Top & Best Bath thermometer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bath thermometer: how to choose the best model in 2022?

If you have or are expecting a baby at home, this article is for you. We will talk about the bath thermometer, an essential item to ensure the safety and comfort of babies at bath time.

Floating or immersion, analog or digital, they have attractive colors and shapes that distract the baby while assuring parents that the water is at the right temperature.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of bath thermometer for your little prince or princess.

First, the most important

  • The bath thermometer has low resistance, its measuring range varying from 37º to 50º, depending on the model.
  • The model and design of the thermometer should be defined based on the intended use. There are sober versions, and others colorful and fun, that resemble toys.
  • The bath thermometer is available in several versions. The simplest models can be found for sale starting at R $ 25. More sophisticated models, digital or with extra functions can cost a few hundred reais.

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Best bath thermometers: Our recommendations

With babies’ sensitive and delicate skin, little care is required. To ensure a relaxing bath at the ideal temperature that does not harm the skin of the little ones the best solution is to use a bath thermometer. Check out our list with the selection of the most interesting models on the market:

  • Floating duckling thermometer
  • Simple and functional thermometer version
  • The best compact thermometer option

Buying Guide

It is not today that all the minutiae of proper care for a baby leaves the parents with their hair standing on end. Fortunately, today the market offers several products that can facilitate these routines, and give more confidence to dads, especially those on their first trip. The bath thermometer is a great example.

In different colors and styles, the product may even resemble a toy, but it plays an important role in ensuring that the bath water is at the right point for the baby. Continue with us to learn everything about this product that will certainly help and a lot in preparing the baths of your little ones.

What is the bath thermometer used for and how does it work?

The bath thermometer is a simple but very functional item. Made of non-toxic materials – plastic or other materials coated with rubber or silicone – it can be of the floating or immersion type.

In contact with water, the product monitors the temperature, ensuring that the temperature of the bath is neither too high nor too low.

In fun shapes, colors and motifs, in addition to being functional, they can contribute to a more peaceful and fun bath, arousing interest and developing the baby’s senses.



Did you know? Most accidents with burns in babies happen at bath time. This is because at this stage the skin is more sensitive, and the body mass is much smaller than that of an adult.

Therefore, the bath temperature of an adult or grown child is not suitable for babies. Especially in the first 6 months of life, baths must have the baby’s body temperature: Between 36º and 38º.

Digital or analog: What is the best choice of bath thermometer?

There are two types of main models for bath thermometers: analog and digital. The digital bath thermometer is more modern, better to read since it clearly displays the temperature on a display. Its measurement time is also reduced compared to the analog thermometer.

The analogue bath thermometer works in a similar way to conventional thermometers. It eliminates the use of batteries and batteries, although the measurement speed may be a little slower compared to analog models.

Compare the main differences between the product models in the table:

Is a bath thermometer indispensable?

If you ask any mother – especially the oldest – what will not be missing are tips and methods to check the ideal temperature of the baby’s bath.


If there is uncertainty regarding the preparation of the baths, the use of the product is highly recommended.

Although these old strategies are useful on several occasions, none of them will be as safe and accurate as using the bath thermometer. Therefore, if there is uncertainty regarding the preparation of the baths, the use of the product is highly recommended.

With the accurate measurement and the possibility of constant monitoring of the bathtub water temperature, adults will be able to rest and provide a more comfortable and pleasant bath time for the little ones.

How to use the bath thermometer?

The use of the bath thermometer is very intuitive. Still, there are some tips and tricks to use that can help you take advantage of the full potential of the product and ensure a bath at the perfect temperature for your baby.

Check out:

    • Season the water in the bathtub and mix well to bring the temperature even before placing the thermometer. This ensures a reliable measurement, and prevents water from getting hotter or colder at certain points in the bathtub.
    • Even using the thermometer, always put the baby in the water starting at the feet . The region is very sensitive to temperatures, and if something is wrong the baby will emit signs of discomfort right away;
    • Although many models look like toys, the thermometer should not be used for fun . Prevent the child from picking up, throwing or placing the product in the pot, for safety reasons;
    • Keep the thermometer in the water for the entire bath. So you can monitor: When the water starts to cool, it’s time to get the baby out of the bathtub.


How much does it cost and where to buy the bath thermometer?

The values ​​of bath thermometers vary according to the make and model chosen. It is possible to purchase simpler models for less than R $ 20, while more sophisticated models can cost more than R $ 200.

You can buy your bath thermometer at stores specializing in baby items, department stores, and even at some major chains of toy stores. However, it is by shopping online through sites Amazon that you find the widest variety of offers, brands and models of the product.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare product types

Here we will insert a short introduction about what will be seen in the Purchase Criteria. Below, instead of listing the criteria one by one, as before, we will just insert the kb_criterio code, which will create this list automatically.

  • Material
  • Format
  • Temperature limit
  • Measurement method

Below we will explain in detail each of these topics.


The most used material in the manufacture of bath thermometers are plastic, silicones and rubber in general. In the case of more traditional models, some components can also be in acrylic, glass or metal.

Regardless of the choice of material, it is essential to make sure that the raw material is of quality and resistant to withstand the temperature variations that will be submitted.

And it never hurts to remember: The material used in all components of the thermometer must be non-toxic and, preferably, hypoallergenic.


The market today offers the most varied formats of bath thermometers. Ducklings, frogs, giraffes, whales, dolphins, rockets, boats and other animals and playful forms are some examples of the extensive list of possibilities.

As the child, at first, will be too young to express preferences, choose according to the usage profile, such as the size and model of the

Temperature limit

Each bath thermometer model has a supported temperature curve. Unlike other types of thermometer, the specific ones for bathtub tend to have a very limited curve, since they will hardly be needed in extreme temperatures.

The most common minimum measurement values ​​for this product are 0ºC and the maximum values ​​are 50ºC. Models with a good temperature range are more versatile. The larger the range of the model, the stronger the material must be, to prevent the thermometer from being easily damaged.

Measurement method

As a product intended for use with babies and children, bath thermometers must have totally safe and non-toxic measurement methods. Analog bath thermometers generally use ingredients that do not endanger the baby’s health, such as colored alcohol or oils such as canola, for measuring the temperature.

Although mercury thermometers are practically banned from the market, given the high degree of toxicity of the metal, older models may still contain the ingredient, so be careful.


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