  • Working materials: Polishing discs and caps.
  • Storage items: Briefcases, chests and boxes.

All of these items add value to a polishing machine and make your purchase a better deal!


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