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Top & Best Industrial fryer Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Industrial fryer: What is the best model in 2022?

The industrial fryer is indispensable for snack bars and restaurants. The equipment streamlines the processes in the kitchen, ensuring more speed and customer satisfaction. Want to know more?

Regardless of the size of your establishment, the industrial fryer can assist. There are models with different tanks and capacities. That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s guide. Follow us to the end!

First, the most important

  • Restaurants and snack bars should invest in an industrial fryer. The equipment speeds up the preparation of many foods, bringing speed in delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • An industrial fryer can be single or more. There are models of different capacities. Analyze your demand for what foods you need to fry and also the quantity of them.
  • You can spend between R $ 200 and more than R $ 2,000. The price varies according to the capacity, quantity of vats and type of operation of the industrial fryer.

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The best industrial fryers: Our recommendations

No matter the size of your business, we have selected the best industrial fryers of different capacities for you to choose from. Whether single, double or triple, five or 10 liters, here you will find the right model for your kitchen. Check out:

  • Industrial gas fryer
  • Small electric industrial fryer
  • Double table industrial fryer
  • Industrial triple table fryer
  • Large capacity industrial fryer

Buying Guide

There is no establishment in the food business that does not need to fry certain foods. Be it a snack bar preparing snacks and portions or a restaurant preparing other foods, the industrial fryer makes it easier in both cases.

The equipment is indispensable for those who want agility in the process and there are even people who like to have a small model for home use. Stay with us to find out more.

Who is the industrial fryer suitable for?

An industrial fryer is especially suitable for establishments that need to fry large quantities of one or more foods at the same time.

It is indispensable in snack bars for the preparation of snacks and portions. Delivering the requested French fries quickly and in the perfect spot will be easier with one of these.

As well as being very useful in restaurants for the preparation of various types of food, such as chicken and birds, seafood and other fried foods.

But the industrial fryer can still serve other places that have kitchens with great demand, such as hospitals, factories and schools.

And if you want to count on this facility in your home, it is also a great investment, just buy a single, small capacity tub model.

What are the advantages of an industrial fryer?

The main highlight of an industrial fryer is in fact the agility it brings to the preparation. By fitting a large amount of food, this fryer speeds up the process.

Imagine a cafeteria having to fry your portions in a pan. It would make more dirt and take much longer. It is totally unfeasible, even for small establishments. Therefore, this equipment facilitates and optimizes the work.

You can be sure that this advantage results in the pocket. After all, customer satisfaction is what guarantees their return. Fast delivery and quality in flavor is something that everyone looks for in a snack bar or restaurant.


The industrial fryer makes food more crispy and brings standardization for frying.

Another point is that it brings a standardization for the local fries. Not to mention that due to the high temperatures reached it leaves the food at a better point than other methods.

You can reach the ideal temperature with the thermostat control. And this is important to not burn the oil and leave the food crunchy.

In addition, if the necessary care is taken, it is possible to reuse the same oil for many processes, thus reducing waste.

There are models that can be purchased for just R $ 200. Others exceed R $ 2,000. So, no matter the size of your establishment, you can count on an industrial fryer that fits in your pocket.

However, we could not report so many benefits without mentioning some disadvantages.

Cleaning is required frequently, and this process may require a little work and time.

In addition, if you do not control the temperature correctly and take the necessary care, you could end up burning – or dirtying – the oil frequently, and this would result in waste and more work.

Industrial gas or electric fryer?

An industrial fryer can be operated by electricity or gas. Both forms of frying have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when buying.

Obviously, an electric fryer will work when connected to an outlet, depending only on the electrical network for heating the thermostat and consequently the oil. The gas model works by heating the oil with a flame.

We have gathered the points in this table so you can compare before choosing the best kitchen for your establishment:

Industrial fryer with foot or bench?

In your research you will come across models that should be placed on a table or bench or larger and robust fryers that have a structure that reaches the floor. This structure usually depends on its capacity.

High capacity industrial fryers, from 18 to 25 liters, have this robust structure. Because they are bigger, they take up a lot of space in the kitchen and need a specific place in the planning of the place. They work on gas and are ideal for industrial kitchens, where all processes are in great demand.

The table model can go up to 12 liters and must be placed on a straight and wide surface, such as a bench. They can be small, medium or large, depending on the number of tanks they have. They are cheaper and have the facility to be transported or changed places.


Purchase Criteria: Know how to choose the best industrial fryer

To choose the best fryer for your establishment some criteria need to be taken into account. In addition to reflecting on everything mentioned in this guide, check out the points below:

  • Size and capacity
  • Number of vats
  • Basket
  • Temperature
  • Format

Read each topic in detail and make the right choice for your business.

Size and capacity

Before you buy, think about the capacity you need to meet your demand. And invest in a bigger model. After all, the growth of the establishment is one of the goals and if you buy a fryer that can meet this expansion, you will only spend it once.

Capacity is measured in liters and ranges from five to 25 liters.

Also check the size of the fryer, analyzing its dimensions in centimeters to find the right place for it in the kitchen. Many models are quite large and can take up the entire space of a bench. Try to find a good balance.


Did you know that the oil must be filtered at the end of each process? So you eliminate waste and can preserve it for longer, resulting in less waste and more savings.


Number of vats

The fryer can be single, double, triple or even have four vats. If you fry different types of food it would be interesting to have more vats.

Whoever fries breads needs a bowl just for them, since they leave residues in the oil. Just as for seafood, which can leave a strong flavor in other foods or even contaminate the oil, damaging possible allergy sufferers.

If the french fries can count on an exclusive vat, you will be able to guarantee a better flavor and preserve the oil, reducing waste.


The basket also deserves your attention. Analyze whether:

  • The material is resistant;
  • The shape and space between the stems are ideal for your food;
  • The size meets your need;
  • The handles are secure.


Although most of them reach 200º C, it is worth checking the temperature variation of the industrial fryer.

Setting the temperature means ensuring food at the right point and saving oil.

Setting the temperature means ensuring food at the right point and saving oil.

An industrial fryer that facilitates this control and indicates the ideal temperature for each type of food can be an ease in the rush of a kitchen.


When it comes to a single fryer, it can be rectangular or round. The format may seem like a detail, but if well analyzed it can influence the best fit in your kitchen.

Realize how much space they both occupy and which one will look best in that place you already have reserved.


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