Top & Best Car bike holder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Car bike holder: How to find the best in 2022?

Today is the day to talk about the vehicle accessory that is the best travel companion and for the most exotic pedaling, the car bike carrier.

Below, we will show the main varieties of the product, remember the necessary care, answer the most common questions and show the best supports in the market. The goal is that, at the end of this text, you can choose the ideal model for your car and bicycle.

First, the most important

  • The two most common types of bicycle carrier are those placed on the back or roof of cars.
  • Only in the so-called rear supports, the internal variety is large, with models that are fixed to the trunk, bumper and hitch of the car.
  • There are also different support models for different numbers of bicycles to be transported.

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Best Bicycle Car Holders: Our Choices

To guide, inspire or even resolve your purchase, we’ve put together a list of our choices of the best car bike carrier models. Several elements were analyzed, from security to practicality, from materials to functionalities.

  • The high quality hitch bike holder
  • The best rear bike carrier



Shopping Guide

One of the great advantages of the bike carrier is that it allows the use of the bike beyond the means of transport. With the skinny girl attached to the car, you can take your rides for trips, for trails, even for competitions.

And no matter what your bike or car is: there is an ideal support for them, and you can identify it in the Shopping Guide below. From the different types to their most important characteristics, you will have everything at your disposal to make your search easier and more complete.


Bicycle holder for roof or rear car?

The basic variety of car bike stands is based on the positioning of the model, whether at the top of the vehicle – the roof – or at the rear. Each has its positive and negative points, and some variations as well.


The rear supports that are more “rich” in options.

The rear supports that are more “rich” in options. There are models attached to the trunk, models that rely mainly on the bumpers and models installed in the hitch (which we will see later).

They are supports that allow easier access to bicycles, as they are positioned only at the rear, and with greater stability. On the other hand, they make driving difficult by increasing the length of the car.

The ceiling brackets, in turn, differ only in the method of fitting the bicycles, some by elevation in a pulley system, and others by hand.

They are safer models, especially for driving. However, they are no longer practical in situations of parking with low ceilings, tunnels and garages.

How is the hitch car bicycle holder?

If you do not intend to accelerate too much, nor do very complicated maneuvers, one of the best options is the car bike carrier at the rear, with attachment to the hitch.

The models of this type are like “aerial platforms”, which combine the stability of the ceiling supports, for vertically fixing the bikes, with the practicality of the trunk supports, for the easy access to the skinny ones, besides, for being “independent” the size of the car, to be able to carry a larger number of bicycles.

Some models even have a mechanism that tilts the support to allow the use of the trunk without any major problems. Its great counterpoint is the interference it makes in the steering, for considerably increasing the length of the car.


What are the advantages of the universal car bicycle holder?

One of the most popular models on the market is the universal bike carrier. It is of the rear type, more specifically for installation in the trunk of the car, so it can be used in many vehicles.

Its use carries some advantages, such as its versatility, not only between types of cars, but of sizes as well. Because of this, its installation is very practical, which is another good advantage.

Finally, it is also a simpler model, and cheaper too, a good option for a last minute trip, for example.

On the other hand, it is not exactly universal. It is not possible, for obvious reasons, to install on pickup trucks, or on models with airfoil on the ceiling, which hinder its fixation.



  • Versatile
  • Practical
  • Cheap


  • It’s not exactly universal
  • Lower fixation

What is the difference between the supports for sedan and hatch cars?

Sedan cars and hatch cars are two of the most popular types around, because many of the popular cars adopt such designs. Because of this, they are the focus of bicycle holder manufacturers, given the structural differences that their most suitable products need to have.

Sedan (or sedan) cars, being more elongated, cannot support some types of rear supports, especially those of higher position and those that “hang” on the roof of the car. On the other hand, they do well with coupling brackets and bumper brackets, in addition, of course, ceiling brackets.



Be careful when using rear supports, especially in sedan cars. Many of the supports, in this case, cover the rear plate of the car, which is prohibited by traffic legislation.


The hatch cars, in turn, are more versatile. In them, tall rear models can be installed, which are also ideal, models of trunk and hitch. Some bumper and ceiling brackets, especially those that need more space at the base, may not have the best fit.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your car bike carrier

The choice of a support must be well made, because it involves many important aspects, such as the integrity of your car, your bicycle, your own and that of others. In the list below, you will find information to take with you on the day of purchase, and take the ideal model, and the safest, too.

  • Number of bicycles
  • Car Type
  • Size
  • Flare gun

Number of bicycles

To ensure that you choose the most suitable support, you need to think about the number of bikes that will be transported. Most models support one, two or three bikes, and have this information clearly, either on the packaging or in the product descriptions on the internet.

If in doubt, the tip we leave here is that you, if you are able to do so, choose the model with at least two “spaces” for bicycles, to be able to travel with friends or, who knows, romantic trips.


Car Type

The bike carrier of your choice should also be in line with your type of car.

There are models that require certain adaptations to the car.

As we have shown, there are ideal models, for example, for sedan and hatch cars. There are also models that are incompatible, like roof supports and very tall cars.

In addition, there are models, such as some roof and others rear, that require certain adaptations in the car, such as the installation of fixing bars. So be aware if your car supports these modifications.


Size is another point that takes compatibility into account. Ideally, you should choose the most compact support possible, but that doesn’t always mean quality and safety. So, choose the model whose size will not make car steering a Herculean task.

As we speak, the word is compatibility. Cars that are already very large practically ask for small supports, and owners of small cars have greater flexibility when choosing.

Remember, too, the spaces, tunnels, parking lots and garages on your way, and finally conclude the appropriate support size

Flare gun

To make your transportation as safe as possible, we suggest that you choose a model with a flag. They are auxiliary lights on the sides or on the front of the support, to help in your and especially in the visualization of others.

There are models that go beyond the lights and have space for an extra plate, which, as explained in the Guide, can be covered by some types of support.



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