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Top & Best Casio Calculator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Casio Calculator: How to choose the best one for you in 2022?

Having a quality calculator is critical for many people at work or college, but it can also be useful in the home and everyday environment. You should always look for the best brand. Therefore, Casio calculator is our subject today!

Traditional Japanese company, Casio has several lines of calculators and thinks of all audiences: From those who need to do simple calculations at home, to professionals who are very busy with the numbers. Want to know which are the best models and which best fits your needs? Stay with us!

First, the most important

  • A pioneer in the business, Casio is always ahead when it comes to calculators. This Japanese brand always makes incredible technological innovations and maintains the market leadership.
  • Casio calculators are modern, durable, easy to read and fast. The enlarged display and faster processing are the company’s main current concerns.
  • You can choose between Casio calculators for all tastes: Pocket, household, scientific, financial, with printer and other rarer options.

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The best Casio calculators: Our opinion

Every Casio calculator is of the highest quality. However, we did a detailed study to find out which ones are, in fact, the best. We have prepared a list of indisputable models within their lines:

  • The best Casio desktop calculator
  • For those who need a scientific calculator
  • A great calculator with printer

Buying Guide

You may be wondering how to choose a good model among so many from such a respected brand. Don’t worry: We have arrived at the buying guide!

Let’s talk now about the advantages of Casio calculators, the differences between the lines, support, technical assistance and more!

Why does Casio stand out in the calculator business?

Casio is a pioneer in the calculator business. In 1954, she was responsible in Japan for the launch of the first electromechanical model, with nine keys and a display. Since then, he has always been advancing in this field and keeping the lead.Technological innovations are constant in the calculators of this Japanese company. Today, it announces that its models have four times the speed, four times the resolution and four times the innovation than those offered by the competition.

When you choose a Casio calculator, you choose the brand that is the absolute reference in this field. Not only does it make the best, most durable and most technological products, it also has an excellent support, technical assistance and customer relationship network.


Did you know that Casio appeared in 1946 making automatic cigarette reels? These products were invented by Kashio Seisakujo, the company’s founder, and were an immediate success in allowing workers to save time before smoking.

What are the advantages of Casio calculators?

No matter what type of calculator you need: Be it for home use, scientific, financial or printer, Casio will be able to offer you the most modern, technological and full of innovations that make your daily life easier .

In addition to the speed of responses, the Japanese brand has invested in larger displays, improving the visualization of results. It is essential that everyone has an easy time handling a calculator, after all.

In most models, dual power (battery or sunlight) is present. They also have a modern design and last for an enormous amount of years. All of this without mentioning the benefits that only the name of Casio already brings, as all the support of the brand.

Casio calculators are a little more expensive than the market average, but there are great reasons for that!

See below the main advantages and disadvantages of the brand’s calculators:

What types of calculators does Casio produce?

The variety of calculators produced by Casio is great. The company reaches all audiences, from those who need to make simple accounts to those who really depend on these accessories to solve complex problems. Below, we list some of the most well-known types:

    • Pocket calculators: Small and compact, they have only the most basic keys. Casio invests in beautiful designs for an audience that needs to do simple accounts at all times, such as house-to-house service providers.
    • Household calculators: The most traditional models of calculators. Used indoors or in offices, they are in high demand. Casio excels in processing, feeding and, especially, the quality of the display.
    • Scientific calculators: They are indispensable for professionals and students in areas that deal with complex calculations, such as engineers, mathematicians and programmers. Casio models are the best for matrix and vector resolution.
    • Financial calculators: They are also necessary for certain professionals, especially in the accounting area. The most desired functions are compound interest, rates of return and the modern possibility of cash flow.
    • Printer calculators: Widely used in the accounting area, they are also great for traders, since they can already print the calculations made. Some Casio models use different colors and are the best available on the market.


All of these types are advantageous for your particular target audiences. We prepared a table with the comparison:

How does Casio calculators service and warranty work?

Casio has a great preparation on its official website to deal with any problems with its calculators. You can find the list of authorized technical assistance, a sector with frequently asked questions and problem solving and even download important documents.


It is possible to download new software for the most modern calculators.

For the most modern models of calculators, which have good internet connectivity, it is also possible to download new software, graphic models and interfaces that improve their operation.

Most Casio calculators have a three-year factory warranty, an excellent number that shows you how much the brand trusts in the durability of its products. Thus, manufacturing defects will not bother you for long!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Casio calculator?

The type of calculator has a big influence on the price of Casio models: It is possible to find some pocket or household ones very affordable, for around R $ 30, while the best scientific or financial ones can reach around R $ 700.

You will find Casio calculators at stationers, gift shops, office or home items. Buying over the internet, mainly by Amazon, is a great option. Also check out Amazon international.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for choosing a Casio calculator

In doubt between two similar models of Casio calculator? Don’t know how to make your final decision? Do not worry! Now let’s talk about four technical criteria that can help you:

  • Size
  • Number of functions
  • food
  • Display quality

Below you will find more information about each one!


If you need a very small calculator, you can choose a pocket model. But what if it also needs to have more functions than just the basics? And if you need to carry a scientific model frequently, without a bag?

There is a wide range of sizes for Casio calculators even within a specific type, and if you have a preference for a larger or smaller model, you can make this a decisive criterion for choosing. There are enough factors to argue for either option!

Number of functions

One of the most important questions that need to be asked when purchasing a calculator is: What are the most used functions? To perform which calculation will this accessory be most requested?

Opt for a model that has the functions and calculations you use most.

You should choose a model that has the most important functions for you, whether they are the simplest, such as adding, dividing and multiplying, whether they are complex, such as the ability to solve matrices or perform very advanced financial calculations.

It is no use buying a model that owes you the calculations that most solve your life. Even if you need to pay a little more, purchasing the product that best suits you is important.


Casio is well known for the solar power of its calculators. Models with this possibility have a small panel that, when exposed to the sun, charge the battery and allow operation.

There are models with dual power, that is, with a battery that works normally and also with solar power. They are the majority, but you will rarely find any that work either in one way or another.

There are also some calculators via power supply, mainly in the line with printers.

Display quality

One of Casio’s biggest concerns is with the accessibility of its calculators. Therefore, the brand has been investing a lot in the quality of the displays, making them bigger, clearer and easier to read.

If you have difficulty seeing, you can choose a model with an enlarged or technological display. This will help your day to day. Otherwise, saving a little and staying with a normal model is also an option.


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