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Top & Best Crimping pliers Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crimping pliers: What are the best models of 2022?

we will talk about the best crimping pliers options available on the market. Crimping, in case you don’t know, means plugging the network cable into the connector using this tool, which you will learn everything about in this text.

Most crimping pliers are used in network cables and serve not only to secure the connector, but also to strip the cable. With good pliers, your connectors and cables will be better connected and, thus, will transmit information with more quality, without bad contact.

On the other hand, there are pliers that are also called “crimping”, but that can be used in other materials, such as power or coaxial cables.

Check out, in this article, which are the best crimping pliers models and also everything you should take into account when choosing your own. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • Crimping pliers have many uses, serving to make modifications to electrical wiring cables, telephones, TV antennas and computer networks.
  • You will hardly find crimping pliers for all cables and wires. Depending on your case, you will need up to 3 pliers, as we will detail later.
  • The main use of crimping pliers is in network cables (RJ-45), these cables used to connect your electronics to the internet. They are present in any office and home around the world. Each year these cables have gained greater use, slowly replacing coaxial cables and telephone cables.

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Best crimping pliers: Our favorites

To solve problems with a series of cables, especially with network cables, having a good crimping plier is essential. Below, you will see a list of the best models on the market.

  • Sata crimping pliers
  • Crimping pliers AMP 2810R
  • Tramontina-Pro crimping pliers 44057
  • Hikari HK-305 crimping pliers
  • Vonder VDO101 crimping pliers

Buying Guide

Some tools, however simple they may be, can greatly facilitate the daily lives of professionals and even amateurs from different areas. The crimping pliers is one of them. Although the name is different, it is a very useful and common pliers.

In this Buying Guide, you will know what to take into account when purchasing yours.

What is a crimping plier?

When it comes to crimping pliers, the most common is that people used to the term immediately remember pliers to strip, cut and “crush” network cables (RJ-45), the one used to connect electronics to the internet, adding the connectors the edges. This, in fact, is the most common and most used model of crimping pliers.

However, there are also other models, which bear the same name, and which are used for different functions, such as coaxial cables, power cables and even electrical wiring. So, before anything else, you need to know what utility your pliers will give. Know that hardly the same tool can do two functions in this case.

How do you know if crimping pliers are good?

As we said, the first step is to choose which type of crimping pliers you are looking for: for network, power or coaxial cables.

If your choice is crimping pliers for network cable or antenna, most models will meet most specifications. In the case of power cables, there are pliers for connectors, gauges and other specific characteristics.

Another point that you need to assess is whether the crimping pliers will be used very often or infrequently. If it is the first case, select a product for professional use to ensure greater durability.

In general, better quality crimping pliers usually show, in their description, more details of the materials used in their production, such as dimensions and weight of the tool.

In addition, these models clearly detail the types of cables and connectors that can be used. For example, low quality network cable crimping pliers will only mention that it can be used for RJ-45 cables, network cables.

A higher quality plier will, in its description, also specify the specific categories provided for in the RJ-45 cable standards (such as CAT5, CAT 6, etc.). Be sure to read more details in the “Purchasing Criteria” section to get your crimping pliers right.

What is crimping pliers for?

First, let’s understand that crimping is a term used to refer to the joining of two pieces of metal or other material.

Then, the crimping pliers are used to fix an electrical terminal to a cable or wire. In order to be able to be coupled to each other, the pliers make a deformation in one or both. Below we will understand how this process works.

How to use the crimping pliers?

In order for you to be successful in your crimp, we will list some tips to help you, and of course, facilitate your work.

First separate the materials you are going to use. You will need your crimping pliers, cables and connectors. Now check out the step by step:

  1. The first step is to strip the network cable . Do this about 8 to 10 cm so that you have a gap. Simply plug the cable into the guillotine and rotate. The use of other pliers can damage your cable, so use the crimping pliers, and still be careful;
  2. Separate the wires and arrange in the necessary order. You will have 8 colors inside the network cable. Then stretch and cut the excess that you will no longer use and leave the strands aligned. The clearance was so that you could organize the wires more easily.
  3. Now it’s time to fit the wires into the connector, each of the 8 wires in the ideal space. For this, hold the wires aligned and firm and fit firmly, without exaggerating the force.
  4. A capped portion of the network cable must also enter the connector.
  5. That done, it’s time to actually crimp, with the pliers, just fit and press the connector.

You can see this whole process in the video below, published by channelumpoucodetudo:

How much?

You can find crimping pliers for network and power cables starting at R $ 20. For coaxial cables, prices start at R $ 30.

Products with professional quality, in general, have prices between R $ 150 to R $ 200. You will also find intermediate prices.

Where to buy?

You will probably find few options at home and building supply stores. In general, these stores have crimping pliers aimed at the home user and at a modest price. To have more options of crimping pliers or to find the highest quality options, you will need to look for a store specializing in tools.

If you have difficulty finding specialized stores in your city, you may want to look in specialized online stores or on major online product sales sites, such as Amazon, websites of major online retail stores.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when buying crimping pliers

Now, let’s list the points you need to take into account before making a decision on which crimping pliers are best for your needs:

  • Application
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of use

Below, we will detail each of these items so that you can make the best choice when buying your crimping pliers.


As we said above, crimping pliers usually have three main different applications:

  • Computer network cables (RJ-45) and telephony (RJ-11-12);
  • Coaxial cables , used to connect your TV;
  • Electrical wiring and power cables.

For each application in the items above, you will need a different crimping plier. If you intend to work with the 3 items, you will need to purchase 3 crimping pliers.

In the case of crimping pliers for electrical wiring, different pliers may be required to strip the cables and cut them. Also take into account whether you need a crimping plier that includes a short circuit tester through a simple LED system.

If you need a tool for professional use, look for higher quality crimping pliers. The more the quality, the less time it takes to do a particular job.


The durability of a low and intermediate quality crimping pliers will depend on the hardness of the cables you want to crimp. Roughly speaking, the hardness of a cable depends on its gauge. The larger the gauge, the harder it tends to be.

If you use pliers with low quality material on a hard handle, the chances of the tool gradually deforming increase. The result is often bad connections.

If you plan to use your pliers at least once a week, it is recommended to look for an option with greater durability.

To ensure that your crimping pliers will last for a long time, choose a model that is made of steel. If you prefer superior quality, look for pliers made of carbon steel. In these cases, do not expect to invest less than R $ 100.

An important tip is to note the product description. If it does not specify what material the pliers are made of, it is very likely that the tool will be produced with less expensive materials that do not guarantee good durability.

The durability of the crimping pliers is especially important for those who will work with electrical cables, as these are usually harder than the others and the pliers will have greater efforts.


The crimping pliers are a tool that depends on your strength to do your job, both to cut wires and to secure the connector.

Generally speaking, crimping pliers with a thin profile (less than half a centimeter) and with plastic handles (not rubberized) are not comfortable for long jobs with electrical wiring. They will leave your hand sore after a day at work.

Ergonomics is especially important for electric power cables as they are the ones with the largest diameter and need the most strength to be cut.

Ease of use

The ease of use of crimping pliers is associated with the ease with which the tool can cut and wires and cables. Lower quality pliers will require much more force to crimp.

In the worst case, you may have a “chewed” cable, the cable that you tried to cut with the crimping pliers and failed. The cable is often dented and is no longer recommended for use as it can cause bad contacts or break later when in use.

Therefore, choose pliers with higher quality which, in turn, will be easier to use and extend the life of your cables.


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