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Top & Best 7-step ladder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

7-step ladder: Which is the best for you in 2022?

Need to reach high places for your service or outside your home? So maybe the seven-step ladder is the best choice! With its height greater than that of a conventional domestic model, it lends an extra hand for everyday life!

Do you want to know if the seven-step ladder is better for you than a smaller one? Understand in which situations it is most suitable? Find out how to choose a perfect model for your needs? So stay with us! We bring all the information in our article!

First, the most important

  • Stairs with seven steps are good options both in the home environment (where the five are more common), as well as professional.
  • It is possible to choose between seven-step stairs of various types and materials, each of which has its own uses and recommendations.
  • When choosing a ladder, you should always pay attention to the safety it offers. A good finish and non-slip accessories are essential.

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The best stairs 7 steps: Our recommendations

There’s nothing like starting an article with the highest quality models, isn’t it? We have selected some stairs with seven steps capable of bringing you many benefits!

  • For those looking for a traditional staircase
  • A great extendable 7-step ladder
  • For those looking for cost-benefit and durability

Buying Guide

If you came to this article, it is because you are thinking of buying a seven-step ladder, but you have not yet decided.

Don’t worry: In the shopping guide, we will explain all the details about this important product!

What are the advantages of a 7-step ladder?

The vast majority of domestic stairs follow the traditional five-step model, which can also be useful for a good range of services. Why, then, opt for a larger model? What are the advantages that these extra steps can bring?

We can start with the obvious: Stairs with seven steps are almost always bigger, which allows greater heights to be reached. Indoors, this can be useful when the right foot (distance between floor and ceiling) is greater.

Likewise, for general repair professionals, it may be a good idea to have a higher ladder, as it allows more situations to be under control. Imagine arriving at a location and failing to reach a lamp that needs to be replaced with only five steps up?

Those who usually use the stairs outside a house can also opt for the seven-step models, which are usually more efficient to reach the roofs.

See the table below for advantages and disadvantages of seven-step stairs:

For which situations is the 7-step ladder ideal?

There are a number of situations in which the seven-step ladder can help you a lot. Below, we list some:

    • Use outside houses: It is common that the stairs of five steps are not enough to reach chandeliers, gutters or walls that are outside the houses. If you want convenience when solving such problems, you can choose a larger model.
    • Various service professionals: Anyone who goes from house to house doing repairs and various services can only benefit from a bigger and more versatile ladder, especially if it is easy to transport. Thus, the risks of unpleasant surprises regarding the height of the objects are less!
    • Houses with high ceilings: Anyone who decides to build a house with a greater distance between floor and ceiling may also be surprised to realize that the ordinary domestic staircase is not enough for simple issues such as changing lamp or painting. The larger model will be needed!
    • Painting: The walls on the outside of a house or establishment are larger than those on the inside. If you plan to paint the exterior of a building, you may also need stairs of a larger size.


What are the types of 7-step stairs?

Despite being similar, the seven-step stairs can take on different shapes and have multiple uses.

Household stairs are the most common, in the traditional scissor format. They have steps on one side only, the last one having the largest surface. They are great for both professional and everyday use.

Another option is the painter’s ladder. Its main difference in relation to the domestic one is that the steps are present on both sides, with a large platform, ideal for leaving accessories such as buckets and brushes, on top. It mainly helps in painting exteriors.

For professionals, the extendable ladder is perfect. It can take on both the domestic format and the fully extended format, which reaches even higher places. The fact that it is foldable helps to transport this versatile object.



Did you know that scissor-type household stairs follow a standard angle that, according to physics, increases safety? They should always form an angle of 75.5º with the floor, reducing the risk of slipping!

What are the 7-step ladder materials?

Stairs are produced in different materials. With the seven-step models, it’s no different. You need to know exactly the advantages and disadvantages of each one before making your choice.

Fiberglass ones are the most common. They have enormous resistance and durability due to the quality of their material, they do not rust and they do not conduct electricity. However, they are also the ones with the highest prices.

It is very common to find stairs made of metals like aluminum or iron. The first is lighter, ideal for simple home models, the second, heavier and more resistant. There is a major problem with this category, which is that these materials conduct electricity. Never use a ladder like this to touch the power grid!

Finally, we need to talk about wooden stairs. Although they are resistant to impacts and do not conduct electricity, they do not allow much malleability and suffer easy corrosion by actions of nature. Therefore, they increasingly fall into disuse.

In the following table, we compare the three types:

Is a 7-step ladder suitable for home or professional use?

For the vast majority of homes, a five-step ladder is more than enough. With it, it is already possible to reach not only the ceiling, but all corners. If this is the case for your residence, there is no reason to pay extra money for two more steps.


A seven-step ladder may be required in houses with high ceilings.

But if you live in a house with a greater distance between the ceiling and the floor or if you have the habit of carrying out services outside, usually going up to the roof, you can choose a seven-step ladder. Everything is a matter of necessity!

Professionals who are able to transport larger stairs, in turn, have nothing to fear: Opting for the seven-step model becomes the best option for the simple matter of versatility.

Whether at home or at work, a bigger ladder can be useful!

How much does it cost and where to buy a 7-step ladder?

The prices of a seven-step ladder vary according to material and type. You will find good models starting at just over R $ 100, while the more complex ones can be around R $ 300.

You will find seven-step stairs in building supply stores, construction sites or even some hypermarkets or department stores. We recommend, however, purchase over the internet: Amazon offers great options, as well as Amazon.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a 7-step ladder

Do you already know that you are going to buy a seven-step ladder and even chose the material? Great! So let’s talk about four technical criteria that can help you decide on the model!

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Distance between steps
  • Supported weight

Below, more details about each of them:


One of the most fundamental criteria for choosing a ladder is safety. After all, nobody wants to suffer a fall!

Always check if the chosen model has an efficient locking system, if the finish is satisfactory and if there are rubbers or other non-slip materials on the feet and on the steps. With all this, you will be sure that the ladder will never disassemble on its own or cause any type of accident.


Stairs usually last for many years, perhaps even decades. There are some factors that help the object’s life to be even higher. You can pay attention to them.

Fiberglass is the most durable material for stairs.

The first issue is the material. Fiberglass is the best option, as it resists all the actions of nature and time and is not yet at risk of rusting if it comes in contact with water, for example.

But the finish in general, like the quality of the latches, hinges and screws, the paint and the materials used on the steps and feet, is also of great importance. Choose reliable brands with an extended warranty to ensure satisfactory durability.

Distance between steps

You may eventually find differences in the distance between the stairs. All the more so for less, the variation can be beneficial.

Stairs with higher height between steps are higher, thus reaching more difficult places than normal. On the other hand, the shorter distance helps the use of the object by people with reduced mobility.

If you want one of the two options, look for stairs that escape the distance between standard steps!

Supported weight

Every ladder has a maximum weight supported. However, note that this number, which normally ranges between 100 and 120 kg, does not only concern the person who will be on it.

Also consider whether you will use the bottom step as a support for objects such as paint cans or brushes. If so, you need reinforced models, as not respecting the maximum weight supported can lead to accidents.


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