Top & Best Capotraste Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Capotraste: How to choose the best in 2022?

the best Capotraste Shopping Guide. After reading this informative text it is possible to be an expert in the purchase of your accessory to take your melodies without problems with eyelashes.

Capotrastes (capo, in Italian) had a lot of fame during the 1980s, when hard rock and heavy metal bands kept playing on the radio. Today these products are made with several technical details that value each note.

Did you know that there are different types of capotraste? Which one is best for your instrument? How about knowing the average price or other things that generate more benefits in purchases? Go ahead to be surprised by the information.

First, the most important

  • Capotraste with screw is widely used in guitars or guitars due to the resistance to remain fixed for a long time. Spring-loaded cap-frets are useful for quickly changing house parts, as required in a show, for example.
  • It is possible to find capo versions that even have an electronic tuner attached.
  • You need to buy a capotraste that fits the neck of your instrument perfectly.

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Best capotraste models: We recommend

First step to buy capotraste with more awareness is to know what is in the best productions. The following are the technical sides of versions that are successful among amateur and professional musicians.

  • The most cost-effective capotraste
  • A capotraste that is successful worldwide
  • The capotraste of the best guitar brand
  • A flexible capotraste
  • Capotraste for various instruments

The most cost-effective capotraste






Buy on Amazon

This capotraste is widely useds because it costs low prices if you consider the quality. The production is made of aluminum in black color to combine with several guitar and guitar editions.

The structure is robust enough that you can play for several hours in a row without having to adjust the product that remains attached to the strings.


A capotraste that is successful worldwide



Capotraste for Kyser KG6BA Steel Guitar BlackRead user reviews

R $ 390.00


Buy on Amazon

A model that is successful on a global level. It is the favorite capotraste of many guitarists of western bands. A product to last a lifetime without needing repairs.

Both the design and the functionality are aspects praised in the Kyser bonnet. This version has a value slightly above the average because it is imported. This capotraste works on instruments in acoustic or electric mode.


The capotraste of the best guitar brand



Capotraste with Tuner Planet Waves PW-CP-10NSMRead user reviews



Buy on Amazon

Naturally, the best guitar brand in the world also produces one of the popular capo-frets on the market. The model has a micrometric adjustment that can also exterminate the unwanted noises from the strings.

This edition works very well on 6-string guitars, whether steel or nylon. The options menu is present on an LCD screen, facilitating tuning in places with less lighting.


A flexible capotraste




R $ 29.90


Buy on Amazon

Few capotraste springs perform as well as Strinberg editions. The flexible format allows this product to fit in most guitars and guitars.

This production is composed of high quality plastic, durable and resistant to small drops. Fits electric or acoustic guitars.


Capotraste for various instruments



Capotraste Armband CH-101BK Black HARMONICSRead user reviews



Buy on Amazon

Ukulele, double bass, mandolin, guitar or guitar are instruments that can be played with this complete, durable capotraste and at discounted prices. In the model there is a galvanized finish, responsible for eliminating the chances of rust appearing.

The great part of the capotraste is composed of zinc alloy, thus demonstrating a light and resistant style. In the grip part there is first quality rubber to tighten the strings without generating wear.


Buying Guide

Developing musical chords by building beautiful melodies is an enjoyable experience. But, if you do this with a poor quality capotraste this process may not be pleasant.

We are now going to learn how to buy a capo that makes a difference to avoid the “off notes” that have a negative impact on the musician’s reputation.


The perfect execution of a differentiated sound on the guitar begins with the choice of the best capotraste. (Source: zooverano / Pixabay)

What is a capotraste?

Fixed lash, frog, clamp, in short, there are several names that serve to characterize the capotraste. This musical accessory can be used on acoustic guitar, guitar, among other string instruments, whether acoustic or electric.

There are diverse forms of capotraste. Some of them have springs, others have screws. It is possible to find this product in different colors and different finishes.




Guitar case

October 9, 2019



Guitar pick

March 19, 2022




March 2, 2022

What is a capotraste for?

Capotraste is a tool that changes the tones of the music, thus making the sounds of the notes generated in the instrument more acute.

It is the best and most practical tool for you to raise your creativity as a professional or amateur musician. However, in order to explore the maximum that a capotraste can offer, it is recommended to study Music Theory a little.



Julius DrehmerMusic Theory Specialist

“Capotraste is a device that shortens the strings of a frayed instrument, making loose strings more acute.”

There are several famous songs that are played using the capotraste. For example, in some Rolling Stones sounds guitarist Keith Richards plays using the fixed piece.

One of the most famous capotraste compositions of all time is called “Here comes the sun” (which in the free translation from English to Portuguese means: “Here comes the sun”), by George Harrison. See the video of this artist playing this sound using the accessory:



How does capotraste work?

You must place the cap on one of the houses (divided by frets) on the neck of the instrument, the method of how to install changes depending on the type of version – we will see the different types below in the ‘Which is the best cap on?’ Section.

Imagine that you install your capotraste in the first house, that is, the one that is closest to the end of the guitar to which the part of tuning the strings is.

So, you make an “E minor” (Em chord), only this sound will not come out as Em, but in the “minor F” sound (or, Fm). In other words, the change to the highest tone happens.

In the video, the famous youtuber and professor Damiro reveals extra details:




What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the capotraste?

Capotraste is a product that has positive and negative notes. It is worth knowing the pros or cons before you choose to purchase the accessory.

