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Top & Best Electric lawn mower Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric lawnmower: Which is the best in 2022?

Needing to make a deal on the lawn of your home, building or company? Today, at ReviewBox Brasil, we will talk about the best electric lawn mower options and how to choose the most suitable model for you.

Electric lawn mowers are good equipment to use at home, in offices or small condominiums. They have much lower prices than models that run on gasoline or battery and still have engines of good durability.

In this article we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each model so that you can understand what to take into account when buying the accessory that will help you when mowing your lawn.

First, the most important

  • Electric lawn mowers will always need an outlet and, in most cases, an extension cord to function.
  • The disadvantage of electric models is that you will need to handle the power cable.
  • Its big advantage is the price, which can be less than a fifth of the price of a gasoline lawn mower.

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Buying Guide

Having a beautiful lawn, with that green that shines on sunny days and even combines with rainy days, is something that helps in the beauty of the landscape and even in the self-esteem of those around you. However, it takes work to keep the lawn at the right size and, often, this task is impossible without the help of a mower.

If your lawn is small, a good option to keep it can be the electric lawn mower. Read on and find out all about this accessory that can help you both in your home, building or business.

What is an electric lawn mower and what are its advantages?

Electric lawn mowers are a great option for mowing small gardens or lawns. Generally speaking, they will be perfect for the vast majority of homes.

They are very affordable when compared to gasoline lawn mowers, and can cost up to a fifth of the price of cheaper gasoline models.

The reduced price does not mean that they will have less durability. As long as they are used in the recommended way, the electric motors of these lawn mowers are very reliable and durable.

On the other hand, this type of cutter has a limitation regarding its reach. Because it depends on the electric power to work, it must always be connected to the outlet and, therefore, it will only reach as far as its wire reaches. Care must also be taken with the wire when mowing the lawn, as any accident can be dangerous.

What do you need to pay attention to before buying?

In general, the main characteristics of the electric lawn mower depend on the recommended use for that model, that is, for which lawn size it is recommended.

For example, appliances designed for areas larger than 500 square meters have a greater mowing range, which is the size of the grass strip that the appliance mows at once.

In addition, models designed for larger areas often have a larger waste basket, larger wheels and more height adjustments. We explain in more detail how to analyze these characteristics below, in the purchase criteria.

The main characteristics of the electric lawn mower depend on the recommended use for that model.

Keep in mind that if you use the lawn mower above the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will likely compromise the appliance’s durability and make your job more difficult.

Electric or manual lawn mower?

When choosing a lawn mower it is very common to be in doubt between an electric or manual model. Although both serve the same purpose – mowing the lawn – they work differently and therefore have very different characteristics.

You have already seen the details of the electric lawn mower, so let’s highlight a little about the manual and then make a comparison between them.

The manual lawn mower does not have any type of engine, it has a blade that rotates as you push it. It is ideal for locations without the possibility of using electricity.  And precisely because it does not have a motor during operation, it is a quieter option.

It is generally lighter than the electric lawn mower, but you need to apply more force to cut the grass, since you are the one who starts the appliance. So, they are not suitable for very large gardens. Check out other differences through our comparative table:

How much?

There is a wide range of prices for electric lawn mowers. The cheapest mowers usually cost between R $ 300 and R $ 500. In general, these devices are for small lawns.

The more expensive models, which are indicated for slightly larger areas, have prices between R $ 2000 and R $ 3000. If your budget is less than R $ 300 and your lawn is small, one possibility is to purchase a lawn trimmer .

Where to buy?

Electric lawn mowers can be found at tool or garden stores, as well as on specialized tool websites.

Another option is to find these cutters on the big sites that sell everything like Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: what to take into account when buying an electric lawn mower?

Now, let’s list the points you need to take into account before making a decision on which electric lawn mower is right for you:

  • Material used in the construction of the body
  • Cutting range
  • Wheel size
  • Height adjustments
  • Collecting basket
  • Convenience to empty the waste basket
  • Supply voltage

We will detail each one so that you can choose the best electric lawn mower for your needs.

Material used in the construction of the body

Electric lawn mowers can have their body (chassis) constructed of steel or polymer materials. Steel cutters are often more expensive and heavier. They tend to have better durability, as long as you don’t facilitate their corrosion.

For example, if you are in a very humid place or in a coastal city, or if you use salt to barbecue on the grass, prefer a model made of polymer.

Polymer chassis mowers are generally half the weight of a lawn mower made of steel. In addition, they usually have a better design. Its price is around R $ 200 to R $ 300 cheaper than similar steel models.

Cutting range

Cutting range is the number of centimeters of grass that will be cut in a single pass. The wider the strip, the faster the lawn will be cut.

If you have a large place to mow your lawn, prioritize electric lawn mowers with a larger mowing range (around 40 cm), as they will make your work faster.

In most models, the cutting ranges vary between 30 and 40 cm. In general, the price increases according to the cut range. If your budget is low, you will probably have to choose a model with a cut range of around 30cm.

Wheel size

If your lawn is not perfectly flat and if the lawnmower wheel is small, you will need strength and a little “knack” to push or pull the mower.

In that case, you will probably spend more time. If the cutter’s wheel is larger, even if the terrain is not so flat, the less difficult it will be to move it.

As with automobiles, where pickup trucks with large wheels can ride on rough terrain more easily, the same goes for lawn mowers.

Although lawn mowers have a motor, remember that it does not help to push or pull the mower, it only serves to turn the blade that cuts the grass. All the force to move the cutter will come from your arms. Because of this, if your lawn is not perfectly flat, prefer mowers with larger wheels.

Height adjustments

Choosing the height of the grass cut allows you to choose the desired appearance for the lawn. In addition, it can hinder weed growth and keep it looking better in the long run.

To better understand which height is ideal for your lawn, see tips in the video below:

Each electric lawnmower has a certain number of height adjustments, usually between 3 and 6 positions. Most models have individual height adjustments on each wheel. A few options have height adjustment for all wheels on a single lever.

Many people prefer individual adjustments so that they can adjust the rear and front wheels to a different height and make it easier to cut close to flowerbeds.

The disadvantage of the individual adjustment is the need to change 4 settings. Either way, the process is simple and takes no more than 1 minute.

Collecting basket

Some models will cut the grass and not collect it, leaving it spread out over the lawn. They usually have the grass exit on its side.

If your lawn is small and you usually have leaves to sweep, a lawn mower without a basket can be an interesting option as you will need to rake the area anyway.

The collecting basket varies widely in size from one size to another. The smallest are in the 20 liter range and the largest in the 50 liter range.

If the lawn area is medium or large, the pick-up basket will probably make your job much easier. In general, the price difference between similar models with and without a waste basket is around R $ 150.

Convenience to empty the waste basket

After each use of the electric lawn mower, it will be necessary to remove all the grass from the waste basket. Since grass is an organic material and it decomposes, it needs to be discarded right after mowing.

Because of this, before choosing your product, see how is the procedure for removing and replacing the waste basket. Depending on the model, it may be easier or more difficult. An example of a cutter where it is difficult to place the basket, can be seen below:

Supply voltage

Like many products in different categories, electric lawn mowers are not usually bivolt, that is: they work only on 110 V (127 V) or only on 220 V.

If you do a search on any website, you will find products that will be described as 110 V and others as 127 V. But after all, what changes from a 110 V product to another 127 V product? In fact, it doesn’t change anything. Basically, they are just different ways of calling the same thing.Unfortunately, most sites do not have a filter to select only models with the correct supply voltage. A tip is to type in the search engine “220 electric lawn mower”, for example.


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