Top & Best Burigotto Bathtub Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Burigotto Bathtub: Best models for your baby in 2022?

Bath time is a sacred ritual in the baby’s routine. A moment of deep relaxation and connection between the child and the parents. For this routine to be pleasant and easy, today we will talk about the Burigotto bathtub. Follow us to learn more.

First, the most important

  • The Burigotto bathtub can be purchased separately or with support, and can also serve as a changer. It is a layette item that everyone needs and helps a lot in the baby’s first year of life.
  • The brand has three models of bathtubs complete with changer.
  • A Burigotto bathtub is a great investment in the baby’s layette, it costs between R $ 220 and R $ 390. This is one of those items that are really well used in everyday life.

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The best Burigotto bathtubs: Our recommendations

Bath time is very important for the baby. They relax, calm down and can be a preparation for bedtime. Check out the best Burigotto bath options to make this moment simpler and more comfortable:

  • Burigotto Splash model bathtub
  • Bathtub Burigotto Millenia Monstrinhos
  • Burigotto Tchibum bathtub!
  • Separate Millenia bathtub

Buying Guide

The Burigotto bathtub is one of those indispensable items in the layette. It helps moms and dads a lot in the first months of life. With its support, it leaves the baby at the height of the adult and can still be used as a changer.

If you want to learn all about these bathtubs, follow us on this Buying Guide to make the best choice for your baby.

What are the advantages of the Burigotto bathtub?

Every baby needs a bathtub in his trousseau. This is an indispensable item, one of the most used in the first months of life. The Burigotto bathtub is a reference in this matter. Accompanies the baby from the first day of life to at least two years.

Developed to bring comfort for moms and dads and safety for babies, investing in a brand model has many advantages. The first is that its quality is excellent, a highly durable and resistant product.

In addition, you can buy it separately or with support, the latter option still serving as a changer. That way you can find an ideal model for your budget.

The Burigotto bathtub is detachable, so, right after the bath you can close it and free up more space in the baby’s room.

She has some accessories that make bathing easier, make this ritual more pleasant and leave everything to dads, such as a seat to raise the baby, a towel holder and a soap dish.

As a negative point, despite being dismountable, it is an item that takes up some space to use and store, so for very tight rooms it may not be the best option.

Burigotto tub loose or with support?

It is possible to buy a Burigotto bathtub separately or with support. This choice changes everything on a daily basis, so it is important to know your differences.

The separate bathtub is simple. You can buy it to use on the bathroom floor, on the bed or dresser. It ends up being the cheapest option, but not so safe and clear, a little uncomfortable for parents who need to bend down to bathe the baby.

You can also buy the separate Burigotto bathtub if you already have a support, just stay tuned for the fit, support and bath need to be compatible.


The bathtub with support is at the ideal height for an adult to be comfortable.

The supported model has some advantages. The bathtub is at the ideal time for an adult to bathe the baby comfortably. These models have several accessories such as towel rack, tray for objects, soap dish and even a seat that supports and raises the baby.

Another strong point is its padded top. It can be mounted in the baby’s room serving as a changing table.

One more positive feature is that you don’t have to carry a bathtub full of water to empty it in the bathroom. It has a hose that can be emptied into a bucket easily.

What are the main Burigotto bathtub models?

Burigotto has three bathtub models, which can be found with or without support: Splash, Millenia and Tchibum. They have few differences in design, accessories and also in their prints.

    • Splash: This is the most complete Burigotto bathtub, and also the most expensive one by the brand. Available in five different prints, it has a plastic top with a padded changer, water drain hose, towel rack, object tray, hook for storage and a depth reducing seat for newborns.
    • Millenia: This is a slightly simpler version than Splash. With four prints, it also has a plastic top with padded changer, hose for draining water, seat for newborns and hook for easy storage. However, it has no tray and its storage compartment is removable and with a towel holder.
    • Tchibum: This is the cheapest Burigotto bathtub model. It has plastic top with padded changer and hose for draining water. The difference is in its size, since it is the most compact of the brand. It also has a maximum water level indicator, wheels on the legs for transportation, a plug for quick water drainage and the soap dish is incorporated. This model does not come with a seat.



