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Top & Best Dell Backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dell Backpack: Discover How to Choose the Best in 2022

If you work or study and own a notebook, you should know how difficult it can be to transport it safely. A good Dell backpack can solve this.

And who better to offer high quality models designed for notebooks than the brand responsible for some of the best setups on the market? Check out our full review for more details.

First, the most important

  • Although many models are made with water resistant materials, this does not mean that they are waterproof, so be careful.
  • The backpack has to be comfortable and well adjusted to the body to avoid discomfort, especially if we consider that a notebook can weigh more than 2 kg.
  • Before making the purchase, check the dimensions, weight supported and dividers to make sure that the model will meet all your needs.

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Best Dell Backpacks: Newsroom Directions

Using high quality materials and bold designs, Dell offers comfortable and sturdy backpacks. Take a look at some examples that we have separated for you.

  • The ideal backpack for gamers
  • A great option for work
  • The best backpack for students

Light and comfortable, the Dell Essential backpack is compatible with notebooks up to 15.6 inches. Its graphic print provides greater visibility at night and the handles are padded. It also has two side pockets and a front closed with zipper.

Buying Guide

Transporting the notebook safely is a real necessity for those who spend a lot of time away from home, since having our equipment in hand makes some activities much easier.

But if you still have doubts about why to invest in a Dell backpack, check out our buying guide below and find out how this investment can help in the durability and safety of your equipment.

Why does Dell stand out in the backpacks market?

Dell is a technology company specializing in hardware, monitors, desktops and notebooks that stand out for their quality, with clean and elegant designs.

So, it is not surprising that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce accessories designed for this niche. This is the case with your backpacks.

In addition to providing more security for your computer, they are comfortable and some models are produced with ecological awareness, reducing CO2 emissions by 62% and up to 29% less energy in their dyeing process. See some more advantages below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Dell backpack?

Made of water resistant material and with shock protection systems, these backpacks are specially developed to protect notebooks, tablets and other electronic devices.

Its adjustable straps make them much more comfortable and they have a good internal capacity to carry other essential items for your day to day outside the home.

However, this ends up making them more expensive than traditional backpacks and a little more bulky, mainly because of their protection systems.



  • Made of water resistant material
  • Shock protection systems
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good internal capacity


  • Cost more than regular backpacks
  • They are more bulky

What care should I take with a Dell backpack?

Developed especially for notebooks, these backpacks are much more robust, so it is not recommended to take them to the washing machine, which can end up deforming its structure.

Instead, choose to clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap. Letting it dry in the shade is also important so that it doesn’t end up fading faster than normal.

Finally, do not try to place a notebook larger than the indicated capacity, as this can end up causing tears and internal damage. Not to mention that it can end up damaging the computer.



Did you know that Dell has backpacks aimed especially at gamers, investing in more modern and flashy looks and special partitions for mice and headsets?


Does the Dell backpack provide security for my notebook?

Notebooks and other electronic devices that we usually carry in these backpacks are not at all cheap, so it is completely normal to ask if they are really safe.

Dell thought about it, with handles that are not only comfortable, but resistant to tugging. The double zippers allow you to use a lock, preventing it from being opened without you noticing.

And it’s not just against bad people that you should be concerned. To prevent damage during movement, the partitions receive special padding that withstands shocks.

Many partitions can also be closed with a zipper or velcro system, preventing things from moving out of place or mixing while you move.


Is the Dell backpack specially made for the brand’s notebooks?

Not exactly, as this can vary greatly from one model to the next.

Of course, if you have a Dell notebook, it will fit perfectly. But, as the brand has partnerships with other giants in the market, such as Alienware, they are compatible with several computers.

If you own a notebook from another brand, check factors such as internal capacity and product specification that point to inches of models that fit securely.

In addition, you can carry several other gadgets and peripherals that you use in your day to day. See the complete analysis of each of them in the links below.





Purchasing Criteria: What to Evaluate Before Buying a Dell Backpack

Choosing the perfect Dell backpack for your needs is not as easy a task as it sounds, as with so many options, it can be a little confusing to select the ideal criteria.

Therefore, to assist you, we select the main points to consider before making the purchase. This will make it much easier to choose the perfect Dell backpack for you. Check it out below.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Partitions
  • Supported weight
  • Style and design


The material is one of the first things you should observe before buying a backpack, since it is responsible not only for comfort, but also for strength and durability.

Dell uses materials like nylon and other water-resistant fabrics, but this can vary greatly from model to model. Some have a thinner fabric, while in others it is thicker.

Also be aware if the handles and internal partitions, especially where the notebooks are, are padded and made of breathable materials.


When thinking about dimensions, the most common is to check specifications like height, width and length. This is important so that it is securely attached to the body, comfortably and without causing damage to the spine.

In addition, capacity usually affects the total size of the backpack, that is, how much it can store inside. But we will deal with that in the next topics.


The number of dividers can also vary greatly from one model to the next, but in all of them you will find a special compartment for the notebook.

Partitions are great for carrying documents and other utensils.

The other dividers are great for carrying documents and other everyday items. Some models even have external dividers, closed by zipper and opened for water bottles.

Our tip here is to evaluate what you usually carry in your routine and choose the one that best fits your profile. This helps to avoid mess and keep everything safe, without scratches or scratches.

Supported weight

In backpacks, the weight supported is measured in liters and can be found in the product specifications as capacity.

Dell has models with capacities from 18 to 26 liters, compatible with notebooks from 15.6 to 17 inches. Above that, you could end up damaging the backpack.

Style and design

Last but not least, a good backpack should also have a look that matches your personality. Dell is well aware of this and is betting on cleaner looks, with neutral and less striking colors.

These lines are clearly inspired by the style used in their notebooks, giving them a more professional look. The exception is the gamer models, which abuse colors a little more.

And for cyclists and motorcyclists, some models have luminescent lines and details in low light situations, which is an additional factor for your safety in the rush of traffic.



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