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Top & Best Flip chart Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Flip chart: How to choose the best in 2022?

Hello, welcome to your review portal on the internet! In the age of technology, some hand tools still have their space and for studies and meetings the flip chart is still an indispensable item for some people.

This product can be found in paper, whiteboard and digital versions, for writing notes and creating presentations. It can be placed data, graphics and any other information that is useful for the occasion

First, the most important

  • The flip chart consists of an easel structure and an area for writing notes.
  • This is a very portable tool that can be taken everywhere, with versions with casters for easy transportation.
  • Paper and whiteboard flip charts are the most common and have high versatility.

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The best flip chart models: our favorites

The flip chart can be used for the most varied purposes and thanks to that it exists in several models that adapt to all needs. To show you the best according to who used and approved this product we prepared the ranking below.

  • An option with natural wood
  • Great option to be used as needed
  • Ideal for presentations
  • The most modern model

Buying Guide

Even though monitors and projectors are very successful today, when it comes to presentation resources the flip chart is still among the most used.

And this is a tool that can be used in the most varied situations and guarantees a more visual and understandable display of information. So, if you are looking for a product like this just read this buying guide to understand more about it and know which model to buy.

What is a flip chart and what is it for?

Present in many meeting and training rooms, the flip chart is a product widely used in presentations. It can be found in several models and there are currently versions with paper, whiteboard and even digital ones, which are the most modern.

The flip chart can be used to annotate instructions, create graphs, demonstrate data and more. And as much as it is widely used in business environments, for classes and studies it is also a good tool.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the flip chart?

Technology has come to add a lot to people’s daily lives, but some simpler products have not lost their place. An example of this is the flip chart, a tool that is still widely used around the world thanks to its advantages and differentials.

The flip chart combines a series of positive points and one of them is related to the fact that it is easy to use. This is an item that does not require a lot of knowledge to be used and thanks to that it can be used by everyone.

Another advantage is in its portability. The flip chart is easy to take everywhere and can be transferred between rooms smoothly, with versions even with casters and folding.

It is also worth mentioning that this tool is available in different sizes and models. Thanks to this, it can adapt to all needs and tastes.

However, the flip chart has a negative point. For the information to be clear, it is essential that the person responsible for the presentation has a legible handwriting, otherwise the use of this product will be less efficient.

Paper flip chart or whiteboard?

The most used flip chart models are those made with a writing area for use with paper or in the whiteboard version. Both options are widely found and which one to choose depends on a few factors.

When you have a flip chart for use with paper, there is great versatility, since several sheets can be used to expose the information. However, there is a need to always buy the pads with paper and if it ends up in the middle of the presentation the flip chart is no longer useful.

The whiteboard option does not have this problem, but, on the other hand, it needs to be erased constantly for new information to be included. Not to mention that after a long time of use it can end up stained. In the table below you can better see the differences between these two options.

How to use the flip chart correctly?

As much as the flip chart is a great tool, it is important to follow some recommendations for its use to be effective and to be able to transmit information clearly and objectively. Some tips for this are:

    • Use strong colors and make large, easy-to-understand drawings and letters.
    • Capital letters are easier to understand than handwriting.
    • Place the easel in a location that is visible to everyone in the room.
    • Once you arrive at the presentation site, check that the flip chart has enough sheets and that the brushes are in good condition.
    • Avoid placing information at the bottom of the sheet or board, as this region is more difficult to read.
    • For larger environments, two flip charts can be used, one next to the other, for better viewing.
    • The flip chart is recommended for presentations of up to 50 people, for more than that other alternatives may be better.

How much does a flip chart cost?

The value of a flip chart can be quite variable depending on the material in which this product is made. Wooden models are the most affordable, while metal and digital models have a higher price.

With that, it is possible to find options costing from R $ 50, these being the simplest models, up to around R $ 1,600, if we talk about the digital version of this product.

Where to buy a flip chart?

The flip chart is considered an office and stationery item. Thanks to this, it can be found in stores that sell other objects of this type, an example being Kalunga.

Online it is also possible to purchase this product and there are several websites that sell it in a wide range of models. Some options for online stores to make this purchase are Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing flip chart models

If you are willing to purchase a flip chart, but don’t know which option to choose, don’t worry. The time has come to show you what criteria should be taken into account to make the ideal purchase. Are they:

  • Structure material
  • Size
  • Portability
  • Digital or common

Below we will detail each one of them.

Structure material

Regarding the material in which the structure of the flipchart is made, it is possible to choose the wooden and metal versions. The wooden models are the ones with the lowest value and they are light, having a simpler appearance.

The metal flip chart has a more sophisticated visual aspect and is more differentiated, since some even have a rotation. But, its price is usually higher, so think about it.


The flip chart is found in several sizes and that is precisely why it is able to adapt to the most varied needs. Based on that, some questions must be analyzed.

The height should suit most people who will use the flip chart.

The first is the height and there are options with 1.70 meters, others with 1.80 meters and so on. It is essential to think of a measure that suits most people who will write on the flip chart and if the model is adjustable this can help a lot.

Another point to be analyzed is the size of the tablet, that is, the writing area. It also varies a lot and in order not to make mistakes think about whether you need more or less space to expose your information.


If you intend to use the flip chart in several rooms it is essential to think about the portability of the model you are thinking of purchasing. For this check, if it is foldable, what is its weight and if it has casters, as they facilitate the transport of this product.

In this regard, also check your size and weight

Digital or common

If you are the type who loves technology know that it is possible to purchase a common or digital flip chart. The digital has some differentials such as the possibility of showing information from smartphones on your screen and access to the internet.


Samsung is the only brand that sells digital flip charts. The model arrived here in 2018 and is called Samsung Flip WM55H.


The negative point is that it has a higher value than usual, but if these resources are interesting, it may be worth investing in one of these.


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