Top & Best Women’s children’s bicycle Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Women’s children’s bicycle: How to choose the best one in 2021?

Today we are going to talk about the best female children’s bicycle models available in the market. Cycling is a pleasant activity that causes well-being for all ages. It is an exercise that can be very special for a girl, able to accompany her for the rest of her life.

After all, a women’s children’s bicycle can be a gateway for her to discover the world around her.

Therefore, below, you will know what to take into account when buying a women’s children’s bicycle. We will also present the most popular models of bicycles for girls.

First, the most important

  • A female children’s bicycle differs from a male bicycle by colors and personalized models with characters that usually mark the girls’ childhood. There are no technical differences from the more neutral or masculine models.
  • Cycling contributes to children’s muscle and bone development. A girl who is encouraged to cycle early will grow much healthier.
  • A very popular model is the pedal-less bicycle, which works with the balance in younger children. However, we will present the models for older girls (around 7 years old), but they also offer possibilities for the development of motor coordination of those who are learning to pedal.

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The best women’s children’s bikes: Our favorites

Cycling is one of the preferred physical activities for children. It is also an excellent way to make girls play outdoors, leaving the electronics a little aside. Including cycling in your routine has many benefits. In this list of women’s children’s bicycles, we will explore models for girls from 6 to 12 years old.

  • A cost-effective option
  • A safe and comfortable option
  • A very complete option
  • An option to awaken the girls’ feelings of adventure

Buying Guide

If nowadays children are more and more technological, the bicycle is still one of the easiest ways to get children to practice a little exercise and get out of the front of the screens. Cycling with friends or family provides a fun and healthy moments for girls.

But do you know how to buy the ideal bike for your girl? Stay with us until the end of this Guide and learn all about the best women’s children’s bikes.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of women’s children’s bicycles?

Women’s children’s bicycles help girls develop a curiosity for the world and acquire motor skills that will accompany them for the rest of their lives, such as the ability to balance, for example. The act of pedaling is also a fun activity that guarantees good memories.


But cycling also has its disadvantages for parents: despite all the security that can be guaranteed by the use of protective accessories, it is necessary to be very patient.

Girls are subject to small falls during their first experiences, incidents that can upset and sometimes demotivate them.

The women’s children’s bicycle is also heavy, making it difficult to carry anywhere. Finally, the ideal model respects the girl’s current size and weight, that is: when she grows up, it is necessary to change bikes.


  • Ensure fun and healthy activity
  • They are comfortable
  • Help the girl’s development


  • May cause minor accidents
  • Difficult to carry anywhere
  • May not keep up with the girl’s growth

Safety is key

When deciding to buy a women’s children’s bicycle for your daughter, goddaughter, or any child in the family or friend, it is essential that you take safety issues into account.

Not only on the bike itself, as we will explain more fully in the Purchase Criteria below, but also with regard to accessories.

Of course, a child will not ride the bike and go around pedaling at absurd speeds. Even so, when she starts to learn, some care needs to be taken.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find accessories such as knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets for children. With these accessories, bike rides will be much safer for girls.



Respecting the size of the rim for the child’s age is also a way of maintaining safety. The models brought in this review are for girls aged 6 to 10 years. If you are looking for a smaller female children’s bicycle, check out the 12 rim models explored in this article.

Where to buy women’s children’s bicycles?

Today it is very easy to find good children’s bicycle on the internet. There are specialized online stores, in addition to those of the major chains, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Americanas.

If there is uncertainty about choosing the ideal model for the child, it would be interesting to go to a physical store specializing in bicycles to do the size test. That done, you can search if you find better prices on the internet, which usually presents the best deals.

All models mentioned can be found on the Amazon website.

How much does women’s children’s bicycle cost?

Prices depend a lot on the technological devices offered by the bike, the size, and also the customization.

That is, to what extent the model has a more “feminine” look, a criterion that can be observed through: the presence of colors associated with girls, famous characters from animations, and other children’s entertainment products.

There are models that exceed R $ 900 reais, but there are cheaper ones that also offer options as good as the most expensive, although they are simpler, with prices that vary around R $ 500 reais.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing women’s children’s bikes

There is so much diversity of women’s children’s bikes on the market today that it is difficult to know for sure which one to choose. Therefore, we separate some characteristics that are fundamental when looking for a product like this.

Of the essential criteria for choosing the ideal female bicycle model, we have selected the following:

  • Ideal rim
  • Suitable size
  • Safety
  • Number of complimentary items

Below you will find an explanation of each of these items, so there is no doubt about which product to choose.

Ideal rim

The rim is a piece that covers the wheel of a bicycle. It is the main reference for choosing a model, and it follows two important criteria: the weight and age of the cyclist. Below we list the ideal rim according to these two factors together:

Suitable size

Choosing the bike according to the rim criteria can sometimes leave many parents in doubt. That’s when another key factor comes in: size.

There are specificities of this criterion, for children’s bicycles, which are not the same for models aimed at adult audiences.

It is necessary to analyze the girl’s comfort and safety mainly in two situations: when she is sitting on the saddle (or bicycle seat) and when she is standing, with the “horse” (the “between the legs”) on the pipe top of the bike.

In the first position, it is important to observe if the girl can put her feet on the floor, even sitting on the saddle, while her arms should reach the handlebars of the bicycle in a natural and comfortable way.


A very useful trick in these cases is to check that the handlebars are under the shoulders of the little cyclist.

In the standing position, the girl should feel comfortable when placing her feet on the floor in an upright manner. At this point, it is important to check that the saddle is also at the hip, a position that is considered the most ideal.


It is essential that the bicycle does not have a disproportionate size to the girl, a mistake that parents often make, believing that the purchase of larger models results in a good saving of money since the children grow up.

This situation can cause accidents and discourage the child from learning to pedal. Much smaller models also cause accidents or make practice less enjoyable.



Safety should be a priority when choosing the ideal model of a children’s bicycle, including women’s. One part of the bicycle that is susceptible to accidents is the chain, which can wrap around the child’s feet.

The ideal model contains a copper-chain that prevents this dangerous exposure.

Also check if the bicycle is approved by INMETRO, the main regulatory agency for products sold. Just check that the product packaging contains an INMETRO seal, which means that there has been a rigorous assessment of its safety.


Not all accessories that guarantee a safe practice are available in most models of children’s bicycles: helmet and glove are two of them and must be purchased separately.

But be sure to invest in them, even if your child won’t ride far beyond the exteriors of your home.


Complementary items

Many children’s bikes offer some interesting items because of their resemblance to adult models, but which can confuse children who are still learning to ride.

It is, therefore, necessary to opt for the basics: the less complementary accessory, the better.

An example of an “advanced” children’s bicycle is the model that comes with a gearbox, an accessory for regulating speed. This is an item that could cause confusion for a girl who is still learning how to pedal without using the force of her feet on the ground.

At the same time, it is a dispensable function when the child only has a yard or free spaces in the condominium to practice.

However, in the case of women’s children’s bikes, it is important to value models that bring interactive and personalized accessories.

Basket, horn, and bottle are items that make the girl more motivated to learn and to feel the owner of the bicycle, which makes the practice of pedaling even more exciting for her.



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