Top & Best Tamborim Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tamborim: What’s the best of 2022?

A barbecue is only complete when there is that samba circle. If you agree with that sentence, you know the importance of the tambourine to give rhythm to the music. And today we are going to talk about this instrument.

It is a percussion instrument. You can learn to play basic beats quickly. Anyway, you don’t need to be an expert in music to not let samba die!

And our mission here at ReviewBox Brasil is to present a complete Buying Guide for you to buy a perfect tambourine. For that we will talk about better models, price, main features and other important factors. Here we go?

First, the most important

  • Whether at the barbecue samba circle or at the Marques do Sapucaí sambadrome, the tambourine cannot be missing. Therefore, we can say that it is not only a percussion instrument, but also socializing. With a tambourine in hand, you will always be well accompanied by friends.
  • Number of dies. Body made of wood, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Leather coated with nylon or leather. These are some details that you need to know before defining which is the ideal tambourine.
  • Widespread throughout  as a samba instrument, tamborim is an extremely popular product. And this is directly reflected in its affordable price. It is possible to find, for less than R $ 150, quality models that come with the complete kit (drum sticks and tuning key).

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Ranking: The 4 best tambourine options

If you want to add a little more rhythm and joy to your life, we want to help you on this mission by introducing you to the best tambourine models on the market. Just check the ranking below to know these models:

1º – Tamborim 6 Contemporânea







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This Contemporary drum is 6 inches in diameter and weighs only 350 grams. The product is made of highly durable and resistant plastic, guaranteeing longevity and good percussion.

In addition to being coated with nylon skin, the instrument has six taps. This gives you more space and comfort for you to hold the drum firmly. Finally, it is worth noting that a tuning key and a triple plastic stick accompany the instrument.


2nd – Tamborim Kit with Clamp + Percussion Holder

If you are one of those who enjoy a samba circle, know that this Torelli drum has one of the best cost-benefits in the market. This is because the instrument is made of steel, which guarantees its longevity. In turn, the chrome finishes give a more beautiful and elegant look.

With TT-409 clamp, the drum is 6 inches in diameter. This Torelli model also comes with a TA-422 percussion holder and a pair of wooden drumsticks for the product. The tuning key is also included with the purchase. Then, just tune the tambourine to your liking and let the samba roll.


3 ° – Tamborim Torelli Milky Skin

This option is for beginners. Anyone who wants to take their first steps in samba will find a great choice on this tambourine by Torelli. As for the dimensions of the tambourine, it is 6 inches in diameter, 16.5 cm long and wide and 4 cm high. With a lighter coating, it weighs about 0.3 kg.

With a black finish, this model has one of the lowest prices on the market. But that does not mean that it is not a quality instrument. Far from it. The milky skin and the stainless steel rim guarantee greater durability and rigidity.


4 ° – Wooden tambourine with golden rim

Considered one of the best national brands in the sector, Timbra Top Percussion launches this drum that is so desired by professional musicians. Made of wood, the material gives the instrument greater resistance and increases percussion performance.

In addition to the sound quality, it is possible to say that it is a very stylish instrument. The milky skin and the 12 golden tuners are characteristics that make this tambourine very different.


Buying Guide

The tambourine is a relatively easy to learn instrument. And with it, you will guarantee joy in the samba circle.

In our Buying Guide, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of the tambourine, as well as the price range and the best places to buy them. To discover all this and much more just stay with us!


A tambourine alone does not make samba. You need other instruments to accompany you. Therefore, we can say that the tambourine is also important for socializing. (Source: Wikimedia)

What is a tambourine?

Diminutive of drum or stool, the tambourine is present everywhere that samba is breathed: from a simple circle of friends to the avenues of Carnival.

When we talk about percussion instruments, we already imagine large and difficult to move products, but this is far from being true for the tambourine.

Compact and lightweight, you will have no trouble storing the instrument in your home or apartment.

In addition, you can carry the tambourine everywhere. It can even be carried in a bag. For this reason, he can never miss the samba circles.