Did you know that the founder of the brand, the Italian Luigino Burigotto, brought ideas from Europe? He arrived in the country in 1949 and four years later he had his headquarters set up in Limeira, São Paulo. He wanted to implant materials with European quality.


How many kilos does a Burigotto bathtub support?

The Burigotto bathtub with support has a maximum capacity of 20kg. This including water for bathing, therefore, it is indicated that it is used for babies up to 10 kg. Children reach this weight around 12 months, that is, one year of age.

However, this is the indication for use in the support. With their growth, it becomes even more difficult to keep them quiet in the bathtub. The moment they exceed that weight or start to move around a lot, it is time to place the Burigotto bathtub on the floor, especially inside the stall.

On the floor the tub can be used until they continue to fit comfortably, usually around the age of three or four.

How to prepare the bath for the baby?

The bathtub is only the parents’ first choice. When using it, a series of tips can make this moment more relaxing, safe and practical, for both dads and babies.

The first thing you should know is that bathing is an excellent way to slow down your baby and prepare him for sleep. The bath soothes and relaxes the little one for a peaceful night. Try to establish your ritual before bed.

It is also a great opportunity for parents to create even more bonds with the child. Especially for Dad, since the mother relies on breastfeeding.

Now write down some practical tips:

    • Temperature: Both water and the environment must be prepared. The water must be between 36 and 37 degrees, and the room must not be less than 23ºC.
    • Everything in hand: Before taking off the baby’s clothes and putting him in the bathtub, separate everything you need. Hygiene products, towel, clothes, diaper … having everything close at hand is essential, especially if you are alone.
    • Low light: If you chose the bath as a sleep ritual, use a low light in the room. This calms the baby even more and makes him understand that it’s time to sleep. If the house is already silent, even better for the rital to work.



Before dressing the baby, you can end the bath with a soft and relaxing massage for your little body. This strengthens the parents’ relationship and bonds with the child.


How much does it cost and where to buy a Burigotto bathtub?

Whether in a physical or virtual store, the Burigotto bathtub is an easily found item. Baby layette stores often offer at least one brand option.

Now if you really want a variety of models and prints, the online market is the best place to buy, in stores like Amazon or Lojas Americanas.

The price depends on whether you are looking for a model with or without support. Individuals are between R $ 40 and R $ 60 and with support between R $ 200 and R $ 390.

Purchase Criteria: Learn how to choose the best Burigotto bathtub

Before finalizing your choice, we want to bring criteria so that you know how to choose the best Burigotto bathtub to have moments of pleasure with your baby.

  • Style
  • Seat
  • Soap dish and towel rack
  • Print

Read each of the topics mentioned carefully.


The first decision you must make is between a Burigotto bathtub with or without support. We have already mentioned their differences and advantages in a section of the Guide.

The bathtub with support ends up being more comfortable and safer.

In summary, the bathtub with support ends up being more comfortable and safe, although it takes up more space and is also more expensive. But it also serves as a changer, and can be used quietly in the baby’s room during his first year of life.

Now if you have very little space, the single model can be more suitable, although more cumbersome and laborious in the first months.


Two supported models have a depth-reducing seat for newborns. It ends up being a facility for first time mom and dad and is a little more scared.

You support the baby in the seat and have this extra support for baby’s safety and firmness. If it is an important accessory for you, choose the model Splash or Millenia, with support. It can even be purchased separately, but does not fit the Tchibum model.

Soap dish and towel rack

Other important accessories to be observed are the towel rack and soap dish. They are different between models.

In the Burigotto Splash bath there is a tray for these hygiene products and a bar attached to place a towel in easy and quick access.

In the Millenia model, this accessory is smaller and removable. And at Tchibum there is no towel rack and the soap dish is simple, attached to the bathtub itself.


The print is for Dad and Mom’s personal taste. There are neutral prints, such as the monster or ocean, and others more specific, such as the blue or pink goldfish.

But if you are looking for a minimalist model, plain white is the best option, even for those planning another child.


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