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Top & Best Facial moisturizer Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Facial moisturizer: Which is best for you in 2022

Today we are going to talk about an essential product on a daily basis: facial moisturizer. Unlike body cream, the facial is made specifically for sensitive skin on the face.

In this article, we will show you the importance of facial moisturizer and how to choose the best one according to your needs and your skin type.

First, the most important

  • The facial moisturizer has great advantages for the skin of the face and should not be replaced by body cream.
  • It is essential to choose a moisturizing face cream according to your skin type, but it is also important to analyze the ingredients present in the product formula.
  • It is possible to buy an efficient facial moisturizer at an affordable price.

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The best facial moisturizers: Our team’s favorites

The ideal facial moisturizer is one made to take care of the particularities of each skin. Therefore, manufacturers invest in specific options for each situation and need. Below is a selection of some of the best facial moisturizers available on the market.

  • The most suitable for all skin types
  • The facial moisturizer that fights the first signs
  • The best option for those who want hydration and protection


Buying Guide

Before buying facial moisturizer you need to know which one is right for you. To do this, you need to know your skin type and your dermatological needs. To assist you in this process, we have prepared this Buying Guide.

Here you will find the most important information to answer all your doubts about facial moisturizer, and then choose the most suitable to take care of the skin on your face.

What is the difference between facial and body moisturizer?

The big question that arises when using a moisturizer is: Can I use the same product on my face and body? For the answer is: No.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and each region has a different characteristic. The skin on the face, for example, is more sensitive and more lubricated than the rest of the body.


The facial moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, protected from pollution, solar radiation and the signs of aging.

This is because the skin on the face contains more sebaceous glands, responsible for preventing the excessive loss of water by the skin, than the rest of the body skin that ends up being more dry.

Therefore, body creams are composed in order to ensure greater hydration in dry areas. So if used on the face, a naturally more lubricated region, it can cause uncontrolled skin oils.

The facial moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, protected from pollution, solar radiation and the signs of aging. In addition, when using body moisturizer on the face it is possible that more serious problems, such as inflammation and skin infections, may occur.

Therefore, the facial moisturizer is made with ingredients that, in addition to increasing water retention and protecting the skin from adverse weather conditions, still do it in a way that does not increase the lubrication in an exaggerated way.

Thus, the facial moisturizer prevents clogged pores and the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

The specific moisturizing cream for the face also has a lighter texture, which dries faster, which ends up being a point of differentiation between it and the body moisturizer that is usually thicker.

In addition, the facial moisturizer can count on varied and additional active principles, which will act to combat skin aging in stimulating collagen production .

Here are the main differences between facial and body moisturizer:

How to choose the facial moisturizer according to your skin type?

Knowing the importance of using facial moisturizer, you also need to consider your skin type to choose the appropriate facial moisturizer.

This is because face cream is manufactured taking into account, among other factors, the degree of lubrication of each skin, which can be: Dry, Normal, Mixed or Oily.

Here’s how to identify your skin type and the best facial moisturizer for each.

Oily skin

If the skin on your face is prone to acne, it is usually shiny and with enlarged pores you have oily skin. But as the oily layer is only on the surface of the skin it is still important to use a facial moisturizer.

So to moisturize, but still avoid pimples, opt for a water-based moisturizer for fluid skin and fluid texture. Avoid creams with too many oils in their composition.

Dry skin

The dry skin of the face tends to peel and become opaque, reddish and expression marks. Thus, the ideal is to bet on the facial moisturizer with the most creamy texture and with many oils.


Mixed skin

In mixed skin, the “T zone” (nose and forehead area) is usually more oily and the other parts of the face are drier. If this is your case, choose a facial moisturizer that has hydration and, at the same time, controls oiliness.

Normal skin

Normal skin, in general, has a balanced hydration. But still, this type of skin can end up suffering from dryness. Therefore, the most recommended facial moisturizer is the one based on oils.

Facial moisturizer: how, where and when to use correctly?

