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Top & Best Stringer chair Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Stringer chair: What is the best for your business in 2022?

Today, we are going to talk about the stringer chair, a piece of furniture that can be used in a reception or waiting area of ​​your establishment and is a great way to bring comfort to your customers while they wait to be served.

It is very important that you choose a model that fits in your pocket, while having comfort and style to give a good impression to your audience.

And thinking about it, ReviewBox created this Guide to show you the best rated models, what aspects you need to take into account to buy this furniture and much more!

First, the most important

  • The string chairs need to harmonize with the rest of the decor in the room.
  • Manufacturing materials can make a difference in the comfort of your customers and in your pocket.
  • You need to make sure that all your customers have a place to rest.

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Ranking: The 3 best models of stringer chair

It is important that, when buying any product, you seek to know the evaluation of people who have already used it, so that you have a better basis for making your purchase. And to make it easier, we created a Ranking with the best-rated stringer chair models:

Buying Guide

The success of a service can be put in check before it even happens: in the waiting rooms. Letting your customer feel uncomfortable or extremely cold – or stuffy – can make a terrible first impression on your establishment, especially if you often have to wait a long time to be served.

In this topic, we have prepared a very special guide for you to understand what a stringer chair is, what its advantages are and what should be taken into account to buy the ideal model for your reception.

What is a stringer chair?

A stringer chair is a model quite different from conventional furniture, because instead of having just one seat, it can accommodate between 3 to 5 people. They are usually cheaper than conventional chairs and are also easier to clean and repair.

It is possible to find beam chairs of different sizes and materials, the most common being made of iron, plastic, nylon or models with leather lining on the seats.

What are the advantages of a stringer chair?

Its main advantage is the saving of money and space. An ordinary quality chair is usually more expensive, mainly due to the materials used in construction. When purchased in large quantities, they can weigh more in your pocket.

The stringer chairs have several seats in a single piece of furniture and at a lower price, which ends up allowing the owner of the place to be able to buy several pieces of furniture and ensure that all are properly accommodated in a cheaper way.

In addition, they are extremely easy to clean, as they are made of materials that do not stick to dirt, such as leather or iron, requiring only a damp cloth to be cleaned.

Normal chair or stringer? What to choose?

The first point that should be noted before purchasing a stringer chair is where it will be placed. If you choose to place it outdoors, for example, models with metal seats are not indicated, as the sun will warm the furniture easily.

It is common to doubt that it would be better to buy normal chairs instead of the stringer model.

If your space usually accommodates a lot of people, buying a lot of individual chairs can make the space messy, as many occupants can move chairs around to stay in a specific place or talk, which can give an air of disorganization to those enough.

How much?

It is possible to find side chairs of all prices. The cheapest models can cost around R $ 180 (with two seats), while the more expensive models can reach more than R $ 1,000 and have between 4 and 5 seats in each piece of furniture.

The main factors that can influence this great price variation are the materials used to create the chair, in addition to the number of seats each one has. A model with leather or steel coating ends up having a higher production cost than those made of nylon or plastic.

Where to buy?

With the popularization of the internet, it is possible to buy furniture online and from any country without leaving home, which allows greater comfort and agility in the decoration of your establishment.

Speaking of online stores, the most suitable for the purchase of stringers are the Amazon which partners with companies from all over the country and allow a quick purchase online.

For physical sites, which allow you to view the product online and go to the store to obtain more information and even test the chair.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the models of stringer chair

Just looking at the price may not be the best idea for choosing the best stringer chair for your office or reception. It is necessary to take into account several factors and characteristics of your business, which can say a lot about what your client needs in relation to this issue. Some of these criteria are:

  • Quantity of furniture
  • Brand
  • Manufacturing material
  • Environment decoration

We will detail each of these factors so that you can decide the ideal type of furniture more quickly and thus create a harmonious environment for your customers.

Quantity of furniture

How many people usually move around your establishment? If you have a clinic that makes several appointments daily, it is likely that you have a large number of patients waiting for an appointment.

A small law firm, for example, does not usually have many people, especially if the place works with scheduling hours. Thus, such a large reception is not necessary.

It is important to have enough chairs, but do not leave the place too tight, so that people can move comfortably through the environment.


Give preference to more famous and well-known brands or even those already used by other entrepreneurs you know. So you have a guarantee to buy a quality product that will not be damaged quickly, which can even hurt one of your customers and cause a good headache.

Check the websites and stores for the best-selling models, and analyze which ones have the most user acceptance in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Manufacturing material

Thinking about the comfort of the users and the durability of the furniture, paying attention to the materials in which the side chairs are made can be a way of knowing this information before even seeing the product in person.

Opt for chairs that have steel bases, as they are more resistant and can support higher weights.

For seats, choose nylon or leather-covered ones. There are also benches made of foam and fabric, which despite being quite soft, can take a lot more work to be cleaned.

Environment decoration

In addition to everything we’ve talked about so far, a reception or room needs to have its furniture harmonized so that its customers feel more comfortable spending a certain time in that place.

n clinics and doctor’s offices, it can seem like torture to wait for periods considered long in a place that is not beautiful or that has no forms of entertainment, causing you to have cases of anxiety.

Arrange chairs in a way that allows conversation between customers, as well as easy access to other forms of entertainment such as TVs, small magazine stands or a coffee table.


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