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Top & Best False eyelashes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

False eyelashes: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about false eyelashes, an accessory that guarantees long, curved and voluminous lashes and transforms any makeup.

There are a variety of models and brands of false eyelashes, they differ in the type of hair used (synthetic or natural), the material of the stem, whether they are unified in one piece or sold in tufts, etc.

Because it is a little difficult to put on, companies invest in creating solutions that facilitate application such as self-adhesive and magnetic eyelashes or even tools such as tweezers for the application of false eyelashes.

First, the most important

  • There are several types of false eyelashes, they are: artistic, anatomical, bulky, long, crossed, angle and discreet. And they can be found unified or in small clumps of hair.
  • The hair of false eyelashes can be natural (made of virgin hair, without chemicals) or plastic materials such as Pet, PBT and Nylon.
  • To apply, adjust the lashes to the desired size (you can count the excesses), put the glue on the lashes and wait 30 to 60 seconds for it to dry slightly, then position them close to the natural lash line and press.

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Ranking: The 4 best false eyelashes

Now, we will present the best models of false eyelashes. As there are several types of artificial lashes, we selected some models from different brands, taking into account the quality of the product and the acceptance of consumers.


Buying Guide

Do you want to learn all about false eyelashes? Even how to apply them yourself? Then you are in the right place. In this buying guide, you will check the main characteristics of false eyelashes, which are the different models, among other very important details.

What is a false eyelash?

False eyelashes can be used to make the look more beautiful, to enhance the eyes of people who have small eyelashes, change the expression of the face and even harmonize the features and contours of the face.

With this accessory, you can create both an artificial and a more natural look, because there are several types of false eyelashes (we will detail more in the next section) including those that look natural.

False eyelashes can be natural (made from chemical-free hair) or artificial. To hold the tufts there is a rod that can be made of thread, nylon or plastic (the latter is cheaper and quite artificial).


For this accessory to be very beautiful in your eyes, measure their size by comparing the natural line of your lashes and cut the surplus, always prefer to discard hairs from the outside.

You can use the lashes for up to 24 hours, then just remove, sanitize and save them for reuse. Brands tell how many times the product can be reused, in general the recommendation is to use it again up to five times.

To clean the false eyelashes, put them in a jar with a little warm water and a few drops of makeup remover. After a few minutes use cotton or cotton swab to remove eyelash glue and mascara from the product. Then just wait to dry.

Check now a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes:


  • False eyelashes can be used at parties or in everyday situations
  • It can be made of natural or artificial hair
  • There are several models, each with a different effect
  • The product can be reused


  • Some brands sell the false eyelash glue separately
  • When misplaced, they can fall at any time
  • May cause eye irritation if eyelashes or glue are not of good quality

What differentiates one false eyelash from another?

Although it is an artificial accessory, false eyelashes are very similar to natural ones, mainly in shape. They guarantee a much more striking look and make all the difference in the look.

They can be found in three ways: whole lashes, in strips or tufts. Whole lashes are conventional models, sold in pairs and ready to be used.

The lashes in strips need to be cut to the size of your lashes and are suitable for those who use them frequently. Tufted eyelashes are sold in small pieces and are recommended for those who want a more natural effect.

There are also self-adhesive lashes. To use them just remove the film that protects the glue and fit them close to the natural lashes. The most modern model is the magnetic false eyelash, which is attached to the natural eyelashes by a micro magnet. Here’s how to put it:


There are several models of false eyelashes, each with its purpose and purpose. Let’s talk about each one below:

  • Bulky : they have larger, thick bristles and stay together. They go from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. They give volume effect to natural lashes and guarantee an expressive look.
  • Long : have long strands interspersed with thinner and thicker strands. It is smaller at the ends and larger at the center. Ideal for those with small, droopy eyes and short lashes, as it looks up.
  • Crossed : the shape of the strands is crossed and they blend better with natural lashes. It is ideal for those who want to give a special touch to makeup without drawing too much attention.
  • Anatomical : they have growing threads, smaller in the inner corner and gradually longer to the outer corner. They lengthen the look and give a more sophisticated touch, without weighing. Ideal for people with small eyes and / or together.
  • Angles : they are half the size of a conventional false eyelash and are made to be applied only in the outer corner of the eyes, giving a kitten effect.
  • Artistic : they can be colored, printed, with feathers, lace, drawings, of different shapes and sizes. They are indicated for theatrical presentations or theme parties such as Halloween and Carnival.
  • Tufts : are applied one by one to the lashes. They guarantee an extremely natural look. You can choose to use many if you want a more striking look, or just in the corners if you want a discreet look.
  • For lower lashes : they are ideal to leave the look with a doll effect. The big difference is that it has the thinnest base and does not require the application of eyeliner to smooth.

