Top & Best Babyliss Taiff Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Babyliss Taiff: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we will talk about babyliss Taiff, an ideal product to create curls and waves in your hair. This is a very versatile tool produced by a company and can be used both at home and by beauty professionals.

Available in different widths, the babyliss Taiff combines technologies that guarantee more shine and definition to the wires and is very easy to find. And if you are thinking of getting one of these you are in the right place, because in this text we will cover everything that is most important about this babyliss, come on?

First, the most important

  • Babyliss Taiff reaches high temperatures and is made in different widths to promote different curls and waves.
  • It can be used on all types of hair and has a three meter swivel cord that facilitates its use.
  • All Taiff babyliss are bivolt.

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The best babyliss Taiff: The ideal for each type of bunch

Taiff has a complete line of babyliss that guarantee the most varied types of curls. Among them, some models are among the best rated and you can check each one below.

  • The best babyliss to create natural waves
  • The babyliss Taiff ideal to give more movement to the hair
  • The babyliss Taiff for short hair


Buying Guide

Taiff is a brand well known and produces several tools for hair, with babyliss Taiff being one of them. Found in several versions, this is the type of product that cannot be missing in the hairdressing closet and women who love to create different effects on the hair.

And if you are interested in one of these check out our Buying Guide, because in it we gather all the particularities and differentials of this product.

What are the main differentials of babyliss Taiff?

Babyliss Taiff is a product that adds a series of technologies and features that aim to make you highly efficient. One of its main positive points is in its variety of models and there are options with tubes of different widths to create the most diverse curls.

Another differential of this product is its design, since the babyliss Taiff are developed with a modern and sophisticated appearance. In addition, all brand curler models have a three-meter swivel cord that facilitates their use.



Taiff is an originally brand and belongs to the Ikesaki group. It was created over 30 years ago and is the only one in this sector that has products 100% manufactured.


The material in which babyliss Taiff is manufactured cannot be left out either. Both the tweezers and the shaper’s tube are coated in ceramic, a raw material that protects the threads and even ensures more shine to them.

And those who invest in this product need not worry about the voltage of the outlet where it will be connected. This is because all models of the brand are bivolt and can be used everywhere.

But it’s not all flowers and babyliss Taiff has a downside. It has a slightly higher value than other brands found in the national market.


  • It’s bivolt
  • Has long, swivel handle
  • Creates curls and waves of different sizes
  • It is made with materials that do not damage the wires
  • It has a beautiful design


  • It costs a little more expensive than other national brands

How many inches does the babyliss Taiff have?

In terms of variety, the babyliss Taiff leaves nothing to be desired and there are options with styling tubes of different sizes. The smallest is ½ inch, followed by the com inch, 1 inch and 1 inch and ¼ model.

½ and ¾ inch Taiff babyliss are ideal for short or afro-style hair. They are able to guarantee a greater definition for the curls or for curly hair, without losing their natural appearance.

The 1-inch models are the most popular, because with them it is possible to create from waves to larger and slightly more defined curls. This option is ideal for those who have medium or long hair.

Babyliss Taiff 1 inch and ¼ is the thickest and aimed at those who have long hair, and can be used to create waves in the strands.


How to use babyliss Taiff?

Babyliss Taiff is suitable for professional and home use and is a very easy to use product. Thanks to this, anyone can create curls and waves in their hair and we show you how to do it in the step by step below.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and a little conditioner .
  2. Iron a thermal protector and dry the wires with a dryer .
  3. Plug the babyliss Taiff into the outlet and switch the switch to on.
  4. To facilitate the process, separate the hair into three parts.
  5. Open the babyliss forceps and roll the lock over the tube leaving a distance of 5 cm from the root.
  6. Hold the lock for about 15 seconds and open the clip.
  7. Repeat this process throughout the hair and to give a natural effect always reverse the direction of the curls. That is, if you started by rolling from right to left on the next lock, roll from left to right.
  8. To make the curls last longer you can apply a hairspray spray .

In this video you can see the use of babyliss Taiff in practice and two options of effects that it gives to the wires.




What is the maximum temperature that the babyliss Taiff reaches?

All babyliss Taiff models reach a maximum temperature of 210ºC. This is an ideal temperature, as it shapes the wires and is within the range of the thermal protectors.

Where to find babyliss Taiff to buy?

Babyliss Taiff is a very easy product to find in physical and virtual stores. It is possible to buy it in department stores or those that specifically sell hair products.

Online this is even simpler and on sites like Amazon.



Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing babyliss Taiff models

When purchasing a babyliss Taiff it is essential to choose correctly so that the product suits your needs. For this you must take into account the following factors:

  • Thickness
  • Design
  • Value
  • Weight

Below we explain in detail each one of them.


Babyliss Taiff is found with shaper tubes of various thicknesses and knowing which one is the best for you is the first step in choosing this product correctly.

At this point, analyze what best suits your hair size and the type of curl or wave you want to create as explained above. And if what you’re looking for is a versatile option, bet on the one-inch model, which can create curls and waves and is suitable for medium and long hair.



Taiff has two-color babyliss models.

If the appearance of the babyliss matters to you, check which one you consider most beautiful. This is an important factor especially for those who work with this tool and want an efficient option, without losing aesthetics.

Taiff has two-color babyliss models. There are more modern and differentiated models in black, while there is also a more traditional option in silver and pink.


Babyliss Taiff is found with values ​​between R $ 120 to about R $ 250. This changes according to the line and thickness of the shaping tube. In this regard, you should analyze your form of use and how much you want to spend on this product.

The most expensive option for babyliss Taiff belongs to the Fox 3 line and has a more professional indication with 1 inch tube. The models in the Curves line are the most affordable and come in various sizes. So, check which one best suits your needs and your pocket.



Each babyliss Taiff option has a weight. And even though this product is not among the heaviest, depending on its intensity of use it is important to think about it.

Anyone who is a hairdresser and does babyliss frequently on their clients should prioritize the lightest options. This way, the wear on the arms will be less and the use more comfortable. So, remember to check this information that is always in the product description.


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