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Top & Best Swivel chair Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Swivel chair: How to choose the best one in 2022

Whether for the office, home office or study corner, the swivel chair guarantees the comfort you need to have a good performance on tasks.

As you will spend long hours of the day sitting, it is essential that the chair is comfortable, ergonomic, with height adjustment, efficient casters and that matches the other furniture in the room.

If you are interested in buying a swivel chair, this article is for you. We will share the benefits of this chair, present the different models, what features you should pay attention to at the time of purchase and much more.

First, the most important

  • The swivel chair casters make it easy to move around, without having to lift or drag the chair to move it around. The shaft has a 360 ° rotation.
  • Swivel chairs can be divided into two categories: operating chair (“desk” model) and executive chair (“director” and “chair” models).
  • The structure of the swivel chair can be made of fabric, foam, plastic or wood and the lining can be made of fabric (of natural or synthetic origin), canvas, genuine leather or synthetic material.

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The best swivel chair models: Our choices

Before choosing a swivel chair, it is essential that you establish the frequency of use, which characteristics you consider essential for your comfort, the environment in which you will place it and your budget.

Whether a simple or sophisticated swivel chair, it is essential that you choose the ideal one for your profile. To help you in this task, we made a Ranking with the best in the market.

  • A steel frame option
  • For those who like luxury
  • A compact model with a modern design

Buying Guide

Buying a comfortable swivel chair is as important as choosing a good mattress, after all, people tend to spend more time working than sleeping.

But to choose the ideal chair you need to know what are the differentials of this model and know the options for sale. You can check this and other information in this Buying Guide.

What are the differentials of the swivel chair?

The chair is one of the most important items in the corporate environment, home office and study space, as you will be sitting on it for a few hours of the day throughout the week.

An uncomfortable chair can cause dissatisfaction, drop in work performance and even health problems, such as spinal deviations, pain, blood circulation problems, among others.

That is why it is essential to analyze some characteristics of the chair such as ergonomics, material, size, height adjustment system, among other indispensable resources.

It is also important to consider the other furniture in the office, not only for the sake of decoration, but because the chair must have the appropriate size for the work area.

What is the correct position of the body in the swivel chair?

The feet must be well supported on the floor, so it is essential that the chair has height adjustment. You also have the option of purchasing an anatomical footrest.

The legs and waist must be supported on the back so as not to cause muscle tension or to pull the spine. Ideally, your torso should be at an angle of 90º to your thighs, the same goes for your knees.

In order for your body to be in the correct position, it is essential to choose a swivel chair with ergonomic adjustments, in order to adapt it to your physical characteristics.


When you are seated, your thighs should rest on the seat to ensure stability and comfort. The backrest must be articulated and the backrest should be higher to ensure that the spine rests.

The head should also be supported, preferably with tilt adjustment, as there is no point in having a high back if it is straight, without any ergonomics.

The arms should be supported under or on the table (depends on your approach). Ideally, your elbows are supported and your hands are level with the keyboard.

Operative or executive swivel chair: Which model to choose?

There are two types of swivel chair: operative and executive. As it is an office furniture, the names given to the different types of swivel chairs are terms from the corporate world.

Swivel task chair

The operating chair is usually simpler, but it is nonetheless comfortable and functional.

The backrest is usually upholstered and the size varies. Some models do not have armrests, but this piece makes a big difference. The models with armrests have a locking system.

This model has pneumatic gas height adjustment, driven by a crank on the side of the chair, and an accordion in an “L” shape, which makes the chair less rigid.

The filling is made of injected or screened foam, the coating is made of fabric, canvas or leather (cheaper materials) and it can be found in several color options.

Executive swivel chair

Generally, the executive swivel chair is used by people in higher positions in the company hierarchy, so it is more sophisticated than the operating chair.

These models are produced in sober colors, to convey seriousness and grandeur. However, you can find versions in several color options.

Regardless of color, the material used to cover this type of chair is leather, although some models are covered with fabric or canvas. The finish can be polished or matte.

This model has armrests, and can be adjustable in height. The back is high, providing support for the spine and, in some cases, the head.

Among the executive chair models, the director chair offers many features and adjustment options, it is also more comfortable, can have a low, medium or high backrest and is ideal for those who use the chair for several hours a day.

