Top & Best Yamaha Keyboard Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Yamaha Keyboard: How to choose the best in 2021

In today’s article we will talk about the Yamaha keyboard, a reference in musical instruments in Brazil and worldwide.

Yamaha manufactures keyboards in different categories: arranger – in workstation and portable versions – synthesizer and Piaggero (exclusive Yamaha model), both available in semi-professional and professional versions.

To choose the ideal model it is necessary to evaluate which skills you want to develop with the instrument and for what purpose you intend to use it. You will find these and other information and tips throughout this article.

First, the most important

  • For those who are starting to play, the arranger keyboard is the best option, as it has sound accompaniment for string, wind, brass or percussion instruments in different musical genres.
  • Some Yamaha keyboard models offer a musical enhancement tool. Look for the terms Yamaha Education Suite or Keys to Success .
  • All Yamaha keyboard models come with an adapter / power supply. The instrument also runs on batteries – requires six AA type batteries, either conventional or rechargeable.

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Ranking: The 3 best Yamaha keyboard models

Are you interested in buying a Yamaha keyboard, but are in doubt about which model to choose? Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of the best models for sale.

Buying Guide

Do you believe that you need professional skills to play the keyboard? So review your concepts. With the Yamaha keyboard, everything you need to turn ideas into music is inspiring.

But before you start playing, get to know the features and different categories of Yamaha keyboards in this Buying Guide. Good reading!

What are the differentials of a Yamaha keyboard?

The Yamaha keyboard features a set of instrument sounds and musical rhythms that increase the instrument’s versatility – regardless of whether the model is simpler or more sophisticated.

Most models offer Duo Mode, which allows two people to play together on equal areas of the keyboard, a useful feature in live musical performances or during music lesson tasks.

A differential present in some Yamaha keyboards is the “ Keys to Success ” tool that indicates the keys that should be touched and how long you should press them for. The Yamaha Education Suite system also helps beginners learn.

Some models also offer the Record button to record your original performances or compositions, so you can listen to yourself or share the recording with friends and family.

Most Yamaha keyboard models include support for placing the scores. The instrument usually accompanies a metronome, which allows the student or musician to improve their rhythmic sense.


  • Some models come with Yamaha exclusive learning tools
  • The Yamaha keyboard can be of the arranger, synthesizer or Piaggero type
  • Available in versions with 61, 76 or 88 keys (reaches five, six and eight octaves respectively)
  • Instruments in different price ranges


  • English information panel
  • Some models do not have built-in speakers
  • Keyboard support must be purchased separately

Before proceeding with the Buying Guide, we need to clarify some important features on a Yamaha keyboard:

  • Polyphony indicates the maximum number of notes that the keyboard can play at the same time.
  • Arpeggio is the successive execution of each note of a chord.
  • Touch Response indicates that the keyboard has touch sensitivity and will produce different sounds according to the force you exert on the keys.

What are the types of Yamaha keyboard?

Yamaha keyboard models are divided into three categories: arrangers, synthesizers and Piaggero. To choose the ideal model it is necessary to know some characteristics that change from one to the other.

The portable arranger keyboard is suitable for beginners, as it has only 61 keys, which slightly reduces its dimensions and weight, and makes it the ideal model for those who need to transport the keyboard to the music class.

Yamaha has a wide variety of models in this category: the PSR line – ideal for beginners – comprises the following models: F51, E263, E363, E463, EW300 and EW410. The semi-professional line is formed by the YPT 260 and 360 models.

The “workstation” arranger keyboard serves to create arrangements complete with melody, harmony and rhythm. You will find simpler models, for beginners, and professional models, which allow the insertion and editing of new rhythms and timbres.

Genos is Yamaha’s premium model. Among the differentials, we can highlight the AEM ( Articulation Element Modeling ) technology, capable of reproducing the sound characteristics of an acoustic instrument.

Another interesting feature is Vocal Harmony that applies effects to your voice while you are singing. The Synth Vocoder tool is used to create unique sounds with voice.

And you can expand the contents of Genos through the Yamaha Expansion Manager , a software for PC and Mac that allows you to manage the content and expansion packs.

The synthesizer keyboard is capable of reproducing electronic sounds, making this the ideal model for those who like to compose and play music in different styles, especially with a band.

Which Yamaha keyboard to buy according to my level of knowledge?

If you are starting to learn to play the keyboard, it is worth investing in a Yamaha semi-professional and portable arranger keyboard, usually this model has tools that facilitate learning.

Did you know that some Yamaha keyboard models offer the Yamaha Education Suite system , a set of pre-programmed musical lessons on different topics and levels of difficulty.

To improve your skills, the tool has a mechanism that evaluates your performance in different exercises.

If you are a musician, it is worth investing in a professional arranger keyboard (workstation) or a synthesizer. Although more expensive, these models offer quite interesting features.

How much does a Yamaha keyboard cost?

We consulted the official Yamaha website to check the prices of the brand’s keyboards. A portable arranger, ideal for beginners, costs between R $ 750 and R $ 2700. Professional arrangers are more expensive, prices range from R $ 4,500 to R $ 10,000.

If you prefer a synthesizer keyboard, you will need to invest a little more, prices vary from R $ 7,000 to R $ 27,700. Finally, the Piaggero keyboard costs from R $ 1600 to R $ 2600. Price variation occurs because within the categories there are semi-professional and professional models.

Where to buy a Yamaha keyboard?

You can find Yamaha keyboard models in the best musical instrument stores in the country. Another option is to buy the product over the internet. You can find some options for sale on the website of Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Yamaha Keyboard Models

When it comes to musical instruments, Yamaha is a reference, both in terms of sound quality, design and user experience. Whether learning to play, making a recording in the studio or performing on stage, it’s worth investing in a Yamaha keyboard.

To help you choose a Yamaha keyboard model, we have prepared some buying tips, so that when you take the instrument out of the box, you radiate joy for having bought the right model.

  • Number of keys
  • Loudspeakers
  • Connections
  • Color

We will explain each of the criteria, so that you do not have any doubts.

Number of keys

The number of keys on a Yamaha keyboard does not only influence the size of the instrument – although this is an important criterion if you want to transport it, but also in the sound range.

Models can have 61 keys (reaches five octaves), 76 keys (six octaves) or 88 keys (reaches eight octaves). It is also worth analyzing whether the keyboard has touch sensitivity (Touch Response).


Analyze whether the Yamaha keyboard you want to buy has built-in speakers, if not, you will need to invest in a speaker .

Models without speakers are output with audio converters, which provide high quality sound at all frequencies. Generally, in addition to the main circuit, there are auxiliary outputs.

Note: All semi-professional models have speakers. The combinations of two stereo amplifiers with 6 or 12 cm in diameter and 2.5, 6 or 12W of power each, provide a powerful and realistic sound.


Some Yamaha keyboard models have a USB connection, so you can record your performances on a mobile device, flash drive or transfer data directly to the notebook.

Also check if the instrument has a headphone output , so you can practice without disturbing other people. The headphone output also serves to connect the keyboard to a sound system for live performances.

The AUX IN jack is used to connect the keyboard to an external audio player so that you can play along with your favorite songs.


Although most Yamaha keyboard models come in black, some models are available in other color options such as white (Piaggero) or gray (with titanium finish), giving a high-tech touch.


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