Top & Best Motorcycle lock Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle lock: What’s the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about motorcycle lock, a product that offers convenience and safety to the rider, and that is increasingly necessary within the routine of the city.

Parking the bike on the street has its drawbacks. It is an eternal struggle between the risks of the place where it will be left and the agility that is necessary in the daily lives of many who run the city on two wheels. With the motorcycle lock, however, this process is much faster and safer.

With sturdy handles and functional locks, the product easily provides a layer of protection for your motorcycle, and even more complex solutions against street threats. In this Guide, you will see how it does this, as well as a selection of its best models on the market and valuable tips for the time of purchase.

First, the most important

  • It is very important that you know, and this is a consensus among experts, that the lock does not make your motorcycle theft-proof. But with it, your vehicle becomes a much more difficult, and therefore safer, target.
  • There are motorcycle locks with flexible, rigid cables, with key or secret lock.
  • Its price can vary from R $ 15 to R $ 200, depending on its material and the level of security it offers.

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Ranking: The 3 best motorcycle lock models

Below, you will see a list that we have assembled with the three best motorcycle lock models on the market. Material, resistance, safety level, cost-benefit, all of these were taken into account for the selection of this Ranking:


Buying Guide

Today, motorcycles have high theft rates, which makes insurance more complicated, and parking is expensive and even resistant to covering motorcycles. The padlock, then, appears as a solution, since you cannot pay for parking for each trip to the pharmacy or bakery and there is no time for that if you are working.

The product is a cheaper and more practical option, and manages to be versatile according to the will of motorcyclists. In this Buying Guide, we will show this versatility, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the motorcycle lock?

The motorcycle lock is, like every lock, a portable object that prevents access to something from a lock. Since this something is a vehicle, it is adapted to this specific context.

This means that instead of gates, it must immobilize wheels and handlebars, making its coverage area larger, both to lock the bike and to be able to fix it to different places, in different situations.

And there are many scenarios that the city can offer motorcyclists, from regulated spaces, with bars for fixing, to dark spaces without any support whatsoever.

Thus, the padlocks are resistant, with reinforced metal handles and locks with a tetra key or numeric passwords, and versatile, so that they can be tied in other places or even on the rims, to lock the wheel itself – and portable, to be taken in backpacks and chests.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the motorcycle lock?

Having to cover so many situations, it is inevitable that some disadvantages accompany the product’s advantages. But let’s talk about the benefits first.

The first is, of course, safety, immobilizing the motorcycle or even fixing it on fixed support points.

Then there is the practicality of its use. Regardless of its format, a simple “click” is enough to lock the motorcycle lock, just like in common locks.

There is also the practicality it offers to the motorcyclist, allowing them to make quick and safe stops in different places, from the parking lot of a restaurant to a small spot on a busy street – apart from portability, fitting in backpacks and chests.



On the other hand, the padlock does not make your motorcycle theft-proof. However resistant it may be, the product is simple, against a multitude of complex techniques used day by day by malicious people.

It is recommended that you have more than one security system for your vehicle, even if you leave it on the street for a long time without observation, even if protected by the product.

Another negative point is that, because it is so portable and discreet, the padlock can eventually be forgotten to have been fixed to the rim by the rider, which can seriously damage the bike at the time of starting and starting.


  • Safety
  • Practical use
  • Pilot practicality
  • Portable


  • It is not 100% effective
  • Can be forgotten

Motorcycle lock with flexible or rigid cable?

The basic variety of what is meant by motorcycle lock is in the material of its handle, which corresponds to the metal handle in common locks. They can have flexible or rigid cables, similar to the handles of the common ones.

Both are equally safe, with the composition generally based on steel, and both have similar flaws, susceptible to large cutting pliers and specialized break-ins.

The flexible ones have steel cables, with length between one and three meters, and at least fifteen to twenty millimeters thick, between internal and external walls, these usually reinforced with rubber or resistant plastic coatings, to make the work of pliers more difficult .



The rigid ones also have rims made of steel, some of them coated steel, in the average of fifteen centimeters of height, being more resistant than the flexible ones. On the other hand, they are much less versatile in the angles and situations in which they fix the wheel and the bike.

In this way, the option for them goes more to the rider’s routine. If you stop in many places, perhaps the versatility of padlocks with flexible cables is more suitable; if the bike is stopped for a longer time, the solidity of the rigids can come in handy.

Motorcycle lock or lock?

Another variety that you can find in searches is the motorcycle lock. Essentially, the lock is a padlock, as it shares the same basic definition of access lock by means of a lock.

The difference is in the product design, without cables or rims, closer to the common lock. They also have specific destinations, such as the disc brake, the crown and the throttle.

The locks are safer in the sense that it is more difficult to break them, as they are smaller and denser. However, there is no way to attach it to external supports, thus being vulnerable to gangs that transport motorcycles in trucks and pickups.

Again, the option between the lock and the padlock is more in the routine of those who drive and the places where they usually park the vehicle.


How much?

There is a big price difference between models, but common due to the variety of designs. The cheapest motorcycle locks usually have a minimum value of R $ 15.

As the lock becomes more sophisticated, such as the use of a tetra key and secrets of four or more numbers, and also that the resistance of the materials increases, whether of steel or coated steel, the price increases. The most expensive ones cost up to R $ 200.

Where to buy?

In large physical stores, and specialized dealers, you will find good models and sellers able to indicate the most suitable model.

Through the internet, however, you will find a greater variety not only of models, but of prices and brands as well, in addition to the benefit of doing everything from inside your home. In this case, Amazon are the most recommended sites.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare motorcycle lock models

We have gathered some crucial points of the use of the motorcycle lock, as well as characteristic elements of the product. Listed, they can be great criteria for choosing the most suitable model for you.

  • Portability
  • Extra security
  • Reminder
  • Material

We will, of course, talk about each of these items, so that we can inform you better and thus guide you to a better choice.


Portability is not only a criterion, but also part of the definition of a padlock. It is an essential point in everyday life under two wheels.

So, opt for the most portable model possible, which is light and can be easily carried in your backpack, in your trunk, even in your jacket pocket.

Some models can be quite heavy and robust, and although they are safer, they can be difficult on a daily basis. Analyze your need and try to balance security with the convenience of a portable motorcycle lock.

Extra security

As we said above, the padlock itself does not make the bike theft-proof, but it does help a lot within a multi-layered security system.

If the padlock itself offers more than one security system, even better. Audible alarms, tracking, reinforced locks, keyhole cover, all of this contributes and should come out ahead among your options. Extra mechanisms to make access even more difficult never hurts.


If forgetting your lock on your motorcycle can be harmful, sets that offer a “reminder” that the lock is “active” should be prioritized.

The most common are colored ribbons and rubber bands that must be tied between the lock and the handlebars. Models with cables and colored and / or neon parts also come out in front, even without the external reminder.


Although most products are based on steel, it is worth remembering the importance of the material in this product.

Motorcycle locks must be very resistant, so give preference to those with metal in their composition and reinforcement in the thickness of the handle and in the finish of the lock.


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