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Top & Best Philco dryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Philco dryer: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose the best Philco dryer model for your needs. With a variety of more than 25 models, the Philco dryer is synonymous with quality, resistance and efficiency in hair care.

Available in versions for home, portable and professional use, the hair dryers of the brand have technologies and exclusive designs of the brand. Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Philco dryer for your hair.

First, the most important

  • The Philco dryer is available in several models. To choose the ideal, first identify the usage profile that will be given to the device and the type of performance expected for the equipment.
  • Model, power, weight, ergonomics, speeds, temperatures, accessories and energy consumption are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary according to the line and power of the dryer. It is possible to find portable versions from R $ 50, and professional or more sophisticated models can cost up to R $ 250.

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The best Philco dryers: We recommend

Although their main function is to dry their hair, Philco brand dryers go further. With technologies that protect and contribute to the health of the strands, the models come with different accessories and designs that allow you to model the most diverse types of hair. Check out our Ranking with some of the best products:

  • The semi professional Philco dryer
  • The best to take on trips
  • The model for making brush


Buying Guide

Whether to make that brush at home with a smooth salon effect, to take on trips, to model waves and curls, to style hairstyles on special occasions and even to perform procedures in beauty salons, the efficiency of the Philco dryer never leaves much to be desired.

With many versions available, the brand’s dryers combine technology, power and practicality with bold and ergonomic designs. Continue with us to learn everything about this product that is ideal for those who do not need well-kept locks.


The Philco dryer: what are the advantages and differentials?

The Philco dryer has as its great advantages and differentials the quality and respectability of the brand. Founded in 1892 in Philadelphia, Philco has established itself in the market producing carbon lamps, batteries for automobiles and radios.

Today, as a huge range of electronics for the home, kitchen, TV’s, computers and personal care, the brand has 29 models of hairdryers. With good cost benefit, the brand dryers have the advantage of good configurations at a low price.

The vast majority of models have accessories, such as a nozzle and / or diffusers, in addition to a removable rear grille, which facilitates product cleaning. In addition, the models have a handle equipped with a handle, which makes organizing and storing your dryer easier.



  • Options for compact, domestic and professional versions
  • Cost-effective products
  • There are versions with different power levels
  • Brand offers 12 months warranty


  • Simpler models offer few speed and temperature adjustment options

What is the best Philco dryer option?

As with practically all types of products, each version of the Philco dryer may be more or less suitable for the consumer and their intended use.

Aiming to offer options to all audiences, the brand offers models of dryers for home, professional use, in addition to the Travel line, which consists of compact portable dryers, ideal for trips and outings.

The ones in the Travel line, for example, are bivolts, light and small, fitting in any corner of the luggage. However, it has low power, which makes them impractical for everyday use.

Professional models, on the other hand, can be more expensive, but have more functions, power, and are usually equipped with more efficient accessories. Check in the table the comparison between the three Philco dryer categories:


What is the best Philco dryer model for each type of hair?

With the lack of daily time, the dryer ends up becoming an important ally in the routine of women, whether they are smooth, curly or curly. The number of men who use the dryer to style their hair has also been growing.


Depending on the type of hair and style, there are dryer models that generate better results.

But, depending on the type of hair, and also the desired style, there are dryer models that generate better results. Accessories such as diffusers are ideal for curls and waves. The directing nozzles are ideal for shaping and straightening more efficiently.

Even the same dryer, with different settings, can provide different types of results. Check out some tips to choose according to your hair type:

How can the Philco dryer facilitate the hair care routine?

There are always those days when the hair seems to have woken up in a bad mood. But some accessories and technologies from Philco dryers can help you tame your hair or try a different hairstyle. Check out the tips:

    • To reduce frizz, use the cold spray after drying your hair with hot air;
    • The hair can be styled even dry: bet on round brushes and a very hot dryer to tame unruly fringe and strands;
    • Wider beaks are ideal for length, while narrower beaks shape bangs and short hair better;
    • The diffuser can also be used for straight or wavy hair. Bet on the accessory to create volume, fitting the wires on the rods from bottom to top;
    • Use the hot air from the dryer inside the laminated cap to boost your hydration.


How much does the Philco dryer cost?

Philco dryer prices can vary greatly depending on the model and product category. It is possible to find good domestic and portable models for values ​​starting at R $ 50. Professional models, with a greater variety of functions and accessories can cost more than R $ 250.


Where to buy the Philco dryer?

You can buy your Philco dryer at physical stores that sell small appliances, or at hypermarkets such as and Extra.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, in addition to the brand’s own online store, that it is possible to find the greatest variety of the product in different models and voltages.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Philco dryer models

Now that you have enough information about Philco dryers, we will list some of the important features in a good product, so you can compare and recognize the best option for drying and styling your hair. Are they:

  • Line
  • Exclusive technologies
  • Temperature and speed
  • Ergonomics and weight

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the characteristics:


In addition to the domestic, travel and professional categories, Philco dryers are categorized in a few lines.


Cherry, Beauty Rose, Skull Pro, Gold, Blue Chrome are examples of product lines, which can also count flat irons and styling bunches to complete the personal care routine.


Exclusive technologies

Philco dryers have their designs and models full of exclusive brand technologies. Know the main ones:

  • Thermal protection system : Product automatically shuts down in case of airflow block or overheating;
  • Tourmaline ions : With tourmaline that releases negative ions, sealing cuticles for a more shiny and silky hair;
  • Action ion : Releases negative electrical charges that neutralize static electricity, helping to close the cuticle of the wires;
  • Cool shot button : Activates a jet of cold air, which reduces frizz and improves hairstyle fixation;
  • AC motor : Ensures more wind, high performance and durability for the product;
  • Retractable handle : With automatic wire collector button, more practical and easier to store;
  • Straightening nozzle : Directs the air flow facilitating drying, making hair smoother.

Temperature and speed

As we have already mentioned, each type of dryer offers adjustment options, which provide different hair results.

To make its products more versatile, the brand offers versions with 1, 2 and 3 speeds, in addition to versions with 2 or 3 temperature settings, plus the Coll shot button, for cold jet finisher.


Ergonomics and weight

Although it may seem an unimportant detail, the weight and ergonomics of the dryer are essential for comfort in using the product, especially for those with long or bulky hair, or if the product is for professional use.

This is because heavy products with poor ergonomics can cause discomfort and pain in the arms after the first 10 minutes of continuous use.


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