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Top & Best Jansport Backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Jansport Backpack: How to choose the best model in 2022

Related to the concept of freedom of expression, the Jansport backpack is found on the backs of students, professionals, tourists, mountaineers and people tuned to fashion trends.

Functional and modern, the Jansport backpack has quality, variety of models, colors and prints as differentials. Thinking about investing in a Jansport backpack? Continue reading and learn more about the product.

First, the most important

  • The main Jansport backpack models are Big Student, Cool Student, SuperBreak, Right Pack, Hatchet and Half Pint.
  • The variety of colors and prints is a trademark of the Jansport backpack. You find models with feminine, masculine and unisex designs.
  • Buying a Jansport backpack is an investment. Prices range from R $ 150 to R $ 500 – but all models have a lifetime warranty.

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The best Jansport backpacks: The newsroom favorites

You find a wide variety of Jansport backpack models. To simplify the choice, we have selected the models best rated by consumers:

  • The perfect Jansport backpack for students
  • The best Jansport backpack for sightseeing
  • A complete Jansport backpack

Buying Guide

Do you need a compact backpack to have fun at a music festival? A large backpack with lots of compartments to take to college or school? Or do you need a backpack to travel on the weekend?

For these and other occasions use a Jansport backpack. For sure, you will find a model that matches your routine in the city, but is versatile for use on other occasions. Learn more about the product in this Buying Guide.

Is it worth buying a Jansport backpack?

Anyone looking for a backpack made of quality material, with excellent durability and a lot of versatility, should buy a Jansport backpack. You find female, male and unisex models for people of different ages.

The accessory is ideal for everyday life, whether it is for studying, working, walking or traveling. As they are completely different needs, the brand offers six models of Jansport backpack.

Most models are made of polyester, a light and resistant synthetic material – some have suede leather lining. But you can find models in cotton, satin and polyamide.

A Jansport backpack measures 42 to 46 cm long, 31 to 33 cm wide and 21 to 30 cm high. Most models weigh 600g, but you can find lighter options at just 300g.

To offer even more practicality, comfort and safety to people, the Jansport backpack is ergonomic and has very interesting features such as ergonomic S-Curve straps, padded back panel or 2/3 padded back, upper hand strap and hidden flap front pocket protection over the zipper.



  • Models for male and female
  • Options for all ages
  • Plenty of models
  • Variety of shades and prints
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty
  • Price range


  • It is a relatively expensive product
  • Almost all models are made of polyester

Is it true that the Jansport backpack has a lifetime warranty?

The Jansport backpack is a product of high quality and durability, so the brand offers lifetime warranty on all products, except cell phone cases.

Repairs are made when a manufacturing defect is found after evaluation by the technical team that should be called via e-mail and informed about the problem that occurred – don’t forget to attach photos of the product, the damage and the purchase invoice.

It is important to mention that products purchased abroad only have a valid warranty in the country in which they were purchased.

Defects in seams, manufacturing problems resulting from human labor and problems with material and parts are considered manufacturing defects, as long as improper use is not found.


Which Jansport backpack is ideal for everyday life?

Who needs a backpack to use in everyday life, whether to study or work, should invest in the Superbreak model .

Made of polyester, a light and resistant fabric, this backpack has two compartments – a main partition and a front pocket with organizer – and a capacity of 25L, enough to carry essential objects.

Available in more than 40 color and pattern options, you will surely find a model that matches your personal style.



Did you know that Superbreak was the first Jansport backpack developed for use in urban territory? Launched in 1984, it was an absolute success among High School students in the 90s. This is the brand’s best-selling backpack.


If you need a bigger backpack, you can invest in Big Student or Cool Student , both have capacity for 34L and padded and anatomical handles that provide greater comfort to carry that weight.

These backpacks contain five dividers, and the Cool Student backpack has a special notebook compartment. Another differential of these models is the pocket on the side of the backpack, which serves to carry a water bottle or umbrella.


Which Jansport backpack to take on trips?

Jansport also offers some backpack models that can be used when traveling. The Jansport Driver 8 backpack has training wheels, ideal for walking around the airport or on the road without overloading your back with the weight of the backpack.

