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Top & Best Cargo backpack Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cargo backpack: How to choose the best model in 2022

If you are looking for a backpack to accompany you on your next adventure, the cargo backpack is the best option, because in addition to being large, this model is ergonomic and distributes the weight of the luggage well.

But before buying a cargo backpack, it is important to evaluate the purpose you will give the equipment, as well as the volume of items you will need to carry and the average number of days you will use the backpack. These are some of the subjects in this article.

First, the most important

  • The capacity of the cargo backpack ranges from 50 to 90 liters. You find unisex models, male and female. Some brands offer options in sizes P, M and G.
  • The best imported brands in this segment are the German Deuter, the American Osprey and the Swedish Thule. If you prefer a more affordable model, you will find good options from the Nautika and Quechua brands.
  • Generally speaking, a cargo backpack is not cheap. But keep in mind that buying quality equipment is an investment with a long-term return.


Buying Guide

The cargo backpack is one of the essential equipment in the life of a backpacker, camper, mountaineer or any adventurer, because in the backpack are stored food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene items etc.

To choose the ideal model, it is essential to take into account your physical constitution, the type of trip you intend to take and how many days you will be away. Want to know more? Read this Buying Guide.


What are the characteristics of a cargo backpack?

Among the trail backpack models, the cargo backpack is the one that stands out the most in terms of structure, size and load capacity. This backpack is designed to accommodate a large volume of objects.

The capacity of the cargo backpack varies from 50 to 90 liters and the support is made by an internal aluminum structure that prevents deformation of the backpack, helps in the internal organization and weight distribution.



Did you know that in addition to the cargo backpack, there is the semi-cargo backpack, which has a medium size, capacity for 40 to 60 liters and is ideal for weekend adventures ?!


You can find the cargo backpack in sizes P, M and G or in one size, but with a series of adjustments that ensure that each of the backpack’s structures is aligned with the adventurer’s body.

Another differential of the cargo backpack is the padded lining on the back. This coating is necessary to prevent the weight of the backpack from hurting the back of the person who will carry it.


  • Capacity from 50 to 90 liters
  • You can find models in sizes P, M and G or adjustable
  • There are models for women
  • Some models come with an attack backpack


  • It is a relatively expensive item

Is there a female cargo backpack?

You can find models of cargo bags suitable for women. In addition to the different size, the women’s backpack has smaller space between the straps and the belly, anatomical shaped abdominal belt and malleable straps, so as not to hurt the breasts.


What should I bring in my backpack when I go hiking?

A common question is to know what to pack in the backpack when going hiking or crossing for a few days. The most important items are:

    • Clothes
    • Hiking shoes
    • Sunscreen
    • Water (include Chlorin, chlorine tablets to purify rainwater, streams or rivers)
    • Food (preferably freeze-dried)
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Toilet paper and wet wipes
    • Plastic bags
    • Portable charger
    • First aid kit
    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag
    • Stove

What are the differences between the cargo backpack and the attack backpack?

If you are trekking, backpacking or camping, you may need a smaller trail pack for quick trips without having to carry all the items in the bigger pack.

At such times, it is essential to have an attack backpack at your disposal. You can purchase it separately, or buy a cargo backpack with an attack backpack attached to the frame.

The attack backpack has a rigid structure and has a capacity of 15 to 40 liters. It is ideal for carrying essential items in a few hours’ activity, such as water, food and shelter. Check a comparative table between the two models below:

How much does a cargo backpack cost?

The prices of the cargo backpack vary according to the model and brand. You can find cheaper options, below R $ 200, intermediate models, between R $ 300 and R $ 450 and more expensive models between R $ 600 and R $ 2,300.

Where to buy a cargo backpack?

You can find the cargo backpack in stores specializing in sports equipment such as Decathlon and Centauro. If you prefer to buy the product over the internet, review the options for sale on Amazon.



Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare cargo backpack models

The cargo backpack is an indispensable item for those who go hiking, backpacking or camping, as the equipment is responsible for carrying all the items needed for the trip.

As the backpack will be on your back during the entire journey, it is necessary to analyze and compare some characteristics at the time of purchase. We list these criteria below.

  • Settings
  • Compartments
  • Side pockets
  • Capacity
  • Ventilation system
  • Impermeability
  • With or without an attack backpack?

Follow these tips to choose the best cargo backpack for your next adventure.


It is essential that the backpack is comfortable, after all, a little discomfort can become a big problem during the journey and become a long-term injury.

Therefore, the first point that you should be aware of is whether the backpack has the adjustments that will ensure comfort when using the equipment. They must also be very accurate. Are they:

Adjustment Occupation
Height regulator Used to align the backpack on the back
Belly It is responsible for aligning the base of the backpack to the hip
Shoulder ribbon Ensures that the backpack is close to the body
Chest strap Assists in weight distribution and prevents excess load from pulling your body back


Internal division and compartments are important for organizing your items.

Two other points that make all the difference when choosing a cargo backpack are: internal division and compartments, responsible for organizing the items.

Look for a model with split for sleeping bag, hydration compartment – for the water tank – opening in the bottom area of ​​the backpack and upper compartment (cover) to store personal items, such as wallet and documents.

If you usually go trekking with one or two hiking poles,  look for a backpack with attachment points on the outside, so you don’t have to keep them inside the backpack.

Side pockets

Note that the cargo backpack you want to buy has side pockets. These compartments are essential for storing items that need to be accessed quickly, such as medicines, maps, water bottles, among others.

However, the side pockets should not be too big, to prevent stored objects from disturbing the balance of the backpack.


Pockets make it easy to organize your backpack. (Source: Dolgachov / 123RF)


The capacity of a cargo backpack is measured by liters and varies between 50 and 90L. The choice will depend on your need for use: For four or five days of camping choose a backpack with 50 to 60L.

If the duration is longer, opt for a 60 to 75L model. For long expeditions, prefer a backpack with 75 to 90L. Assess the weight of the equipment. Remember: The ideal is that the backpack does not exceed 16% of your body weight.


Ventilation system

When purchasing a cargo backpack, assess whether the equipment has a ventilation system. The ideal is that the only areas of the backpack that come into contact with the body are the region of the shoulder blades and lower back.

The central region of the backrest should serve as a channel for air circulation, sweat absorption and less inconvenience for those carrying the backpack.


It is essential to look for a waterproof cargo backpack. Also, check that the backpack comes with a raincoat, as water can enter through the seams.

If your backpack does not come with a raincoat, you can purchase the accessory separately. See what a rain bag for cargo backpack looks like in the image below:


With or without an attack backpack?

As we mentioned earlier, the attack backpack is very useful if you are camping or backpacking and want to do some short trails.

To make life easier for mountaineers, some models have their attack backpack attached. Generally, because of the additional accessory, the price of the backpack is higher.


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