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Top & Best Laser epilator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Laser epilator: What’s the best of 2022?

If you want to save money and shave at home, or want to have your own equipment to work independently, you have certainly considered having a laser epilator.

As it is more efficient and long lasting, the epilation made with the laser epilator is the preferred one. Therefore, in today’s article we will show you how to choose the best laser hair removal device.

First, the most important

  • The laser epilator is a necessary equipment for those who want to remove hair in a more lasting way.
  • There are several types of laser epilator, including the portable, and each has a function.
  • It is necessary to consider the type of skin and the technology used by the equipment to choose the best laser epilator.

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Best laser epilators: Our recommendations

It may seem simple to choose the best laser epilator. But the fact is that there is a wide variety of models that can make a difference in the final result you want. To assist you in this step, we have listed below the best laser epilator models. Check out:

  • The best laser epilator as a whole
  • The ideal epilator for those who want savings


Buying Guide

To be free of hair is the desire of many women and men. And laser hair removal is one of the favorite techniques precisely for its effectiveness.

No wonder, nowadays there are several models of laser epilators for sale on the market. In this Buying Guide we will answer all your questions about this device.

How does the laser epilator work?

Anyone who waxes knows that the razor and wax are painful. In addition, these techniques do not prevent hairs from growing back frequently. On the contrary.

Laser hair removal, although not definitive, is a much longer-lasting technique. But since a laser hair removal session is not cheap, manufacturers have invested in the portable laser epilator.

This is a device that can be used by both amateurs and professionals and guarantees the progressive elimination of body hair.

Laser hair removal is a progressive hair removal technique that uses laser energy.

The laser epilator works like this: The laser energy is emitted by a lamp in the form of pulses or flashes. This energy attracts the hair by capturing the melanin present in it and then slows down the growth of the hair.

Therefore, the darker the hair, that is, the more melanin it has, the better the result obtained with the laser epilator.

In general, the laser epilator can work in two ways: Automatic and / or manual. But there is also a variety of models with respect to efficiency, which is measured by the number of pulses, and the technology used.


Did you know that the laser hair removal technique was invented in the 1970s?

But it was only in 1983 that the method was perfected to reduce the pain caused. Today the technique uses selective photothermolysis, which makes hair removal even more effective and less painful.

What is the difference between laser epilator and pulsed light?

Laser hair removal and hair removal using intense pulsed light, or photodepilation, basically has the same principle: The two methods work by emitting light radiation that is captured by the melanin present in the hair and transformed into heat.

In this way, the hair is weakened and its elimination is more lasting.

But the action of the laser epilator depends on the melanin that darkens the hair. Therefore, this method is more efficient in people who have light skin and dark hair.

This is because, for the laser epilator to be effective, the melanin needs to be concentrated in the hair, not in the skin.

And as some types of laser can burn skin with more melanin, in general the laser epilator should not be used by those with black skin.


Hair removal with intense pulsed light can be used safely on any skin tone. With a different wavelength, waxing in this case is smoother and the chance of skin burning is much less.

Intense pulsed light can be less effective than the laser epilator.

But, although it is more suitable for all types of skin, including black, intense pulsed light can be less effective than laser epilators.

In addition, the epilator with intense pulsed light demands a greater number of sessions than laser hair removal. That is, the laser epilator is more efficient and removes hair in less sessions.

For example: If, in general, five laser sessions are sufficient to remove hair from a certain area of ​​the body, it would take about 12 epilation sessions with pulsed light. Precisely because of this efficiency, a session with the laser epilator is much more expensive.

Below is a summary of the main differences between the laser epilator and the device with intense pulsed light:

Laser epilator: How many sessions are needed?

Whether for use with you or a client, you need to know how many laser hair removal sessions are required.

According to the Society of Dermatology, depending on the area, the hair removal procedure with laser epilator can only take a few minutes. ( 1 )

But the number of sessions will depend on the area treated, the density of hair and the growth cycle.

The fact is that when using the laser epilator, less hair will be born with each session. But still, there are always some more resistant wires.


Remember that laser hair removal technique is effective on dark and thick hair. Therefore, those who have light or white hair will not have the same result.

