Top & Best Tramontina barbecue kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tramontina barbecue kit: Discover how to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a true national passion and how you can elevate the experience using a beautiful Tramontina barbecue kit.

To make good grilled meat, a good knife and other utensils make all the difference. In our review we will explain everything it takes to make the best choice and change the way you prepare your barbecue.

First, the most important

  • It is possible to find from simpler kits, with a few utensils, to the largest, with more pieces.
  • Before making a purchase, check factors such as knife size, handle material and specific hygiene precautions.
  • Tramontina produces kits with various types of style. Look for the one that best suits your barbecue area.

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The best Tramontina barbecue kits: Our indications

Tramontina is a strong and recognized brand when we think of knives and household items. Take a look at some of the kits we’ve set aside for you.

  • A simple option for those just starting out
  • One of the most practical kits on the market
  • Our recommendation for discerning grills

Buying Guide

For most, the weekend barbecue with family and friends is a real ritual. And, both to make your life easier and to serve guests with the best, investing in a good Tramontina kit is essential.

And the options here are huge, which can end up making it a little difficult to choose. To help you on this mission, be sure to check out our shopping guide for more details.

Why does Tramontina stand out in the market?

The brand was born in 1911, when the son of Italians Valentin Tramontina started his cutlery business in what was to become the city of Carlos Barbosa.

Today, there are ten factories throughout , responsible for a portfolio of 17,000 items that are exported to 118 countries with items of the highest quality.

This is proof of how reliable your utensils are, with barbecue kits that, well maintained, can last a lifetime. See more advantages and benefits that highlight the brand in the topic below.

Did you know that Tramontina started its business producing and selling pocket knives?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tramontina barbecue kit?

Tramontina stands out in the market because its stainless steel knives are of the highest quality and you can choose plastic or wood handles.

And they are not only practical, but beautiful as well. You can choose from a multitude of styles, colors and finishes. And, if the intention is not to spend a lot, it is possible to find kits with varied number of parts, all with high resistance and durability.

However, it is necessary to be attentive and take good care of the knives, as they usually lose their edge over time. Another factor that can be limiting is the price, which is usually higher than in traditional cutlery.

What are the main parts in a good Tramontina barbecue kit?

Another advantage of barbecue kits is that you don’t have to buy all the pieces at once. It is possible to add new utensils as needed, but some of them are vital:

    • Knife: This is certainly the most indispensable, and a good knife makes all the difference to obtain more precise cuts. There are even different knives for each type of meat.
    • Fork: The two-pronged fork is the most common to handle the meat on the grill. Opt for more elongated shapes with a cable with a good contact surface.
    • Handle: Unlike the fork, with the handle it is easier to handle other foods on the grill or to pick up larger pieces of meat more easily.
    • Board: A good cutting board is also indispensable in a barbecue kit. It can be produced in various materials, styles and sizes.
    • Chaira: Chaira is nothing more than a sharpener for your knives. Over time, this is an item that can prove to be very important for the maintenance of your barbecue kit.


Tramontina also offers serving kits, with more robust knives and forks. It is worth taking a look.

What precautions should I take with the Tramontina barbecue kit?

Although Tramontina utensils are resistant and durable, care must be taken to increase their useful life. In the case of knives, for example, it is very important to keep them always sharp so as not to damage the meat when cutting.

The boards, especially the wooden ones, also need careful cleaning to avoid the transfer of germs and bacteria between one barbecue and another.

As each kit is made of different materials, especially cables, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and storing parts in your kit.

And, if you want to equip your home with more Tramontina products, check out these items that we have specially selected for you.

Purchasing criteria: What to analyze when buying a Tramontina barbecue kit

Are you ready to choose the Tramontina kit that will enhance your barbecue? Calm. With so much variety, you need to keep an eye on some criteria to make the right choice.

In the topics below we separate information and useful details about the material, size, number of pieces and even how to combine the best style with the utensils you already have. After that, just enjoy a nice meat on the grill.

  • Material
  • Number of pieces
  • Parts dimensions
  • Design and style


One of the main factors to consider before purchasing a barbecue kit is the material of the parts. Tramontina usually uses stainless steel in its metal parts, such as knives, forks and handles.

The detail here is due to the cables, which can be of different types of wood or plastic, which can influence factors such as comfort and hygiene. This is also true for the plates and cutting boards

Number of pieces

The number of parts can also vary widely from one kit to another. Here, the most important thing is to consider what your needs are. The basics is to start with a knife and fork.

Many kits include the flame, cutting board and handle.

Now, if you are willing to invest in a more complete set, many kits include the flame, cutting board and handle. And, for the experience to be really uniform, some kits also offer a variety of knives and forks to serve.

Analyze the size of your family or how many friends you usually receive for your barbecues to determine which option is best.

Parts dimensions

Another detail to be aware of is the size of the pieces. When we talk about barbecue utensils, the handles are usually longer to facilitate the handling of food on the barbecue.

Knives are also usually larger and more robust to make it easier to cut larger pieces of meat. The important thing here is to choose which kit will be most comfortable to make your life easier.

Design and style

Finally, Tramontina stands out not only for the quality of its utensils, but also for its style and design. This influences both the shape and the material of the cables, for example.

The tip here is to choose a kit that matches your barbecue area and the other utensils you already have. It may sound silly, but even the small details make all the difference to elevate the barbecue experience.


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