Top & Best Scooter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Scooter: Choose the best model of 2022

If you want to buy a scooter for yourself or as a gift, but do not know where to start with your choice, this article came specially to help you.

Fun, practical, easy to use, assemble and transport, the scooter is a hit with the vast majority of children of all ages, and is also sought after by adults looking for a new way to exercise or perform maneuvers, or even a means innovative and ecologically sustainable locomotion.

In this article we will introduce you to the best scooter options available on the market, in addition to the features you must pay attention to in order to make the most appropriate choice for your needs and expectations.

First, the most important

  • The market offers several scooter models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, adapted for specific age groups and activities. Choose based on the age and weight of the user, as well as the location and purpose that he will be used.
  • Model, material, category, age indication, type of handlebars, platform, wheels and bearings and the presence of brakes and locks are some of the characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • There is a lot of price variation for the product, depending on the brand, model, material, etc. It is possible to find simpler children’s versions starting at R $ 70, and the more sophisticated, professional or electric versions can vary between R $ 600 and R $ 3,500.

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Ranking: The 4 best scooters on the market

Whether to venture out, escape the traffic or be a fun option for the kids on summer holidays, there are several situations in which the scooter can be the solution. But how to choose the perfect one?

In this section we will present the 4 coolest scooter models for sale:


Buying Guide

Now that you’ve checked out our ranking of the most interesting scooters, you’re ready to take the next step and follow our Buying Guide. In this session you will have access to the most relevant information about scooters, such as models and directions for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

But remember: the best and most complete product on the market is not always the most suitable for you, your needs and goals. Therefore, we will introduce you to topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose the scooter that best fits your expectations.

What is a scooter?

The traditional scooter basically consists of a toy or means of transportation where a base with two wheels positioned opposite each other is attached to a handlebar.

To use the scooter, the person must support one foot on the base while the other takes the ground, and the direction is guided by the hands through the handlebars. Children’s models for children under 6 years can have 3 wheels, increasing the stability of the toy.

There is also the Trikke, twist or Ski scooter version. Also with 3 wheels, this model has a base that divides back into 2 parts forming a ‘V’, with one wheel each.

Check out how the Trikke model works in a report made by Record:




The impulse in this model occurs without the need to touch the foot on the ground, through lateral movements that resemble skiing in the snow.

There are also motorized models, which can be electric or fueled, and come in versions with or without a seat.

What are its advantages?

In the era when children are born connected to the internet, games and other online activities, the scooter is an excellent option for offline fun.

In addition to being super fun for all ages, the scooter can be an ally to encourage the practice of physical and outdoor activities.

It also promotes the development of balance, concentration and motor coordination. The use of the equipment is indicated for all ages, from children to adults, as it promotes the strengthening of the lower limbs, improves blood circulation and increases physical resistance.

As most models are foldable, the scooter becomes easy to transport and store, making it an excellent option for taking on trips and trips. It can also be used to make short trips such as from home to school or work, where it can be disassembled and stored in any corner.



Even with several favorable points, the use of the scooter deserves some attention. It is necessary to use safety equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

In addition, the location where the product will be used also influences the user’s performance and safety. Slope, obstacle or very uneven terrain can cause difficulties in using the scooter and increase the risk of falls and accidents.


  • Develops balance and motor coordination
  • Encourages sport and physical activity
  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy to store and transport


  • Must be used with safety equipment
  • Use on uneven terrain favors accidents
  • More sophisticated models have high price

Which scooter is right for me?

To choose the ideal scooter it is necessary to take into account the user’s characteristics such as age and weight, as well as the use for which the scooter is intended. For recreational use only, more basic models are sufficient. For use in locomotion, maneuvers or competitions, more attention to detail is needed.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions and directions for use carefully. Try not to exceed the maximum weight capacity of the product. Excess weight can damage the scooter and cause accidents to the user.

If you want a professional scooter or maneuver, stay tuned. These models need to be equipped with special materials, which will guarantee the best performance and resistance to impacts, which are typical and frequent in these activities.



