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Top & Best Bridal shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bridal shoes: How to choose the best for your big day in 2022?

Planning a wedding is not easy. There are dozens of details to be considered and in the middle of this planning many women forget to pay special attention to the bridal shoe. As much as he is under the long-dreamed dress, he is fundamental and that is what we will talk about here today, welcome!

The bridal shoe can have different meanings and gives a special touch to the composition for the big day. Precisely for this reason it is important to purchase this piece with great care. And if you are in this phase and have not yet bought yours, know that in this text we will help you choose the ideal shoes to take you to the altar.

First, the most important

  • The traditional bridal shoe is white, but nowadays women are free to choose any color of shoes for their wedding.
  • Like the dress, the shoe demonstrates the personality of each bride.
  • There are no rules when choosing the shoe model for brides and the ideal is to purchase an option that makes you feel good and comfortable.

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The best shoes for brides: The ideal for every bride

The choice of shoes for brides must be meticulous. These shoes need to combine comfort with good aesthetics and, of course, be in accordance with the bride’s taste. To help you with this we have gathered some models that match the most different women, check it out.

  • The ideal shoe for classic brides
  • A great option for brides who want to leave the white
  • The best shoe for modern brides

Buying Guide

Unlike what many people think, the bridal shoe is a fundamental piece for the big day. This is because it is with him that the woman will meet the man chosen to be her husband. In addition, after the ceremony these shoes will still accompany you throughout the party, so not making mistakes at this time is essential.

Knowing this, we created this Buying Guide and gathered together everything that is most important about the shoe for brides. So, if you are looking for yours, be sure to follow us on this reading.

What is the ideal bridal shoe for each type of ceremony?

There are different types of wedding ceremony. There are traditional ones held in the church, others in the countryside and even some that take place on the beach. And for each of them there is a type of shoe for brides most recommended.

For church weddings or salons, high-heeled and thin shoes look very beautiful and go well together. For ceremonies in the field, one can opt for low or high shoes, but always giving preference to thicker heels. In them, other shoe options are sneakers, boots and sneakers.

If the wedding is on the beach, you can choose to marry barefoot, if the bride does not mind, or else use the traditional flat shoes, which will not interfere during the walk.



Isabel MelottoParty Shoes Designer

“On the beach, the bride can even get married barefoot, but we also have a lot of demand for foot jewelry, which can come with a starfish pendant or shells”

Bridal shoes with heels or without: Which is the best?

One of the main doubts that affect brides when choosing the shoe for the wedding is whether it should have heels or not. Some people say with a lot of conviction that it does, but it fell apart and it is known that there is no rule.

Therefore, when this doubt is resolved, the pros and cons of these two options should be analyzed. Heeled shoes tend to make women more elegant and more sophisticated. However, they often sin in terms of comfort and those who do not use this type of footwear frequently should avoid it on the big day.

On the other hand, when talking about comfort, flat shoes come out in front and there is less risk of hurting the foot during the wedding. Another positive point is that with them there is no problem of being taller than the groom, if that bothers you.

The downside is that there are fewer options for low-bridal shoes.

Is it worth buying a custom bridal shoe?

When it comes to bridal shoes, comfort is the key word and many people have difficulties finding shoes that are the exact size of their feet.

To solve this there are shoes made to measure. They are produced from the exact measurements of the foot of those who will use them. So there is no risk of being in the middle of the wedding with shoes that are too tight or wide.

In addition, personalized bridal shoes can also be produced with the same fabric as the dress, in a different pattern, receive applications, writing and much more.

How long before the ceremony should the bridal shoe be purchased?

Wedding preparations require so much detail that often buying bridal shoes is one of the last things to be defined. However, it is essential to make this purchase in advance.

The recommendation is that the shoe is purchased as soon as the dress is defined, because then you will be able to combine the two pieces well. If this is not done, the maximum deadline to choose the bridal shoe is three months before the wedding day, so that you will have the shoes in the latest dress tests.

Where to buy a bridal shoe?

The bridal shoe is a very special shoe that can be purchased at several stores. In fact, many ateliers and establishments that work with the making and rental of wedding dresses usually have shoes for purchase.

There are some brands that also have special collections. Another option is to buy the shoe online, since on the internet there are a multitude of models. Some online store options for this are:

  • Amazon

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing bridal shoe designs

As we told you, the choice of a bridal shoe should be well thought out. For that, there are some ways to get the purchase right and we have separated everything that you should take into consideration at that moment below.

  • Model
  • Heel height
  • Material
  • Color

We will now detail each of these topics.


Just start looking for bridal shoes to realize that there are a multitude of models. Among them, some options end up standing out. An example of this is the pumps, this is a classic shoe and very chosen by more traditional brides.

The peep toe is another great option and is very versatile. Usually it has the so-called half leg and this makes it more comfortable. Sandals, both low and high, are another type of very traditional bridal shoe and combine with daytime ceremonies and more fluid dresses.

Brides who want low, delicate and more elegant shoes can bet on sneakers. And those who are bold and modern can choose mules, sneakers and boots.

Heel height

If you are determined to purchase a bridal shoe with a heel, then it is important to consider the ideal height it should be. This is even one of the most common mistakes made by brides when choosing shoes.

There is only one rule: choose shoes with a heel size that you are used to wearing.

Very high heels for those who do not use this type of shoe can unbalance and easily hurt their feet. The same with respect to the thickness of this heel, so choose an option that makes you comfortable and safe.


Another point to be analyzed is the material in which the shoe is made. In this sense, the most traditional raw materials are the most indicated as satin, lace, matte leather and velvet.

Those who like shiny shoes, can also bet on options with brightness and stone applications. The only caveat is for varnished shoes, as these are more daring and may end up competing with the dress.

Another recommendation is to opt for shoes made of natural fibers, such as satin itself, as they are more flexible.


In the past, bridal shoes should always be white, but over the years this has changed a lot. Nowadays, women have the freedom to choose any shade for their shoe, but some care must be taken.

If the dress is white, the best option is not an off-white shoe. Many people find these tones very similar, however, when they are put together they do not match.

Another recommendation is that colorful shoes should match the context of the party. This means that the ideal is for him to talk to the bouquet or the tones of the decoration. So all the details will talk and be harmonious.


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