It’s one thing to apply moisturizer to your body. In that case, there is no mystery. But is there a right way to use facial moisturizer? And what is the ideal amount? And the frequency?

These are some of the questions that may arise when using facial moisturizer. To answer these and other questions, we’ve selected some expert tips. See below:

    • Age : In general, it is recommended to start using facial moisturizer from the age of 25. But the ideal is to consult a dermatologist.
    • Quantity : Drier skins require the application of a thicker layer of facial moisturizer, while oily and mixed skins require a thinner layer.
    • Movement : When applying the facial moisturizer make movements from the inside to the outside of the face, and from the bottom to the top of the neck.
    • Right time : Apply the facial moisturizer right after the shower, or when you wake up and before bed, always with a clean face, but still moistened so that the cream is better absorbed.
    • Frequency : It will depend on your skin type, so we recommend consulting your dermatologist.
    • Neck and neck : These parts should also receive facial moisturizer, unless you prefer to use a specific cream for them.


Don’t forget that skin hydration occurs mainly from the inside out. So it is essential that you drink at least 2 liters of water per day.



How much does it cost and where to buy facial moisturizer?

Facial moisturizer can cost between R $ 8 and R $ 1 thousand. This price variation occurs due to the manufacturer’s brand and the ingredients used in the product’s composition.


It is possible to find a facial moisturizer with a fair price and yet efficient

But the good news is that today it is possible to find a facial moisturizer at a fair price and yet efficient. You can buy in department stores and even in hypermarkets like Carrefour, for example.

But if you want practicality, variety and promotions, the ideal is to buy online, on sites like Amazon. Not to mention that you still get the facial moisturizer from home comfort.


Purchasing criteria: How to choose the best facial moisturizer

Now that you know the advantages of facial moisturizer and the importance of choosing the product according to your skin type, you need to pay attention to other factors before making your purchase.

That’s because these are the factors that will influence not only the efficiency of the facial moisturizer, but also the impact that the purchase will make on your budget. See the main ones:

  • Ingredients
  • Texture
  • Protection
  • Bottle size

Next, we will explain to you how to analyze each of these criteria and purchase the most suitable facial moisturizer.


Depending on the effect you want to have with the facial moisturizer it is important to analyze the formula’s ingredients.

Watch out for active ingredients that add benefits to your skin, such as hyaluronic acid, D-panthenol, urea and macadamia oil.


Did you know that in most moisturizers the main ingredient is lanolin?

It is a mixture of fatty acids and esters, obtained as a by-product of cleaning sheep wool. In addition to it, the main substance used to prevent water loss, known as humectant, is glycerin. ( 1 )


Some formulas also contain vitamins A, E and C and anti-aging substances, which fight sagging and remove stains. Some facial moisturizers even have thermal water in the formula, which further increases the hydration power.

In all cases, always choose a facial moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and without parabens, which are substances that cause skin irritation.


In general, face cream can have different textures, including cream, gel, cream-gel and serum. And the fact is that the texture of the facial moisturizer will influence the feeling of comfort and the result, depending on the type of skin.

To choose the best option, check out the main characteristics of each one below:

  • Serum : It has a very fluid and light texture, is absorbed quickly and has a high concentration of varied assets.
  • Gel : It is oil-free and the most recommended texture for oily skin.
  • Gel-cream : This type of facial moisturizer is a mixture of cream and gel. It is the ideal choice for those with mixed skin.
  • Cream : It has a denser texture, with a greater amount of actives that deeply nourish the skin. Therefore, they are indicated for dry skin.


Another criterion that you should consider is whether or not the facial moisturizer has a sun protection factor (SPF).

If the facial moisturizer does not have this protection in its formula, it is essential that, right after applying the cream on the face, you also use a sunscreen to combat age spots and signs.


Bottle size

Finally, analyze the size of the jar or pot, which is usually measured in grams. The fact is that the bigger the facial moisturizer the greater the cost benefit.

However, if you are going to try a new formula for the first time it may be more prudent to start with a smaller bottle to test the effectiveness on your skin.


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