Scooters for maneuvering must be light and resistant. The wheels must be equipped with quick bearings, with flat profile and diameter of 100mm.

Children’s models also deserve a lot of detail analysis. For younger children (under 6 years) prefer the models with 2 front and 1 rear wheels, which will give more stability to the little ones during use.

For all ages, attention should be paid to the height of the handlebars and the adjustment possibilities. A handlebar with the wrong height or improper adjustment can cause discomfort in use, in addition to impairing the user’s posture and performance.

If you choose a motorized scooter, check if it is an electric scooter or if it uses fuel. For this type of product, extra attention should be paid. Data such as voltage, autonomy, speed, power and safety items must be analyzed carefully.

Finally, whichever model you choose, check the brand and product reputation. Check the warranty period given by the manufacturer, as well as the availability of technical assistance and spare parts in your region.

In the table below we compare some characteristics of the main types of scooter available on the market. Check out:

* Low: less than R $ 100; Median: from R $ 100 to R $ 300; High: from R $ 300 to R $ 1000; Very high: above R $ 1000.

Also check if the chosen model needs assembly. Most manufacturers make the assembly instructions available online. Assess whether you have the skill and tools needed for assembly. If the task proves to be complicated, consider hiring professional help.


How much?

It is possible to find scooters on the market with wide price variations, especially during the promotion seasons. The values ​​change according to the material, model, brand, accessories included in the box and the extra features it offers.

The more basic the scooter, the lower the price. There are scooter models up to R $ 3,500, but you can also find simpler types for less than R $ 100.

Evaluate the prices of the chosen model in the different brands available in the market to ensure that you make a purchase with the best possible cost benefit.

Where to buy?

Scooters are relatively easy to find. If you value quality, give preference to physical stores of major chains or Decathlon.

It is also possible to find the product in stores specializing in children’s products. However, the greatest number of options and the best offers are usually available in online stores, such as Amazon.

Do a lot of research, and if you find it necessary, use price comparison platforms to find the best deals. It is common to find large fluctuations in values ​​for the same product on different websites.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare different scooter models

The average consumer has no obligation to be a specialist in the product he intends to purchase. But of course if you have followed this article up to now, it is because you are interested in making the right purchase, and choosing your scooter like a professional.

Below, we will present some characteristics for which you should be aware when comparing models, types and brands of this product.

And never forget: the best product is one that does what you need the way you want it, most efficiently. After defining your need, consider the following aspects:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Category
  • Age indication
  • Security Items
  • Bearing
  • Wheels
  • Platform
  • Handlebar


Since its creation in the 60s, the scooter has evolved a lot and several models derived from the traditional have emerged. Sometimes, the choice of the model must consider, mainly, the age and weight of the users beyond the intentions of use.

If you plan to use the scooter for mobility, consider motorized models or larger wheels, designed to achieve more speed.

Now if you need to transport it on buses or subways, choose more compact and lighter models, which can be disassembled and loaded without difficulty.

The same principle applies to children’s models that will need to be transported frequently for outings and trips. For younger children and beginners, choose models with greater stability, such as those with 3 wheels.



The most used materials for making scooters are aluminum, plastic and various metals. The wheels, in turn, can be made of rigid plastic, ABS or silicone.

Children’s models, for children from 2 to 5 years old, tend to have more plastic in their composition than the others, so that they become lighter and suitable for the use of the little ones.

Choose your ideal scooter based on the materials used for its composition. The more resistant and quality the material, the greater the resistance, durability and also the quality of the product.


Scooters are divided, basically, in the Children, Youth, Adult, Professional and Freestyle categories. There are models that fall into more than one category, such as the Professional Youth scooter, for example.

What determines the category of the scooter is its size, capacity and indications for use. Analyze the usage profile well to choose the ideal category for your scooter. Weight, age and height of the user are essential information. Usage priorities will also help you narrow your options.


For speed, professional scooters are ideal, and for maneuvers freestyle, for example.

