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Top & Best Fila Skates Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fila Skates: How to find the best of 2022?

Today’s article will tell you all about the Fila skates, quality equipment for your maneuvers and for your ride, ideal, therefore, for all skaters, from technicians to speeders.

In this Guide, we will show you the best lines and their respective models, their most suitable uses, as well as tips for the time of purchase, all to help you with the purchase of your Fila skates.

First, the most important

  • There are three main lines of Fila skates, the Freestyle, the Fitness and Quad .
  • The Quad , indeed, is the line with classic design, a tennis retelling of the 1980s, and the more traditional layout, with two front wheels and two rear.
  • You can find more basic and children’s models of Fila skates from R $ 300, and professional adult models for up to R $ 3000.

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Shopping Guide

Fila is among the leaders in the roller skating market because it understands that they are a combination of style, comfort and strength, which in turn are translated into fluid movements during skating. And also for understanding the needs of different skaters and their varied styles on the wheels.

In the Shopping Guide below, you will see the best of this combination, and how it happens. We will unveil the best lines of the Fila skates, exploring their respective characteristics and most suitable uses, all so that you find the ideal model for you.



What are the advantages of Fila Quad skates?

For the youngest, Quad da Fila skates may be something new, different, but they are the pioneers of skating. Its “classic” design, with two front and two rear wheels, carries some advantages and disadvantages.



Did you know? The appearance of skates is dated between the end of the 18th century, in Belgium, where it was invented, and the beginning of the 19th century, in France, where it was patented.


Among the advantages, the first is its stability, from its initial balance to its curves and turns. It is also very practical to use, you just need to put it on like regular sneakers. Incidentally, the fact that it is a sneaker leads to another advantage, that of style, either in appearance, with a retro touch, or in the ride with it, more smoothly.

On the other hand, Quad skates are slower, due to their design, which increases air resistance. In the same way, it is much more difficult to do any type of maneuver, being restricted to turns and other basic movements.


  • Stability
  • Practicality
  • Style


  • velocity
  • Little maneuverable

How are Fila Freestyle skates?

To put it bluntly, Fila Freestyle skates are the most robust, semi-professional or professional models.

They are ideal models for maneuvers, for different tracks, capable of making jumps and absorbing their impacts efficiently.

Its characteristics are easy to notice, starting with the boot, usually lined with harder and more resistant plastics. In addition, it has cleats to secure your feet and increase safety. The bases of Freestyle skates are smaller and lighter, with the wheels closer together and with less ventilation inside them, to increase aerodynamics.




Fila Primo or Helix skates?

The Primo and Helix skates are two of the best models in the Fila Fitness line, designed for more casual uses, for walks, rides in the park and other light activities.


Both add technologies.

Both are models that can add different technologies, such as Air Flow , for ventilation in the boots, which incidentally are of the sofboot type , that is, they privilege comfort.

The Primo models, however, are more technical, with superior bearings, for more experienced users, while the Helix models are softer, betting on a more peaceful and comfortable driving.

What are the best models of Fila children’s skates?

Fila knows that skates are among the equipment with wheels most used by children, because they are safer and more intuitive to use.

For this reason, the brand has a catalog filled with children’s skates, adapted models, such as NRK Júnior, to those made especially for the little ones, such as Quad Juliet. We also recommend the inline models J-One, X-One, great for children who want to go a little further in skating.




Purchasing Criteria: Choosing the ideal Row of skates

Choosing quality skates can be a difficult task. But do not worry. With our list of purchase criteria, we will help you to identify the main points to be noticed in the different pairs of Fila skates, so that you can select and choose the ideal model.

  • Skating style
  • Boot type
  • Chassis or base
  • Wheel size

Skating style

Nothing is more coherent than choosing a model of skates based on your skating style, not least because the Queue has specific lines for all of them.

For fans of maneuvers and challenges out of the box, the Freestyle line has what you need, with resistance, impact absorption and bold designs. For more sportspeople, who prefer speed and rigorous execution, the Fitness line is the most suitable, with fitted boots and aerodynamic bases.

For cruisers , that is, for those who enjoy a good ride on eight wheels, it is possible to do it in comfort and style with the Quad line .


Boot type

In the search for your Fila skates, turn your attention to the model’s boots. Apart from the Quad skates, for obvious reasons, there are two main types of boots: the hardboot and the softboot .

The names say it all. The first is more rigid, resistant, good for maneuvers and tracks that punish more, such as asphalt, for example. The second, in turn, focuses on comfort and stability, for walks or light training.

Chassis or base

The base (also called the chassis) of the skates is one of the critical points for choosing your ideal model. Virtually all Fila models have light and resistant bases, made of aluminum.

The issue here is the space of the chassis, if wider, ideal for walking, or if more compact, which is good for maneuvering. The spacing that allows the wheels also modifies the use of the skates, with the most spaced wheels being ideal for that ride in the park, and the most assembled ones, great for that grind on the track handrail.


Wheel size

Although the wheels are the most customizable parts of a Fila roller skates – and of any roller skates, in fact – it is worth thinking about your ideal model from the size of your wheel. Measured in millimeters, the size mainly dictates the speed and stability of the skates.

Large wheels, above 80, 90mm, can reach higher speeds, and more quickly, in addition to keeping them for longer. Stability, by contrast, is greater on smaller wheels.


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