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Top & Best Guitar Cover Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Guitar Cover: Which are the Best of 2022?

the complete guide to musical accessories. With a guitar cover on the back, your instrument is protected and practical to carry.

A stylish custom guitar case can positively attract attention. Except that using an old and moldy model even impairs the quality of the strings. Learn now the best information to buy this indispensable accessory.

First, the most important

  • Guitar cases with a higher number of padded pockets are better for storing accessories.
  • There are waterproof guitar covers.
  • The black tint is more traditional, but you can find a guitar cover in other colors or even transparent.

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The best guitar case: Our recommendations

Are you a music professional or an amateur in the 6-string play? Regardless of your artistic expertise, your instrument has a certain guarantee of protection with one of the best guitar covers gathered below:

  • To protect against rain
  • The basics that always work
  • Less costs and more benefits
  • For everyone to see the guitar

Buying Guide

How practical it is to carry your guitar inside a cover, on your back, having your hands free to do other activities! Then learn to buy a model that is comfortable and protects the valuable instrument.

Does the guitar fit all cover models?

No! Both covers and guitars have different measures. For example, a folk model or a viola does not have diameters identical to classical guitar editions.

Consult the measurements of your guitar before you buy a corresponding size cover.

When in doubt you can purchase a larger cover. It is not so important if you have a little space left when storing the instrument.

Does a guitar cover also fit the guitar?

It depends! Yes if there is a long arm space. Otherwise, the model does not fit inside. The covers of medium guitars are almost always also used in guitars, without problems.

Bad is when the guitar cover is smaller or tightened on the guitar, which can damage the nylon and other material in the lining.


“The guitar should be kept in its case or case whenever it is not in use.”

How to remove mold from a guitar case?

Over time or lack of basic cleaning care, the guitar case may have mold and a bad smell. There are several methods capable of eliminating this problem, including the use of a vinegar-based solution.

Boil some vinegar and pour the liquid into the pot. Leave the jar inside the closed guitar cover for 1 day. Then wipe the cloth with a little vinegar on the cover.

Another tip is to direct the production to a dry cleaning. It is interesting to note that some stores wrap the guitar covers with plastic to prevent mold or other hazards.

What are the advantages of a guitar case?

With several pockets on the guitar case you can also store certain accessories. Most light versions protect the instruments from dust that can damage wood or nylon and steel strings.

Some editions can even resist against water, although the most popular covers do not guarantee protection against water on the guitar. More pros and cons about the product you can see in the table:


  • Various pockets
  • Guitar guard and accessories
  • Light and resistant
  • You can carry it with your hand or your back
  • Protects against falls, heat and water
  • Prevents dust on the guitar


  • Necessary to sanitize frequently
  • Some models wet the instrument
  • There are versions with very small handles

Guitar case or case: What is the best choice?

These are two most popular accessories for protecting medium-sized string instruments like guitars. You find out the information in the following models.

Guitar case

Thin, light and cheap, some editions even have a waterproof cover with internal upholstery. One of the advantages of the accessory is being able to wear it on the back.

Use the different pockets to store even other things not related to the guitar such as smartphone, Ipod, tools, keys, among other items that are not in direct contact with the instrument.


Guitar Case

It is an option that further protects the instrument against weather and impacts. This model is only meant to be carried by hand, while robust editions can be a bit heavy.

Storing a guitar case creates more difficulties, as it is not foldable like the cover. See the differences in versions in the following table:A guitar cover costs from R $ 10 to up to R $ 1,000. With about R $ 400 you can already buy a model resistant to water or friction. The less expensive standards have lightweight materials in the lining that have few pockets available. How much does it cost and where to buy a guitar case?

It is recommended to buy the guitar cover in specialized stores  Leimar, Gang Music, among others. In department stores you can also find some models:


Buying online is cheaper.

Buying online is cheaper, especially at Amazon, which brings together a wide collection of guitar covers of different sizes. There are also some choices on sites.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Guitar Case Models

Have you ever stopped to think about how many salespeople are willing to take advantage of buyers’ technical ignorance in order to profit above average?

To avoid the danger of paying abusive prices for something bad read the comparative factors of offers:

  • Pockets
  • Customization
  • Material
  • Transparent

Review the details of each criterion later:


There is little use in several pockets when they are not padded. The presence of the foam serves to avoid a collision between the stored objects and the guitar.

It is also worth getting to know the parts of the pocket space better, especially according to the additional objects you intend to store. For example, in a small spot it is difficult to store the music book , but not the reeds and the tuner .


Did you know that there are already versions of guitar case-covers in the same product? These models can be hung on the back and present the defense to the instrument that only a case can offer.



If you don’t like the excessive customization, choose models without any brand emblem. Anyone who doesn’t mind having something personalized has less work to find an ideal product on the market.

Many people like to customize the guitar brand present on the cover. For example, if you have a Yamaha guitar , you want the cover to be of the same brand.


The nylon models are cheaper, except in the case of a more special raw material, such as, for example, 600D PVC resin, which also protects against water.

Leather versions cost higher prices. There are editions with synthetics that have an additional charm. Crochet is a charming choice. Some patterns with Oxford fabric are popular for their spacious pockets:



When choosing the transparent cover you spend low values ​​and have a different design edition. The transparency is covered by a plastic material that protects from water.

When your instrument is stored with other guitars it is worth using this cover. Since with just one look you can quickly identify your guitar without unzipping it.


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