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Top & Best Crepe machine Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crepe machine: How to choose the best of 2022

Today we are going to talk about the crepe machine, either in the French or Swiss style (they are different devices). Crepes can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

The most interesting thing is that these machines are not only used to prepare crepes, with them you can make pancakes, tapioca and hot dog. All of this in a few minutes.

The crepe machine – both styles – is very easy to handle, safe and electrically operated. The Swiss-style machine resembles a sandwich maker and is portable to use. The French crepe machine is a little more delicate.

First, the most important

  • The Swiss style crepe machine is made up of two non-stick plates that prepare both sides at the same time. These plates have the right shape for you to pour the dough, and you can prepare three to six crepes at a time.
  • The French-style crepe machine is made of a round, flat plate and is electrically operated. This style of crepe is made with the same dough, but it is spread out to be very thin and after the filling is placed, it is folded.
  • In addition to preparing sweet and savory crepes, the creperie (of both styles) can be used to prepare American-style pancakes, tapioca, hot dog, rennet cheese and many other dishes.

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Ranking: The 4 best crepe machine models

Now, let’s introduce some of the best crepe machine models. For this ranking, we consider the models that prepare crepes in Swiss and French style and select the products that are best evaluated by consumers. Check out:

Buying Guide

The crepe, whether in French or Swiss style, can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients and goes well at any time of the day, from breakfast to supper. After preparing the dough, just pour it into the crepe maker and wait a few minutes until it is ready.

Practical and fast, the crepe machine has become an item of desire for many people. In this Buying Guide we will bring you all the information you need to buy yours.

What is a crepe maker and where to use it?

Crepe is a type of pancake made with milk, eggs and wheat flour and can be served with savory or sweet filling. This recipe can be made in Swiss (with toothpick) or French (thin folded pastry) style.

The crepe machine serves to facilitate the preparation of the crepe, as it is enough to mix the ingredients in a blender or mixer, place in the cavities (Swiss) or on the flat base (French), and wait for them to be ready.

In the case of French crepe, the dough must be placed and spread with a wheel to be very thin and occupy the entire stainless steel base, which is about 30 cm in diameter. Then, just turn it over, add the filling and fold it.

The Swiss crepe is even easier to prepare, as you just put the dough in the cavities, position the toothpick, close the plate and wait a few minutes until it is ready.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the crepe machine?

First, there are two models, you can choose the crepe you like best and your machine will facilitate this preparation, whether Swiss or French.

These machines are still very versatile devices. In addition to sweet and savory crepes, French-style crepes still prepare pancakes and tapioca and Swiss-style crepes prepare hot dog and rennet cheese.

The plates are non-stick and very easy to clean, making everyday use even faster and more practical. They are very cost-effective if we analyze the price compared to the service they offer.

However, a little experience is needed to get the crepe right. If you add the wrong amount of dough, it may not bake properly. If you put in too much grease, it can leak out from the sides and dirty the entire appliance.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a crepe machine for your kitchen:

What differentiates one crepe machine from another?

Before you understand the differences between crepe makers, you need to understand that there are two types of crepe, in Swiss and French style.

The Swiss crepe is made with a liquid dough of flour, milk and eggs that is placed between two metal or aluminum plates that press the dough and cook it on both sides at the same time.

This type of crepe can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients and is served on a toothpick, so much so that the machines have the right shape to fit a wooden or bamboo toothpick.

The French crepe has the same pasta and filling options as the Swiss crepe, the difference is in the way it is made. This dough is poured into the French-style crepe machine, which is flat and round. It must be handled to occupy the entire base when it is open.This dough is very thin, and as soon as it comes off the crepe, it must be turned, received and filled with the typical French crepe fold. In fact, this is another difference: the Swiss crepe is baked with the filling and in the French crepe it is placed after ready.

How much?

The Swiss-style crepe machine is very cheap. There are models of excellent quality with prices between R $ 80 and R $ 120. The machines for professional use are slightly larger and have extra features such as thermostats and plates for more crepe units, these cost between R $ 600 and R $ 1,200.

The French-style crepe machine is a little more expensive, although you can find models for just over R $ 100, most of them cost around R $ 600, as it is a more sophisticated model.

Where to buy?

You can buy a crepe maker at department stores. But you can choose to buy over the internet in e-commerces Amazon.

The advantage of buying online is that you don’t even have to leave the house, in addition to finding more variety, better offers and receiving the product at the door.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare crepe machine models

In this last section we will talk about the fundamental characteristics of a crepe machine and which must be observed when purchasing. Are they:

  • Types of machines
  • Workpiece material
  • Security system
  • Design

Now let’s explain item by item so that you don’t have any doubts and choose the right model according to your taste and needs.

Types of machines

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of crepe machines, the main difference between which is that one is intended to prepare crepes in French style and the other in Swiss style. But the differences do not end there.

Swiss crepe machine

The Swiss crepe machine has a plate divided into two plates that can be made of metal, aluminum or steel. Each party will be responsible for baking the crepe halves and it will be ready, on both sides, in one go, in about three to five minutes.

The crepe machine can have three to six cavities to prepare the crepe, models with more divisions are for professional use. As these devices have, more or less, the same dimensions, the version with three cavities is nothing more than a division without divisions.

See how simple it is to prepare Swiss-style crepes:

As it is non-stick, it is easier to clean the plate, just use a sponge with a little detergent or even a damp cloth. The only problem is that sometimes the pasta overflows and ends up becoming a little more complicated to clean.

French crepe machine

The French-style crepe machine is quite different from the Swiss-style crepe machine. The plate for preparing the crepe is made of stainless steel, in a flat, round shape.

Pour the batter, spread it with a wooden or plastic wheel over the entire surface, wait for the side in contact with the plate to be ready and then turn the crepe with a spatula to brown the other side. Then just put the filling and fold.

See how easy it is to prepare a French style crepe:

The stainless steel plate is non-stick, so it is very easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any residues and remnants of fillings that fall during the preparation of the dough.

Workpiece material

The Swiss crepe machine consists of two plates that can be made of metal, aluminum or steel. The outer covering is made of plastic and it has a locking handle that does not heat up during operation.

The French crepe maker has an aluminum or stainless steel base in a square format. It is on this base that are the buttons for turning the device on and off, in addition to the thermostat. The preparation plate is made of stainless steel.

Security systems

The question of safety is a very important factor when choosing a crepe machine, because in addition to being an electrical appliance, it reaches high temperatures when preparing the crepe.

On the Swiss style crepe maker, there are two operating indicator lights. Red indicates that the product is hot and can be used and green indicates that the crepe is ready and the appliance can be switched off.

Another very common safety measure in the crepe machine is the non-slip feet. But it is important to note that regardless of that, you should use this device on tables or flat benches, so that it does not fall.


Although it is a purely aesthetic point, many people like to leave their crepe machine exposed in the kitchen. Or impress your friends when you call them for a crepes night at your place.

This criterion is very personal, according to the tastes of each person. It is worth remembering that a nice tip is to try to create a harmony between this piece and those already in the kitchen.

They can be robust and heavier with a more industrial style, or even imitate the sandwich style, in the case of Swiss.


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