Top & Best Flashlight Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric scooter: How to choose the best in 2022?

Transport and fun in one item. This is the summary of the benefits of the electric scooter that has become a craze among children, youth and adults. What for many is a game for others is an excellent way to get around.

Regardless of your intention  will help you find the best electric scooter option to suit your family’s interests.

Flashlight: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an item that although it seems to have fallen out of favor by some, is still widely used – and considered valuable – by others: the flashlight. It can be used in domestic situations, tactics or in outdoor exhibitions.

There are several types of flashlights on the market, each ideal for different situations and needs. If you like to explore nature or work in the navy, for example, you will need a flashlight with high power and range. If the appliance is only used for specific domestic situations, a less powerful model may be sufficient.

Are you in doubt about the advantages of each type of flashlight and which one to buy? Let’s talk here about its main features and best models. Read on to find out which is the best flashlight for your needs!

First, the most important

  • There are many models of flashlights, however, they are usually used for 3 main purposes: home use, adventurous use and tactical use. Let’s talk about the difference between them and what are the ideal types of lantern for each one.
  • Before purchasing your flashlight, it is necessary to define what is the best range, type of battery and model for you. Here, you will find the best models and the essential features that your flashlight should have.
  • The flashlight is a super affordable product, and can cost from R $ 10 to R $ 250. However, it is always essential to ensure that the chosen model provides a good cost-benefit and will be ideal for your needs.





Buying Guide

Now that you know the different types, and also the best flashlights on the market, it’s time to learn more about the advantages and main differences between them. The flashlight is a useful object for several situations, so it is always good to have one of these at home. Whether for home use, or an adventure outside the home, there is the right model for you. Come with us to learn everything about this product!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the flashlight?

With electric power increasingly present in all countries and the evolution of smartphones, the flashlight can be replaced by other devices, especially for home use.

However, it offers great help when a power outage occurs, for example. Not to mention that it can work for many hours straight. Something that your smartphone in the flashlight function will hardly do for you.

For nature explorers, whether adventurers or members of tactical forces, this item is very important. That’s because smartphone flashlights have very low ranges and are not enough for the needs of those in completely dark places.

In addition, even the most powerful flashlights do not usually have a very high price. If you use this device frequently, it is worth investing in a good model that will last a long time and provide strong, long-range lights.



  • Have a much more powerful range than smartphone flashlights
  • Essential for those exploring places with little or no light
  • Are cheap and affordable products
  • May be useful in some domestic situations, such as a power outage


  • Smartphone can replace in some cases

We can see that this is a product with much more advantages than disadvantages. Even for those who intend to use only indoors, it can be worth it. That’s because it is possible to buy a flashlight at affordable prices. They are usually very cost-effective.

What to pay attention to before choosing a flashlight?

There are several different types of flashlights. Some are bigger, others are very small. Some are even suitable for military teams, while others can only be used for small domestic duties. It is necessary to define what your main need is before purchasing a flashlight.

Later on, we will show you what are the main characteristics to be evaluated when buying a new flashlight. However, before proceeding, it is necessary to keep in mind that the quality of your product is essential for it to last much longer.

It is possible to buy extremely cheap flashlights, costing up to less than R $ 10. However, it is very likely that it will not last long. It is worth investing in a good flashlight with quality lights, which will not give you headaches.



What are the different types of batteries in a flashlight?

All flashlights need some kind of battery or power to work well and not let you down. There are 3 types of battery sources available in current flashlight models.

    • Disposable : Flashlights with disposable batteries work with lithium or alkaline batteries. This type of power source may not be the most practical, as it needs to be replaced every time the batteries run out. In addition, you should not leave with the flashlight without spare batteries, as you may be left in hand in a situation of need.
    • Rechargeable : Rechargeable sources offer the best power and, in addition, it is not always necessary to buy new batteries. However, if you are going to spend a lot of time in a remote location without electricity, they may not be the best option. The vast majority of flashlights with rechargeable batteries do not last more than 20 hours in uninterrupted operation. Choose this model if you know that you will be able to recharge your battery. These sources can be made of 3 different materials. Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) supports between 150 and 500 recharge cycles. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries can last between 500 and 1500 recharges. Cadmium level (NiCd) withstand more than 1500 recharge cycles.
    • Dynamo : This is the type of power source that will not let you down regardless of where you are, however, it is not as powerful as rechargeable batteries. This model of flashlight is very cheap and can have its energy recharged at any time. To do this, simply turn the crank. This movement generates a friction that creates currents of energy and recharges the lantern. However, despite being more practical, it should not be the first option for adventurers, because of its shorter reach. If you usually spend a lot of time in nature, it may be a good option to take flashlights with more than one type of battery.


