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Top & Best Baby socks Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby socks: Which are the best of 2022?

The baby sock is an item that is always present in the layette and wardrobe of any child, be it newborn or a little older. Soon you can imagine how important this piece is and, therefore, it will be the subject of this review, welcome!

In the early stages of a baby’s life, socks are essential to protect them from the cold and thanks to that they exist in the most diverse sizes and models, with a wide range of prints and options with sole and non-slip that can even replace shoes.

However, many parents still have some doubts about this piece and if you are among these people you need not worry because in this text all of them will be answered. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The socks can be used at all ages of the baby and are essential for times with lower temperature.
  • There are several models of baby socks, and for those who are starting to walk the ones with non-slip sole are great options.
  • The baby sock should be soft and comfortable and there are models that cost around R $ 5.

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Ranking: The 3 best baby socks

Being comfortable and dressing well are the most important characteristics that a baby sock should have and to show you which are the best in these aspects we prepared the Ranking below with some options, check out what they are:

Buying Guide

Baby socks are fundamental pieces that will accompany the child in the most diverse phases. The main function of this piece is to warm your feet in comfort and ensuring that it does not hinder the development of the little one.

But like all other items for children there are several models of socks that can confuse the head of even the most experienced parents. And it is to explain to you about each characteristic of this product that we prepared this Buying Guide. Just keep reading that at the end of the reading we guarantee that you will be great!

What is a baby sock and what are its advantages?

The baby sock is a piece that is always present in the layette of any child and is basically a common sock, but in smaller sizes to suit the different stages of the little one.

Available in several models and colors, this item is indispensable at lower temperatures, as it promotes the heating of the child’s feet making him more comfortable.

Another advantage of baby socks is that they can serve as a complement to the clothes, thus avoiding the need to put shoes on the child and disturb them. There are even models that imitate sneakers and shoes.

In addition, they are also a good tool to protect the child’s feet when he starts walking, and there are non-slip options on the sole to prevent slipping.

One should only be careful with socks that do not have this device, as these can rather facilitate the occurrence of slips.



  • Warm your feet in the cold
  • Complement the look
  • It has models with non-slip and bottom sole that provide more security and dirty less


  • They can facilitate the occurrence of slips

What types of baby socks are there?

If you think that baby socks are simple and standardized, you are very wrong. There are several models of this product that adapt to different situations.

Speaking of pipe, which is the part that is at the ankle, there are options with medium, high and also the sockets, in which he is very low.

Another option is the sock sneakers, these do not have a pipe and have a band that is on the instep, very reminiscent of a shoe. They are good because they hardly get off their feet and there are several decorated options.

There are also socks that have slip resistant as mentioned above. Regardless of the model, they have a sole on the sole that prevents slips and is good for babies who are starting to walk.

Still thinking about protection, another model that can be found is that of socks with soles. Looking like a shoe, these have a rubberized structure on the sole and with this, in addition to preventing this part from getting grimy, they give more firmness to the walk.

Baby sock with or without cuff?

There is also another difference that can be found in baby socks, the cuff. The handle is that part a little thicker that is located at the end of the barrel and there are options with and without this finish.

There is no type of recommendation in this regard and it will taste a little bit when choosing, but the essential thing is always to note if this region is not tightening the baby’s ankle.

If you are, it can not only hurt you, but also impair circulation, so always opt for soft options with the right elastic.

Especially for newborn babies, socks should be made of a very soft material and the most suitable ones are cotton socks, which do not harm or irritate the skin.


What is the correct size of baby sock for each stage of the child?

Just like shoes, baby socks are also sized and it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is right for your child’s age. To answer this question below you will find a table with all measures and ages.


Baby age Sock size
Newborn 14
0 to 3 months 15
3 to 6 months 16
6 to 9 months 17
9 to 12 months 18
12 to 18 months 19/20
18 to 24 months 21/22

How much?

Baby socks are not expensive items and can be found for R $ 5, on average. There is the option to buy them individually or also in kits and these usually have three or five pairs and have an initial value of R $ 8.

Decorated sneaker socks and those with soles or non-slip ones are usually a little more expensive, starting at R $ 15.

Where to buy?

In baby goods stores, such as Hello baby and Phuket, and clothes with children’s section, baby socks are easily found.

On the internet, there is also the possibility to purchase this product and many sites have several options, some of which we can mention is Amazon.

The items we list in our Ranking are also for sale and just click on what you liked best to be directed to the place where you can buy it.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare baby sock models

After knowing everything related to baby socks, it’s time to choose a pair and to help you make the best decision, we’ve separated below all the points that you should take into account when comparing the available options, they are:

  • Baby age
  • Temperature
  • Occasion
  • Amount

Now look at each of these criteria in detail.

Baby age

It is important to take the baby’s age into consideration when thinking about purchasing a sock because there are models that are more suitable for a particular stage.

For babies who still don’t walk, all models are effective, but if he is already crawling or starting to take his first steps it is worth choosing the socks with non-slip. In the case of those who already walk, the ones with soles are a great option.


Another factor is the intensity of the cold. When it is cooler, you can easily choose socks or sneakers, but if the cold is more intense it is worth purchasing the more closed ones that better protect the baby, such as those with medium or long leg

Even, depending on the temperature, long socks can even avoid the need to wear tights under the baby’s clothes.


The place where the sock will be used by the baby should also be thinking about. If you are looking for something to stay at home, you can easily buy the plain or printed models, according to your taste, since there are endless options.

However, if you want to use the sock combined with the clothes to go out with the child, there are sneakers full of details and other models that imitate shoes and complement the baby’s look, which can be used on all types of walks.


A very frequent question of those who are setting up a layette is the number of socks to buy for the baby.

There is no consensus on this, but there are several experts who recommend purchasing around six pairs for the child’s first months of life.

Regardless, the season should be taken into account, since if it is winter, the child will certainly use more socks, while in summer there is less need for them.


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