Among the main benefits, we can highlight the wider seat, backrest with integrated back system, relax and tilt system, which can be activated manually or automatically.

The chair chair has high levels of ergonomics, adjustments to all components and increased stability. This model is ideal for those who will spend 12 hours or more sitting.

Among the benefits, this model has a reclining headrest, a base with anti-scratch casters (wheels) and a relax system.

How much does a swivel chair cost?

Swivel chair prices vary widely. The most basic models have prices that vary between R $ 100 and R $ 170. Chairs with more features cost between R $ 250 and R $ 500 and the premium models cost above R $ 700.

Where to buy a swivel chair?

You can find swivel chair models in furniture stores like Tok & Stock and Etna and in office supply stores  If you choose to buy from a physical store, try the available models.

If the purchase is made over the internet, it is essential that you carefully read the product description provided by the manufacturer. You have several options for online stores: Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different models of swivel chair

Choosing a swivel chair is more work than people realize, as you must pay attention to various elements such as material, ergonomic mechanisms and details such as color and finish.

To assist you in this task, we have selected the features that you should review at the time of purchase and we will explain each of the items throughout this section.

  • Material
  • Adjustment mechanisms
  • Castors
  • Color


The structure of the swivel chair can be made of fabric, foam, plastic or wood. If you usually use the furniture for an hour or more, buy a screen or foam model. If use is sporadic, plastic or wooden models are allowed.

In relation to the chair’s covering, the options are: canvas, fabric, genuine or synthetic leather. The canvas coating ensures that the skin breathes without accumulating sweat, however, this material gets dirty and stains easily.

The fabric lining helps the skin breathe, especially those of natural origin, such as cotton. However, the fabric may fade, is easier to tear and stain, and more difficult to clean.

Natural leather is great for allergy sufferers as it does not absorb dust. In addition, leather is easy to clean, has excellent durability and does not tear easily.

However, in the heat this material gets very hot and in the cold it cools too much. It also causes friction on the skin, and it can bother some people.

Leather is a material of synthetic origin, with an aspect similar to leather. This material heats up a lot, causes friction on the skin and accumulates perspiration. However, it is easy to clean and very resistant.

Adjustment mechanisms

The mechanisms are created to provide greater comfort to the person sitting in the chair. These features can reduce the wear and tear caused by frequent use of the furniture.

The adjustment mechanisms are ergonomic adjustments that adapt the chair to its biotype.

The gas pneumatic system is used to increase or decrease the height of the chair, adjusting it to your height. This feature is triggered by a lever located below the seat on the right side.

The folding L has the function of fixing the backrest to the seat. In most models, this piece is rigid, but you will find versions that recline slightly to fit the body.

In chairs where movement is synchronized between the seat and the back, the mechanism is called syncron . In the case of chairs, in which the seat inclination is independent of the backrest (and vice versa), the mechanism used is a-syncron .

The relax system is the movement of tilting and reclining the chair, activated by a lever. The hardness or malleability of the lever depends on a crank positioned at the front of the chair, below the seat.

By opening the handle, you can achieve a looser inclination, leaving it more closed, the chair will incline less. In some models this inclination is made by an adjustable spring.

The eccentric relax system is very similar, the difference is that there is a lock to leave the chair at the desired angle of inclination. There are three to six different positions.

The back system mechanism adjusts the height and inclination of the chair back up to six pre-defined levels.

The ratchet is a seat and backrest adjustment system with six internal steps, which emit a sound similar to that of a turning ratchet (hence the name). At each step, the mechanism locks the chair, when it reaches the last one it unlocks all the steps and returns to the beginning.


The casters are important in a swivel chair, because the famous casters are responsible for locomotion of the furniture, without any effort by the user to move it.

When choosing a swivel chair, check the weight that the casters support and for what types of floors they are indicated for. Remember that you can find models with anti-scratch casters, ideal for more sensitive floors.


The choice of the color of the swivel chair is a purely aesthetic aspect, but it is worth analyzing. The models in black and brown are classic, timeless and combine with different styles of decoration.The white color is also an excellent option, as it shows calm and tranquility and stimulates concentration. If you prefer something more authentic, you can buy a colored chair, but consider whether it will match the other furniture in your office.


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