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Top & Best Women’s bicycle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Women’s bicycle: What is the best model of 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com! Today is the day to talk about women’s bicycle. And don’t think that we are referring to bicycles that excel only in the design of this category. We are dealing here with bikes specifically developed to meet the woman’s physical structure.

Whether on a trail, on the road, on the way to work or on a city tour, the women’s bicycle is designed to provide more comfort and safety when cycling.

In this article, we will show you all about the women’s bicycle, what is the difference between it and the conventional bicycle and what you need to consider before deciding which model is best for you.

First, the most important

  • The female bicycle goes far beyond aesthetics and color. It is designed with your anatomy in mind to give you more comfort and prevent injury.
  • Today it is possible to find different models, with specific sizes and accessories, for road, asphalt and competitions.
  • Let’s show you what factors you should consider before choosing the right women’s bike for you.

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Ranking: The 4 best women’s bikes

Buying a women’s bicycle calls for attention to many details. It is not enough to have the feminine touch, she needs to offer security. And manufacturers have been increasingly concerned with this crucial factor. Thinking about it, below, we will present you the best models available on the market.


Buying Guide

It may seem simple to choose a women’s bicycle, but the fact is that the wrong choice can damage your health. To help you with this decision, amid so many different models and specifications, we have prepared this Buying Guide with everything you need to know to make the best choice.

What is a women’s bicycle?

You should already know the benefits of cycling for your health and the environment. But did you know that it is essential that you choose a bike according to your goal and also according to your physical structure?

So there are models of bikes for people of different heights and with different purposes of use. And this is not for nothing. Choosing the ideal bike provides comfort and preserves your physical health. This goes for women, men and children.



However, until recently, most bicycles were manufactured taking into account only the male body structure.

Rim, frame, saddle and other components that are part of the bicycle did not consider the general physical differences that exist between the male and female structure.

But the fact is that the body proportion of men is different from that of women. And that makes all the difference when it comes to cycling. Who has never suffered pain due to the saddle too thin or discomfort in the back because of a very wide handlebars?


The female bike takes into account the length between legs and torso, the length of the arms, the width of the shoulders and the size of the hips.

In addition, the adjustment of the table, the size of the frame, the wheels and other factors directly influence the establishment of a correct posture. We will talk more deeply about each of these components of the women’s bicycle and its variations in Purchase Criteria.

How much?

When it comes to bicycles, almost never the cheapest or the most beautiful, it is really the best option for you. And, as the models are quite diverse, the prices of the bicycle also vary widely.

Nowadays it is possible to find women’s bikes with prices ranging from R $ 350 to R $ 15,000. Always choose the one that has the recommended specifications for your height and that will meet your usage needs.

Where to buy?

You can find a women’s bicycle for sale in specialized stores and department stores such as Ponto Frio, Carrefour and Extra.

Still, if you want a greater variety of models and prices, the ideal is to make your purchase in online stores like Amazon and Mercado Livre. So, in addition to ensuring the right bike for you, you can still buy from the comfort of your home and save time.

Buying online also becomes an advantageous option in relation to transportation, you do not need to pick up the product at the store and receive it at your door.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing women’s bicycle models

The big bike manufacturers are already developing bicycles with a frame that respects female proportions. But the frame is not the only component of this mode of transportation that you should consider before buying your bicycle.

It is necessary to take into account several factors besides, of course, the use that you will give your female bike. To help you with your purchase decision, we have listed here the main factors that you should take into consideration before choosing the ideal female bicycle. Are they:

  • Model
  • Painting
  • Hoop
  • Saddle
  • Handlebar

Next, we will detail each of these factors so that you can purchase the women’s bicycle that best meets your needs.


The first question you should ask yourself is: what do I need a bicycle for? The answer will define which model you should choose. Whether walking, going to work, hiking or competing, there is a specific model for each situation.

In addition, it is also important to consider factors such as: the terrain you will ride on, what you want to transport on your bike and the distance you will be traveling.

  • Touring bike : For leisure and everyday use, there are touring bikes. Among them are Comfort Bikes and the simplest Mountain Bike models.
    The female touring bicycle is more comfortable, simpler and generally cheaper. The upper tube in the shape of a curve helps when going down and up. The seat position is more relaxed, the handlebars flat and the frame allows the cyclist to position himself in a vertical direction, benefiting the posture.
  • Mountain Bike : these models have better cushioning and wider tires. In addition, it supports vibrations, shocks and holes more efficiently.
    Therefore, it can be used both for leisure, as in competitions and uneven terrain.
  • Speed : For those who are cycling enthusiasts and like speed, the ideal model is Speed. With thinner tires, this bike is usually used in competitions on the asphalt and, therefore, it is also the most expensive.
  • Hybrid bike : These are multipurpose, as they combine the best of Mountain Bike and Speed. This model is suitable both for urban use and for long distances on the asphalt or on the road.


After choosing your women’s bike model, it’s time to consider one of the most important factors: the size of your bike, which is defined by the size of the frame. The frame is the main component of the bike and it is where the wheels and other items are mounted.

With the right frame, you guarantee better performance while cycling, avoiding pain and problems in the spine and lower back. That’s because, what determines the size of the frame is the height of the cyclist.


The frame measures, however, vary depending on the bike model you choose. For example, if you measure between 1.50m to 1.60m in height you should buy a Mountain Bike with a 15 inch frame.

But if you prefer to purchase a ride-on bicycle, the ideal frame size will be 13 or 14 centimeters.

In addition to using your height as a reference, you can also find the ideal frame measurement by calculating the horse’s height. The horse corresponds as it goes from the ground to its groin.


The size of the wheel is another factor to be taken into account because it reflects on performance and speed. For a long time, the only option available was the female bicycle with a 26-inch rim. But, currently, it is possible to find models with rim 29 and rim 27.5.

  • Rim 26 : Rim wheels 26 are generally lighter. But they are also worse for withstanding impacts.
  • Rim 29 : The 29-inch model is more suitable for cyclists who measure over 1.80 meters in height.
  • Rim 27.5 : And the female bicycle with rim 27.5 is a middle ground between the two previous ones.


Before the manufacture of the women’s bicycle, the bicycle saddles were too narrow. After all, they were based on the male body structure, disregarding the woman’s anatomy.

But the fact is that women have their hip bones farther apart than men. And, precisely for that reason, the saddle of the so-called conventional bicycles generates a lot of discomfort and pain.

Today, however, it is possible to find models with the widest saddle on the back, ideal for accommodating the female hip in a correct and comfortable way.


This is also a factor that will interfere with your health and comfort when cycling, since the handlebars should be the same width as your shoulders.

Since women generally have the narrowest shoulders, it is important that the handlebars are adequate to maintain good posture. Currently, some brands already offer women’s bikes with 38cm handlebars, a smaller width and more suitable for women.

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