Age indication

As already mentioned, one of the priority factors for the purchase of a scooter is the suitability for the user’s size. Therefore, checking the age indication of the chosen model with great care is paramount.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and remember: children of any age should never play without the supervision of a parent.

In addition, as children have different stages of development according to their age group, this will also be a determining factor in choosing the design and the necessary options on the scooter.

This is because, each model is designed according to the capacities and skills typical of each stage of child development.


Colorful and 3-wheel designs are more stimulating and stable for little ones aged 2 to 4 years.

Traditional or 3-wheeled trikke models will be more challenging for children over 10 years old, teenagers, young people and adults.

Models with height adjustment are interesting for children, as they allow the toy to adapt to the child’s development and can be used for a longer time.

Security Items


Safety items are essential for all types and models of scooter, and are not limited to personal equipment such as helmets and knee pads. Let’s check some important points in this criterion:

  • Brake : It is the main factory item on a scooter. The most common types are: those activated by a lever located on the handlebars, such as motorcycles and bicycles; and those attached to the rear wheel fender.
  • Lock : It is also important that the scooter has locks on the opening and closing mechanism, to prevent it from opening or closing accidentally. The lock must also be present in the adjustment mechanisms, in order to ensure that the product remains firm in the desired adjustment positions.
  • Platform : It must also be equipped with textures or non-slip materials, to ensure the user’s stability and prevent falls and slips during use.
  • Bumper : The front, although it does not look like a safety item, is especially important for children models up to 6 years old. In addition to absorbing impacts, they protect the wheel from direct contact with the child and help prevent injury in the event of a fall.
  • Lights : Less popular in this type of equipment, reflective lights are also important, especially if the scooter is to be used at night.
  • Horn : The bells or horns are good options for preventing collisions, especially indicated for those who will circulate in parks or bike lanes with a lot of movement.


The diameter and stiffness of the wheels will determine the performance of your scooter. Larger wheels provide more speed. In addition, the larger the wheel of the scooter, the more comfortable it will be to use, as this wheel profile requires less effort from the user.

The rigidity of the wheel will influence not only the performance of the scooter, but also the comfort and durability. Softer wheels slide better and are smoother, providing good grip on the ground. However, wear of this type of wheel is quite fast with use.

The stiffer wheels will have greater durability, but because they are firmer they do not have good grip, making the slide less smooth and making the user feel the irregularities of the terrain.

The layout and quantity of the wheels are also important aspects. The number of wheels the scooter has a direct impact on product stability. Models with 3 wheels arranged in a triangle are much more stable than models with 2 wheels in series.


Scooter bearings, like those for skateboards and skates, are categorized by the ABEC standard in odd numbers. The higher the number, the smoother the roll and the faster and more accurate the scooter.

ABEC 1 roller scooters, for example, are suitable for young children and beginners, so that they can train their balance on the scooter without reaching high speeds.


The platforms of a scooter are the bases on which the feet rest and where the wheels and the handlebars of the equipment are fixed. Depending on the model and type of scooter, the platform will either be narrower or wider.

The width of the platform directly influences the stability of the scooter and the user. The wider the platform, the more balance the user will have. The children’s 3-wheel models are the ones that usually present the most spacious platforms, allowing the feet to be positioned on it side by side.


Some models of motorized scooter also have advantageous platforms, in order to provide better accommodation and more comfort to the user.

In the narrower platform models, the feet are usually positioned in front of each other, with the front tending to be aligned with the platform, while the rear, responsible for the thrust, is in a perpendicular position.

The length of the platform also deserves attention. Ideally, it should have at least space to accommodate the user’s two feet in an aligned position, one in front of the other.


Responsible for directing the scooter, the handlebars are usually covered with padded or rubberized material.

This coating is extremely important to ensure the best grip and comfort of the hands, as well as total control of the scooter, preventing the handlebars from escaping or slipping from the user’s hands.

Most scooters on the market have handlebars with adjustable height, essential adjustment for the user to achieve the correct position and posture when skating. In some models, usually professionals or adults, the handlebars rotate 360º, which allows for more radical maneuvers and movements.


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