It is also important to note that experts recommend an interval of 30 days between each laser hair removal session.

In addition, it is essential that you consider doing some maintenance sessions with the laser epilator after one year of treatment.

For that, the use of depilatory blades and creams is also released, which help to optimize the maintenance of laser hair removal.

Does the laser epilator cause pain?

Although technology has improved the operation of the laser epilator, in general this device causes pain even though, in most cases, it is bearable.

In practice, however, what varies is the intensity of the pain. This depends on the resistance of each person and also on the region where the laser epilator is applied.

If you feel a lot of pain when waxing, you are likely to feel more pain with the laser epilator as well.

For example, in more sensitive areas, such as the groin, the pain tends to be greater than in the armpit. This is because the thinner the skin, the greater the sensation of pain.

Larger areas, such as the leg, also tend to be more painful due to the longer exposure to the laser epilator.

Who is the laser epilator for?

The laser epilator is a device suitable both for professionals who work with epilation and for people who feel able to remove hair at home.

The great advantage of having a laser epilator is that, in both cases, you save money with hair removal sessions and you can even take the device wherever you want, as it is usually light and portable.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account for whom laser hair removal is recommended. In this case, the Society of Dermatology recommends that the laser epilator can be used by people who:

    • They want to reduce hair in a certain area ;
    • Present ingrown hairs ;
    • Have an increase in hair in unwanted places.


Which parts of the body can be laser epilated?

Virtually all parts of the body can be shaved with the laser epilator. But the most common is to use the laser device to remove hair from the armpits, groin and legs.

But, in addition, the epilator can be used on the belly, fluff, chest and even on the face, so much so that it is not uncommon for many men to opt for laser hair removal as well.


But more care is needed when using the laser epilator on the face, mainly to not affect the eyes.

For this reason, the best laser epilator models usually come with protective goggles. Otherwise, if the epilator you choose does not have this accessory, we recommend that you buy one.

How much does it cost and where to buy the laser epilator?

The laser epilator can cost between R $ 50 and R $ 3 thousand. The price varies according to the brand, the operating technology, the life of the lamp emitting the pulses, among other factors.

To buy this device, you can opt for specialized beauty care stores, large supermarket chains or department stores.

But nowadays, the best way to buy your laser epilator is to buy it on internet stores like Amazon. In addition to buying without leaving home, you will still find a greater variety of models.


Purchasing Criteria: How to choose the ideal laser epilator

When choosing the best laser epilator, you need to understand a little about the technical settings that differentiate one model from another. We list the main ones:

  • Types of laser
  • Lamps and pulses
  • Energy Levels
  • Warranty and Service

Below we will explain in detail how you should consider these criteria.

Types of laser

The first point that you should look at is the type of epilator laser. In addition to the intense pulsed light that we already mentioned in this article, you will find the laser epilator that works with diode laser, “Alexandrite” and “Nd: YAG”.

The choice is very personal, since all these types of lasers use the energy light that acts attracted by the hair melanin. But in general, each type can act less or more effectively depending on your skin type.

Lamps and pulses

Also note the number of lamps that come with the laser epilator. It is through the lamp that pulses will be emitted, which, fired, will act in the weakening of the wires.

Some models of laser epilator come with up to three lamps for epilation.

Regarding the firing capacity, it can vary between 100 thousand and 500 thousand pulses. The more pulses, the longer your lamp will last and the more sessions you can perform without having to change it.


Did you know that when the laser epilator’s pulses run out, the cartridge or lamp can be replaced?

But this is not a rule. Therefore, always opt for models of epilators that accept the pulse lamp refill.


Energy Levels

Another criterion that you must take into account when buying the laser epilator is the amount of energy levels.

The more levels the better since you can adjust the epilation according to your skin’s tolerance and sensitivity.

In general, you will find epilators that have between three and eight different levels of intensity of energy emitted.

Warranty and Service

Also take into account whether there is a guarantee and how long it is. After all, as it is an electronic device, the laser epilator is subject to technical problems and defects.

Also note if the brand of the laser epilator provides any type of technical assistance, which is essential if a problem occurs with the equipment.


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