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Top & Best Gate rack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gate rack: How to choose the best one in 2022

We all know that protecting our homes well is an absolute priority. A gate rack is able to assist you in this mission by ensuring that it opens and closes in an automated, fast and efficient manner. Thus, the chances of someone entering are much less!

Racks are rail mechanisms used in many areas of engineering. With sliding gates, they play a key role. But what are the advantages they bring and how to choose the best system to protect you? Stay with us to know these answers!

First, the most important

  • Racks are gear and rail systems used in many mechanical solutions in the world today. Among them, the sliding gates.
  • It is possible to buy pieces of racks measuring 50 centimeters, a meter or a meter and a half. You will need to join them to occupy the entire space of your gate.
  • Sliding gates always use racks as a base and have several advantages over tippers, mainly in terms of speed and safety.

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The best gate racks: Our opinion

We want you to be always safe, so we have tested several racks. We have found out which are the best and have prepared a short list to present them!

  • A great rack kit
  • For those who want quality above all
  • An excellent 3 meter rack

Buying Guide

Curious about the advantages of a rack-mounted gate? Want to know in more detail what this accessory can bring to your home? After all, what are the differences between types and models?

You have reached our shopping guide, the sector in which we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the racks!

What is a gate rack and what is it for?

Racks are quite old mechanisms that consist of a toothed bar and a gear that runs over it. This system generates a straight movement on the teeth “rail” and allows a very efficient movement of what is connected to it.

On sliding gates, the use of racks is efficient and safe. This happens both in manual models, which are increasingly rare, and in motorized models. Just connect the motorized part to the rack and the movement on the toothed rail will happen normally, generating opening and closing.

If you want to have an automatic gate with a sliding mechanism, therefore, it is almost certain that it will have a rack. This is one of the oldest and most efficient ways known to generate a quality rectilinear movement and still used in several mechanisms.

Did you know that racks are much more present in our lives than we realize? In addition to gates, they are widely used in automobiles (on the engine and steering wheel), on stoves, on railways, on funiculars and on many other mechanical systems.

The rack was invented in 1869. Its initial use was for the rail system, as a very efficient solution for long distance transport. Soon, the mechanism started to be used in multiple other areas.

What are the advantages of a rack gate?

The gates that use racks are the side or sliding gates. They compete in the market with the tippers, which open upwards. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

Sliding gates use less electricity, since lateral movement is much more natural than elevation. They can also be much faster, which provides superior security.

What are the materials for gate rack teeth?

When assembling your electronic sliding gate, you have a choice: What material will the rack rails be made of? How will the implemented mechanism work?

There are four main options:

    • Industrial Nylon buds: Much more resistant and durable, but also more expensive. They are recommended for gates that open and close very frequently, such as those of companies or carriers.
    • Flexible Nylon buds: Also capable of providing high durability, but at a lower price. They are among the most recommended types for homes, as they resist domestic movement well and rarely cause problems.
    • Polypropylene buds: They are among the cheapest on the market and have exceptional flexibility, which helps in the speed of the mechanism. Ideal for those who want extra security in the home access system.
    • Aluminum sections: These are the ones with greater resistance, however, they generate more slowness. Some racks have them only at the ends, others, used in places of very high movement, can be entirely made with them.


What is the mechanism of a rack gate?

In order for you to purchase a racked gate, you need to know exactly how it works. Thus, you will have full knowledge of what you are buying and you will not feel cheated.


The rack system must be connected directly to the gate motor.

Basically, the rack system, that is, gear and rail, is directly connected to the engine. When this motor is started by remote control, it uses electricity (once it is plugged in) to move the gear on the track.

In this way, the gate opens or closes. The lateral space is necessary so that it has nowhere to move, as well as a place on the floor or ceiling that serves as the installation location of the rack.

You can opt for the most diverse types or designs of sliding gates, but the fact is that the operating mechanism will be the same and will have the rack as a fundamental item!

How to install a gate rack?

Gate racks are not sold whole, but in pieces that vary in size. There are versions of 50 centimeters, 1 meter and 1 meter and a half, in addition to others less popular.

You must purchase the amount needed to cover the entire width of your gate and then install the engine. It is the first part that must be connected for the complete functioning of the system.

For the installation of the rack itself, we selected a video capable of teaching you in detail what should be done. He is from the PROJET Engenharia YouTube channel:

How much does it cost and where to buy a gate rack?

As we have already mentioned, racks are sold in kits of pieces of 50 centimeters, a meter or a meter and a half. It is possible to find them with prices that vary according to the material, with the average value per section ranging from R $ 5 to R $ 70.

You can find good gate racks at stores specializing in residential security, building materials or on gates. There is also the option of purchasing over the internet: We recommend mainly Amazon. International Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a gate rack

Decided to have a sliding gate with rack? Then it’s time to know some more technical criteria that can help you in choosing the best model! We selected four:

  • Rail and gear materials
  • Color
  • Compatibility
  • Number of pieces

Below you will find more information about each one.

Rail and gear materials

We have already discussed the material of the sections of each rail, which can be of four different options. But what about the other parts of the rack, how does the gear structure support the buds?

The most common is that these parts are made of galvanized steel, which is extremely resistant. You can choose it with ease if you find it. But if not, always search for access to really durable materials.

There is no way to choose a material that will not withstand great impact for years as the basis for the rack. Even if the use is only domestic, quality is mandatory.


The rack will be installed together with the gate and, therefore, it cannot completely clash in visual aspects. One option that helps a lot to have a completely nice set is to choose a uniform color.

The most common colors for racks are beige, black, bronze and white.

The most common colors for racks are beige, black, bronze and white. This makes sense when we think it is also easier to find gates in these shades. If you want something like green or red, however, the biggest possibility is to do the painting yourself.

If you already have the gate and just need to choose the rack, the best option is to follow the same color and generate an all uniform set visually. Otherwise, the composition may not be pleasant.


It is not enough to just choose the rack based on your personal taste: It needs to be compatible with the gate motor. There are some issues, especially regarding power and speed, that need to be taken into account.

Some engines are designed to run at a higher speed and are therefore more compatible with polypropylene racks. Others, stronger and slower, are indicated for a material such as aluminum.

You need to pay attention to having a set that makes sense and that operates with the desired characteristics!

Number of pieces

We have already said that there are three basic sizes of rack parts: 50 centimeters, one meter and one and a half meters. To reach the full size of your gate, you will have to do the calculation on how to mount the rail from end to end.

Ideally, you should be able to buy a ready-made kit, with all the necessary parts. Search hard to find it. If this is not possible, unfortunately it will be necessary to pay a little more.

It is also worth saying that the more parts a kit has, the better its cost-benefit, since the price per unit tends to fall.


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