We have prepared a table comparing the main characteristics between false eyelashes and eyelash extension, so that you know the main differences and similarities between the two techniques:

How to apply false eyelashes perfectly?

Putting false eyelashes alone can be a challenge at first, so practicing is the best way to make the process easier and easier.

Everything involving makeup is perfect by practicing. You may already know this after spending a few weeks trying to make the famous outlined kitten.

It is no different with false eyelashes, but there are some tips that can make even this beginning even easier. Check out:

    • Cut the excesses : measuring the lashes and cutting all the excesses is essential, especially trimming them so that your makeup looks more natural. It is also important to remove the tips and make them exactly the size of your eye line.
    • Do not overdo the glue : Although there are other forms of application, the one with glue is still the most used. And putting too much glue will only hinder the application and not fix the product better, as many think. So, remember that less is more. A thin layer is enough.
    • Wait for the glue to dry : As soon as you apply the glue, wait up to 60 seconds for it to dry slightly. It may seem like a detail, but this is very important in the final result. Do the test.
    • Application : the ideal is that you use tweezers and apply the one closest to the line of your natural lashes. A good technique is to apply from top to bottom, not from the front. That way, the fit will be better. After that, wait for it to dry naturally, without pressing, for at least 1 minute.
    • Apply the mascara : And finally, apply your mascara. This will make you combine false eyelashes with natural ones, leaving everything uniform and your makeup a hit.



How much?

The prices of false eyelashes vary according to the quality of the material of the lashes and stems.

There are plastic models that do not come with glue and cost from R $ 5 and excellent quality models for up to R $ 50.

Where to buy?

This product is easily found in several types of commerce. You can buy false eyelashes at cosmetic stores or pharmacies.

Another option is to make the purchase of the comfort of your home, through the internet, in virtual stores like Amazon.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the different models of False Eyelashes

By now you know the different types of lashes, know the prices and also where to find them. But before finalizing your order, we want to give an extra help showing you all the features that must be taken into account when buying a model of false eyelashes. Are they:

  • Wire material
  • Stem quality
  • Types of lashes
  • Glue
  • Fixation

Now, let’s explain each of the items so you don’t have any doubts.

Wire material

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of false eyelashes: those with natural and synthetic threads. Artificial ones are made of plastic materials, while natural ones are made of human hair and give a more natural look.

Consequently, the more natural ones end up costing a little more. They also end up lasting longer. So, put on the scale what is most important to you.


Stem quality

What connects the strands of a false eyelash is the rod. This thread can be plastic, thread or nylon and can be thick, thin, soft or hard. The quality of the rod, as well as that of the wires, greatly influences the final result.

A thick, hard strand can irritate your eyes and require you to apply a very thick layer of eyeliner to disguise it. There are models with wires so thin that they look very natural and are easier to put on.

Types of lashes

There are several types of lashes, they are different in size, shape, amount of hair, thickness, etc. Each has a different effect than the other, some are more discreet and others are quite striking.

Your choice will depend on your style and also for what situation you are looking for false eyelashes. As we have already talked a lot about the different models above, we will not dwell on this topic much.


Most models are bonded to the natural lashes by glue, which can be white (when dry is translucent), transparent or black. The glue can make all the difference in the result of the application.

The correct way is to apply a small amount to the nail, wait for it to dry slightly for 30 seconds or a minute and then apply the accessory very close to the natural lash line.


No one wants to experience the unpleasant feeling of having false eyelashes peel off during a party. If you have never been there, you must know a friend who has already faced this situation.

So, fixation is very important. This criterion depends on all the others already mentioned. Mainly quality rod and glue. But a good tip for knowing if false eyelashes are good is to look for their evaluation on the shopping website.


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