For smaller trips, such as weekend trips, you can use the Jansport Right Pack backpack . Made of polyester, it has a suede-coated bottom that helps increase the strength of the backpack.

If your trip is a nature expedition, we recommend that you choose the Hatchet backpack . This model has a capacity of 28L, compartments for bottles on both sides and spacious and functional internal and external pockets. Another differential is a chest belt that allows better weight distribution.


If you need a Jansport backpack just to store essentials, we recommend the Half Pint model . This backpack has a front pocket with key holder that is ideal for storing your wallet, documents and smartphone. This backpack is ideal for walking.

The destination of the trip is the beach? Then buy the Mesh Pack backpack that leaves everything in view, that way it is easier to find the items inside the suitcase. This backpack is very light, weighs only 300g.


What is the ideal Jansport backpack for charging electronic devices?

If you are looking for a Jansport backpack to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks, we suggest that you choose the Digibreak model , a version of the classic Superbreak.

This backpack has a capacity of 25L. On the front of the backpack, there is an organizer pocket where you can store small devices such as a headset and charger and a discreet front pocket, perfect for storing your smartphone.

Behind that pocket is a padded compartment for storing a tablet. The inner part of the backpack is simple and functional and has its own compartment for storing notebooks.


Is it true that there is a Jansport mini backpack?

Did you know that there is a Jansport mini backpack? The Lil Break is a miniature version of Superbreak. The backpack is made of polyester, has handles, two zipper compartments and capacity for 0.5L.

It is ideal for storing headphones, smartphone charger, car key, wallet and other personal items. Some girls wear the Lil Break backpack around their wrist, others buckle on their belts and have someone strap it to the backpack, using it as an extra compartment.


Purchasing criteria: How to analyze the different Jansport backpack models

Before buying a Jansport backpack, analyze on what occasions you will use it: University, work, events, travel, tours or in everyday life? With that definition in mind, evaluate the following characteristics:

  • Capacity and internal organization
  • Fabric
  • Notebook compartment
  • Design
  • Price range

We will detail all of these criteria throughout the section. Stay with us!

Capacity and internal organization

You find Jansport backpack models with different capacities and styles of internal compartmentation. We list the characteristics of the main models of the brand in the table below, compare them:


As we mentioned earlier, most Jansport backpack models are made of polyester and some models have suede leather-covered bottoms.

But to serve all audiences, the brand launched the line of Super FX backpacks. The models in the line have the same size and design as the SuperBreak backpack, but they are made in different fabrics such as cotton, satin and polyamide, with a special finish and different details such as metallic zippers and cord handles.

Notebook compartment

Whoever uses the notebook daily at college or work, should choose a Jansport backpack with special compartment to store the laptop.

The notebook compartment up to 15.6 inches is available in the following models: Cool Student, Right Pack and Hatchet. Some of these models offer removable compartment, so you can remove it whenever you want.


The design of the Jansport backpack is a very important purchase criterion. You will find models in bright colors, classic tones, pastel tones and prints.

The Jansport SuperBreak backpack is the brand’s iconic model, so you can find more than 40 versions in different shades and patterns.

The Mono SuperBreak model has the same silhouette as the classic model, but with a reinforced base and logo in the same color as the backpack. There are eight color options for a monochromatic backpack.

The Cool Student backpack is available in six color and pattern options. The Hatchet is available in five color options to blend two colors in each model.

The Big Student , Right Pack and Half Pint models are available in several color and pattern options. You find models in colors and feminine, masculine and unisex prints.

Price range

You can find Jansport backpack options in different price ranges. The amounts vary from R $ 200 to R $ 500. Although it is a high price, the investment is worth it, as the backpack is made of quality materials, has excellent durability and a lifetime warranty.

  • Up to R $ 150: Half Pint model
  • Up to R $ 200: SuperBreak model
  • Up to R $ 250: Mono SuperBreak model
  • Up to R $ 300: Big Student model
  • Up to R $ 400: Right Pack model
  • Up to R $ 500: Hatchet model


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