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Top & Best Ecological diaper Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ecological diaper: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the ecological diaper, also known as modern cloth diaper. If you are looking for this type of diaper, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will explain how the ecological diaper works and why it is the ideal option for you who want to save on the budget and still contribute to the preservation of the environment.

First, the most important

  • The ecological diaper is a more practical and functional cloth diaper than those used in the past.
  • Nowadays there are several models for sale and with just a few dozen you can replace thousands of disposable diapers.
  • And the best: The ecological diaper is more comfortable for the baby and can be washed in the washing machine.

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The best ecological diapers: Our recommendations

Those looking for ecological diapers want to guarantee efficiency, safety and comfort for your baby. Knowing this, the manufacturer brands invested in different models. We have selected the most popular of the moment. Check out:

Buying Guide

As it is a relatively new type of diaper in the market, many doubts still arise regarding the use of ecological diapers. Most mothers and fathers are certainly concerned with the work they will do with washing, for example.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide. Here you will find the main information about the modern cloth diaper and answer all your questions.

What is an ecological diaper and how does it work?

The ecological diaper is known as the modern cloth diaper. This is because, although similar to the old cloth diaper , the ecological one is more practical, efficient and comfortable.

This type of cloth diaper arrived, first, as a way to contribute to the preservation of the environment, after all the ecological diaper is reusable and has a long useful life.

Over time, however, it is becoming popular because it is more comfortable for the baby and, above all, because it is more economical for the parents.



Did you know that, over the course of a year, a baby gets to use more than 3,000 disposable diapers? And that they all end up in landfills and take 450 to 600 years to decompose?


The ecological diaper is composed of a waterproof outer layer and an inner part that receives the absorbents, which are small pieces of cloth.

Some models have pockets where absorbents are placed, making it easier to take them out for washing. But you can also find the eco-friendly diaper that comes with the pad attached to the inside.

To close the ecological diaper, unlike traditional cloth that used a pin, buttons or velcro are used.

When the baby pees or poops, all the residue is absorbed by the absorbents, which are made of fabrics with high absorption power and are less aggressive to the baby’s skin.

Why should you give the ecological diaper a try?

Of course, the practicality of disposable diapers is undeniable. Just roll it up and throw it in the trash.

But if you consider the benefits for the environment, for the comfort of the baby and the economy of your budget, you will realize that it is worth giving the ecological diaper a try.

According to mothers and fathers who already have practice in the use of ecological diapers, the recommendation is that you have 16 ecological day diapers and four night diapers, in addition to 20 absorbents to insert in diapers.

In other words, 24 ecological diapers are sufficient to be used from the baby’s first day of life until the baby unfolds. And they can still be reused by a little brother or any other child.

Considering a period of two and a half years, the fact is that you would use approximately 6,500 disposable diapers.

So even though you spend more on the initial purchase of the green diaper, you will save a lot over the years.

According to research, the disposable diaper, in addition to polluting the environment, uses twice as much water and three times as much energy to be manufactured as the cloth diaper.

In addition, when it is necessary to dispose of the ecological diaper, it will not cause great damage, because it takes only six months to decompose, unlike the almost 600 years of disposable diapers.

Not to mention that, because it is less aggressive to the baby’s skin, with the ecological diaper it is not necessary to use cream for diaper rash .

Maintenance can be a disadvantage, since it is necessary to wash the ecological diaper. Still, as we will see shortly, there are methods to make the process simpler and faster.

Another disadvantage is that there is a risk of leakage with the ecological diaper. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the ecological diaper:

How often should you change the ecological diaper?

There are no rules here, after all, each baby has its own rhythm and flow. The important thing is to know the baby’s dynamics and prevent him from spending too much time with a wet diaper.


The diaper change time is between 2 and 4 hours.

But in general, experts recommend that you change the ecological diaper whenever you notice that the pad is wet. To give you an idea, most green diaper pads are safe for 2 to 4 hours.