How much?

One thing that you will easily notice when searching for flashlights is their affordable price. Even the best models do not have exorbitant prices. It is possible to purchase a great flashlight without leaving your ideal budget.

Considering that there are types of flashlights to put on the key ring, you will probably be able to find one for R $ 1.99. However, models that last a little longer cost from R $ 10. Super cheap, right?

The more powerful models, which are used by adventurers or by tactical forces, are a little more expensive. A great flashlight can be found for around R $ 100, but the most expensive model reaches R $ 215. As they are more affordable, it may be worth investing in a slightly more expensive model that lasts much longer.

Where to buy?

From neighborhood shops to large construction stores. Flashlights are affordable items that are easy to find in different places. This will depend a lot on the type of flashlight you need.

To buy in a physical store, you can go from the R $ 1.99 store near your home (if you want a very simple model just for home use) to big stores.  Now to buy your flashlight online, you can find the ideal one for you on the websites of large stores and, even, on Amazon. In online stores there is a greater variety of the product and you must find the best deals.


Purchase criteria: What are the main features for evaluating a flashlight?

It is not enough to establish what your main use is for a flashlight, there are many other features that need to be carefully evaluated before purchasing your model. These are some of them:

  • Light intensity
  • Available light levels
  • Bulb type
  • Flashlight Models

Below, we will explain item by item so that there is no doubt when choosing your flashlight model!

Light intensity

The brightness of the light emitted by the flashlight is measured by lumens (unit of luminous flux). The greater the amount of lumens, the more powerful your flashlight will be.

A tactical flashlight usually has more than 30,000 lumens, which provide a very high power and intensity of illumination. So if you are going to use your flashlight only for domestic purposes, you don’t need a huge amount of lumens.

An important thing to know is that many websites propagate fanciful ideas for quantities of lumens. It will be very difficult, for example, to find a R $ 20 flashlight that has a capacity of 50,000 lumens. Take great care with unreliable sites. Always make your purchase in well-known stores.


Available light levels

Some flashlights have only a single available light level. These are usually the simplest and cheapest flashlights on the market, used only for home use.

The most complete and powerful models, on the other hand, usually offer at least 3 different lighting levels, reaching up to 5. They can be very useful for tactical forces and people who use flashlights in vast environments without any light, such as closed woods and campsites.

Models with multiple light levels usually offer high power operation (100% light), 1 or 2 economical modes (75% or 50% light) and Strobo mode, which is the flashing light, in emergencies .

Depending on your type of use for the flashlight, it is interesting to purchase models with various levels of light available.

Bulb type

We can see a big change in the current lantern market. In the past, the incandescent lamp was used. However, with the discovery of LED light, this scenario has been modified.

This is because the LED light consumes much less energy and is more powerful. The useful life of this lamp is 50 thousand hours of use. Her battery can last up to 90 hours and its brightness is 180 lumens (2.5W).

Incandescent battery lasts 2 hours. It has 900 lumens (60W) and a life of 6 hours, much less than that of LED. There is still that of halogen, which is a middle ground between the two. The battery lasts 9 hours, has a useful life of 15 hours and 1,000 lumens (50W).

Some LED flashlight models can be a little expensive, while others are very affordable. Always prefer flashlight options with this light, which in addition to being more powerful, will last for much longer. When purchasing yours, always take into account not only value, but cost-effectiveness.


Did you know that the LED flashlight only started to be marketed in 1999? This was the year that Lumiled Corporation launched the Luxeon LED.


Flashlight Models

There are several types of flashlights available in stores. From the torch torch, to the head and the simplest and most portable models. However, they can be categorized into 3 different uses:

  • Household : Household lanterns do not need to be overly elaborate and reach long distances. They are usually used for everyday tasks such as looking for things in the basement and attic, lighting the rooms when there is no light or looking for objects behind furniture.
    Because they are used indoors, home lanterns can be simpler and cheaper models that work with batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • Tactical : The tactical use is carried out by specialized teams, such as the navy, the fire department and military forces. Generally, flashlights for this purpose are used in large and very dark environments, so they need to be more powerful and provide great ranges. This type of flashlight usually provides different levels of lighting, adjustable focus (for ambient or focal lighting), body in aeronautical aluminum and high light intensity.
  • Adventurer : There are also the ideal types of lantern for those who like to stay in campsites or practice hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor sports. For this purpose, the most suitable are the models of headlamps, called “headlamps”. If you are looking for a flashlight for adventurous use, it is necessary to consider whether the model has some essential characteristics. Prefer water and drop resistant models, reduced weight, long battery life and different lighting levels.


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