Speaking of which, we can say that the tambourine is a socializing instrument. After all, he is not able to make a samba by himself. Certainly, when you play your tambourine, you will be well accompanied by friends.

Being small, it is easier to learn the movements and make the necessary percussion for songs. The expression “in the palm of your hand” has never been so accurate in this case.

In fact, how about watching the video below and learn the “telecoteco”, the most basic take on the tambourine? Then, just train a lot at home!




What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tambourine?

Learning quickly can be highlighted as the greatest advantage of this instrument. But it doesn’t end there! As we already said, it is small and easy to carry. Another great advantage is the interaction between friends.

In addition, adjustment is very easy and intuitive. The rims on the tambourine vary from model to model, some have only four, while others have twelve.

Just hit the skin and adjust to the proper sound with just a little key that comes with most models.



The tambourine can have 6 to 12 pins. (Source: Karolina Maliszewska / 123RF)

Here, it is important to place the “drops on the is”. You can’t buy a tambourine hoping that he will conduct a samba school alone. Will not.

After all, it is a plot accompaniment tool: with repetitive movements and sounds. You can’t demand more of the product. With some adjustment, you can even get different results, but it does not replace other common devices in samba circles.

Another point that deserves your attention is the fragility of the product. The tambourine is not an instrument designed to withstand falls and strong impacts. This applies to any model, from those made of ordinary plastic to those made of wood and stainless steel.


  • Convenient to store and carry
  • Socializing friends and family
  • Fast learning
  • Easy adjustment


  • Repetitive percussion
  • Fragile material

How much?

Being a popular instrument, the tambourine has a very affordable cost. In this Buying Guide, for example, the models presented cost between R $ 60 and R $ 140. The price variation is due to the material used in the instrument body.

It is also true that many models come with a tuning key and drumsticks. Otherwise, you will need to make an extra investment in these accessories to have a complete samba kit.

Where to buy?

You can buy your tambourine on the internet. Online stores with a good reputation,  Amazon,   sell the most varied models of the percussion instrument.

Buying online you find the best deals and you don’t even have to leave the house, not to mention that you receive the product at the door.

Finally, specialized music stores are a good option for those who are new to the world of samba. In them, you get all the attention of the seller and, thus, you can choose the best model for you.


Purchasing criteria: Main factors for evaluating a tambourine

Although you have already learned a lot about this instrument, some details are essential when buying a tambourine. Find out what they are below:

  • Complementary accessories
  • Number of dies
  • Type of material
  • Design

Below, check in detail the importance of paying attention to these points. In the end, you will know how to make your choice with complete security.

Complementary accessories

In addition to the instrument itself, you need drumsticks and a tuning key to get the samba rolling.

Usually, when you buy a tambourine, some of these accessories come with the product. Depending on the model, a pair of wooden drumsticks or a triple plastic drumstick may come.

So it is worth paying attention to the complementary accessories that come with the instrument. You can even make a nice savings. Buying them together is usually cheaper than placing orders separately.


Buying the kit can be a better cost benefit. (Source: Karolina Maliszewska / 123RF)

Number of dies

The dies are used to hold the skin of the tambourine. The tighter you hold them, the higher the percussion sound. To make the instrument more serious, just leave the screwdrivers looser.

The number of dies varies according to the drum model. It is possible to find options with 6, 8 and 10 taps.

Knowing this detail is very important. In addition to directly impacting the sound, the number of screwdrivers interferes with how you hold the instrument.

Type of material

The material of manufacture has great impact on the percussion of the tambourine.

The most recommended for a samba school are instruments with an aluminum or stainless steel body.

Plastic or wooden tambourines, on the other hand, are not always able to reach the ideal pitch. But they are more than enough to make a good samba circle among friends. And even indicated for those who are taking the first steps.

The most common tambourine skin is nylon or leather. Some say that in the early days, tambourines were covered with cow skin. As small as they are, they make all the difference when buying product A or B.


It may seem like detail, but the design of the tambourine is important to many people. Some even have the print  There are very basic models, with neutral colors like white and black for those who like discretion.

But it is also possible to find tambourines of the most varied tones, which make the samba circle even more colorful.


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