Positively, we have to highlight about the ease of using this product. Any teenager has no difficulty in making the simple fit.

Modern models stand out for their special finishes with metals, aluminum, zinc alloys, light alloy, rubber, wood or plastic. Some capo frets are advanced to the point of even having a tuner attached.



Nowadays there are capo-frets with tuner. (Source: jipen / 123RF)

A negative side is the need to loosen and adjust carefully every time you intend to change the cheap capotraste. In general the product is not expensive, but professional editions have high prices.

Better analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the capotraste:


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to install
  • Special finishes
  • Coupled tuner
  • Fits different string instruments
  • Various design and technology options


  • It is necessary to adjust
  • Better productions have high prices
  • Plastic versions can break easily

What is the best capotraste?

With so many capotraste models available on the market, even the expert musicians fumble to choose the best choice. For this reason we are going to make the differences between 4 different versions more explicit: capotraste with screw, fixing, with electronic and multifunctional tuner. The definition of each choice follows:

Capotraste with screw

It is known because of the fixed mechanism, ideal for keeping the house tightly fixed. This production should be used if you do not need to change the position of the accessory during the songs.

Such pieces are composed of plastic, wood, metal or other materials. You need to screw or unscrew to move the capotraste, which can take some time.

Fastening capotraste

This production has a kind of spring on the back in order to assist the fixation movement, which happens as if it were a preacher nailed to the arm and tightening the strings.

The lower priced versions have plastic in the composition. Metal editions can cost higher prices. There are many variations of the clamping hood design.



Fixing hood has robust springs. (Source: moomusician / 123RF)

Capotraste with electronic tuner

Currently, state-of-the-art capo-frets are available, with tuners useful to detect when there is a change in the tuning of the strings.

This product makes it easier to keep instruments in tune. And anyone who wears capotraste knows how the accessory can tune the strings constantly!


Capo frets with tuners are very common in use on guitars. (Source: Michaelmep / Pixabay)

Multifunctional capotraste

To offer differentials in addition to what the market offers, there are some manufacturers that bet on the manufacture of multifunctional capotrastes. Some of them have the extra peculiarity of removing pins from guitars and opening bottles or cans.

Keep an eye on the information below that summarizes the differences between the capotraste types:

  Capotraste with screw Fastening capotraste Capotraste with electronic tuner Multifunctional capotraste
Material Wood, steel, aluminum or plastic Plastic, light alloys, zinc alloy, aluminum or steel Plastic, light alloys, zinc alloy, aluminum or steel Metal, light alloys or plastic
Price Medium Low High Medium
Application Screw Fixation Fixation Screw or fixation
Customization variations Average High High Average
Battery requirement No No Yes No
Multiple functions No No Yes Yes
LCD screen No No Yes No

How much?

A capotraste can cost from R $ 20 to up to R $ 300. The lower priced versions are made of plastic and have a spring system for fastening. Models with tuners with LCD screens have higher prices.

The quality of the material influences the values. Models that have aluminum, light alloy and metals are more expensive than plastic production. Wood versions have medium-level pricing.

Where to buy?

It is recommended to buy this product in urban shopping centers that have several music stores gathered. A good example is Rua Teodoro Sampaio, in the capital of São Paulo.

Online the advantage is that you, from your home, research the different models available in reliable online stores. Buy on Amazon . Capotraste is also for sale on the Submarino website.



Did you know that it is not recommended to drag the hood with a screw tightened on the instrument’s arm? This procedure damages the strings. The right way to make this change is to loosen it up a little and then put the accessory in the specific house.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to better compare the capotraste models

The afternoon at the beach seems better when the songs are played with guitars that have capotraste. To make beautiful melodies you need to learn to buy a version with quality material. When comparing capotraste offers on the market, always consider these 5 criteria:

  • Adjustment
  • Control
  • Support
  • Design
  • Grip

See the definition of each point:


Learn to buy a capotraste that is worthwhile to get a cool sound together with friends. (Source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)


Buy a version that has many different levels in micrometric adjustment. This way there are more chances that the product will fit perfectly on your guitar.

There are some productions with lower prices that have few adjustment levels, so you should buy them paying close attention to the diameters of the maximum and minimum dimensions.


One of the secrets of the best guitar capotraste is in the composition of the grip, that is, the part that tightens the strings.

The best grip composition is rubber. It maintains the pressure that generates musical tones with eyelashes. However, if you want to save money, pay for the non-rubberized capotraste, only in this case there are more chances of tunings.


When paying a higher price on the capotraste with tuner, it is recommended to choose a version that has control of the simple functions to be accessed.

The best productions of its kind have full control at the rear of the hood, making it easy to access by the thumb, either to change the side of the hood or to access the LCD screen menu.


Handful musicians can build several different melodies to compose unique songs. Sometimes the touch happens only with the fingers, in other periods the use of a reed is essential.

In order to store and access the reed more quickly, specialists recommend using a cap that has a reed support. Thus, in a few seconds you can put or remove the accessory, creating dynamism for the artists.


Metallic capotraste combines very well with guitar. (Source: guvo59 / Pixabay)


You can take advantage of the extensive variety of design that exists in the capotraste market and buy a version that best matches the aesthetic characteristics of your instrument.

Many black metal or plastic models are used in the dark tone guitar, although you can also generate more contrast by mixing white with darker tones. Anyway, use and abuse your creativity.


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