When the diaper change needs to be done on the street, the ideal is to store the tampon in a waterproof bag.

How to wash and preserve the ecological diaper?

The manufacturer brands recommend that you adopt some measures when washing the ecological diaper, both to facilitate work and to increase the product’s life.

Before washing poop diapers, for example, you must discard the waste in the pot or remove the excess with water.

Some mothers also choose to add the pads to wash a larger amount at once. For this, you can store the ecological diaper in a closed bucket.

For washing in the washing machine , it is ideal that you use a mild detergent, without phosphates and with a minimum of additives. In addition, experts recommend that you add only half the amount of soap suggested.

The important thing is: Do not use fabric softener, bleach or any chemical additives. All these precautions will preserve the ecological diaper and prevent the waterproofing of the pads.

How much does it cost and where to buy the ecological diaper?

The value of the ecological diaper will depend on the material of manufacture and the quantity you intend to buy. Today you can buy the unit or kits that come with 4, 6 and even 10 diapers.

Therefore, the ecological diaper can cost between R $ 20 and R $ 1,000. But it is still not so simple to find this product for sale, not least because many models are imported.

Therefore, the ideal is to buy the ecological diaper over the internet, on sites Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: How to choose the best ecological diaper

Now that you know the benefits of ecological diapers, it’s time to choose the best models among so many for sale.

For this, it is necessary to take into account some factors that will determine the efficiency, comfort and safety of the baby, in addition to the savings in your budget.

Here are the main criteria that you must analyze to buy the best ecological diaper:

  • Size
  • Manufacturing material
  • With button or velcro
  • Types of absorbents

To answer all your questions, we will explain in detail how to analyze each of these factors.


The ecological diaper can be found in the traditional form, with sizes ranging from the newborn (newborn) to the GG.

But the great thing about this type of diaper is that some brands have one-size-fits-all models.

These diapers have buttons and rubber bands that allow a readjustment of the diaper size as the child grows. In general, the ecological one-size diaper wears babies weighing between 2.7 kg and 17 kg.

That is, if you want to save even more, the ecological one-size diaper is the best option.

After all, with this type of ecological diaper, it is possible to use it from the first months of a baby’s life until it unfolds.

This also ensures that you can use the same diapers with your other children and even with other children.

Manufacturing material

Another fundamental criterion that you must consider before buying the ecological diaper is the material of manufacture, both of the outer cover and the inner part.

After all, it is the fabric that will guarantee your baby’s comfort, efficiency in absorption and the necessary impermeability.

Thus, for the outer layer it is possible to choose fabrics such as, for example, polyamide and polyurethane, which are light, yet resistant and waterproof.

In the inner part of the ecological diaper, the most important thing is that the fabric is breathable, soft, anti-allergic and that the baby is always dry.

With button or velcro

Also note how to close the ecological diaper. In this regard, you can choose the buttons or velcro.

Velcro ends up being an option that spoils more easily.

Velcro ends up being an option that spoils more easily, especially due to machine washes.

Button closure is the most popular, practical and safe. However, in both cases, the most important thing is to ensure that the closure makes the diaper really fit the baby to prevent leaks.

Types of absorbents

Another factor that deserves your attention is the type of tampon. First, take into account that when buying the ecological diaper the absorbent will not always be included.

However, there are options, usually in the form of kits, in which the pads are already included in the purchase.

In addition, observe the material of manufacture of the pads, both to ensure the baby’s comfort and the maximum absorption of the pee.

Some of the most popular tampons are:

  • Microfiber: This type of absorbent should be used inside the pocket of the ecological diaper, so as not to absorb moisture from the baby’s skin.
  • Bamboo: It is more effective and can have contact with the child’s skin.
  • Charcoal: It is the most absorbent of all and does not harm the baby’s skin.

Also take into account the shape of the ecological diaper pad. Some have the widest flap, filling the entire diaper, not just the center.


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