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Top & Best Aro 20 Bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Aro 20 Bike: How to choose the best of 2022?

If you came here looking for help choosing your 20 rim bike, you are in the right place. prepared this material with the care of a father who teaches his son to ride. We will show you details, tips and information about the best models available in the national market.

Learning to ride a bicycle is considered a milestone in most children’s lives. Some earlier, some a little later, but the truth is that every boy or girl dreams of his bike.

The appropriate size is very important, of course, but what we’ll present goes far beyond that. Keep reading and learn all about the 7 best rim bikes 20. After that, feet on the pedal, wheels on the street and hair in the wind.

First, the most important

  • Get ready to find many models on the market. Although the visual aspect is a factor to be observed, be aware of essential characteristics such as weight, accessories, safety and comfort.
  • The target audience is usually children over 6 years old to teenagers in the 13 or 14 age range. But the rim 20 is also widely used for sports, such as BMX and Cross, also serving the older ones.
  • Define where, how and how often the bike will be used, and especially how much you plan to invest. The prices for a rim 20 bike vary between R $ 350 and R $ 800, with some special models costing up to R $ 3 thousand.

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Buying Guide

Cultivating the habit of cycling with children is good for health, increases social interaction between parents and children and decreases the incidence of diseases that have increasingly affected children, such as childhood obesity.

In this comprehensive shopping guide you will learn everything you need to know to provide these benefits to your children.


What is a 20 rim bike and why is it ideal for children?

It may not be the first bicycle for most children, but it will certainly be one of the most used.

The aro 20 bicycle has as main audience active and agitated children, from 6 years old, who will use it for transportation, rides, races among friends and all kinds of fun.

Because they cover a large age group, they usually last longer and have accessories that adapt as the child grows and develops. This is the case with adjustable seats and handlebars, for example.

Unlike adults, the child needs to touch the ground with both feet when sitting on the bicycle seat. Having this type of adjustment is essential to ensure the child’s sense of control and security.

A challenge for manufacturers is to offer strong and not too heavy bikes. In most cases, the materials used are steel, carbon, aluminum and other light and resistant metals.

One factor to be analyzed by parents at the time of purchase is that the bicycle rim 20 is intended for those children who already know how to cycle, and already dominate the balance on the skinny. They generally no longer have training wheels and require a degree of skill.

Some models that we present here have gear that can reach up to 21 speeds. On the one hand, this facilitates the use of bicycles, as it adapts the pedaling according to the terrain, alternating between light and heavy. However, it is one more tool that the child needs to learn and master to ride better.

A fundamental factor in the purchase decision on many occasions, the price of the rim 20 bikes is not a small amount.

In a world in which the attention of children and adolescents is largely focused on computers, video games, smartphones and electronic equipment, the bicycle ends up having strong competitors.

If computers and games are a force that holds children at home, bicycles are the invitation they need to go out and explore the world. The practice of cycling is an invitation to observe landscapes, enjoy nature and have a more harmonious relationship with the environment.

With that in mind, ReviewBox Brasil explores the advantages and disadvantages of keeping the bicycle on the list of essential items for a healthier life for your children.


  • Stimulates physical activity
  • Outdoor leisure option
  • Increases family life
  • Various models on the market
  • Provides adventure and radicalism


  • Risk of falls and accidents
  • Some children are slow to learn
  • Space to be carried on longer trips
  • Constant need for maintenance

The physical or online store market offers a number of brands and models so large and varied that it can confuse even the most experienced.

It is always good to know exactly where and how the bike will be used, and especially how often and for how long.

Also, keep in mind how much you think about investing. This can already eliminate or add some models to your list.

This step-by-step elaborated by ReviewBox Brasil is to provide you with tips, information and precious details that can be beaten in the speech of the seller of the store or even in the product descriptions in the online commerce portals.

What are the main safety tips?

In addition to paying attention to the safety items related to the purchase of the bicycle itself, it is also necessary to pay attention to other items that contribute to the tour being complete and completely safe.

In addition to the bicycle, it is also important to purchase additional safety equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Only then will your little one be 100% safe to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Bicycles can also have complementary accessories such as horn, rear view mirror and front and rear reflectors, which complete the safety kit.



It may seem silly, but even the clothing used during sports is also a safety factor. Keep an eye out and be attentive to clothes that can hook onto any part of the bike, thus offering risks.

It is also recommended to create a periodic maintenance routine and general check to verify that the equipment does not present any type of damage or requires extra care in the chain, tires, etc.

Bicycle for fun or competition?

The purpose differentiates models of bicycles that at first glance can be very similar. The rim bike 20 can be the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for a child, and even a professional outfit for a young person or adult.

There are many cases of little ones who received a BMX model as a gift and fell in love with the sport. Here, we will list some characteristics of each one to help you to differentiate and give that little push at the time of your purchase:


  Children BMX / Cross
Weight Lighter More resistant to impacts
Brakes Safer traditional brakes Hydraulic brakes or without brakes
objective Focus on walking and leisure Adaptations for maneuvers and speed
Accessories Comfort seats and pedals Performance benches and pedals

How to teach your child to ride a bicycle?

Now that you are ready to buy the bike, keep in mind the next steps to teach your child to ride and have a lot of fun. First, test the brakes and handlebars to make sure everything is working properly.

So, choose a time when you are calm, calm and in a good mood. Prefer moments with unlimited time and that you do not have to be timing how much time you have available.

More peaceful places with less people are more appropriate, after all this is a time for you to enjoy and create good memories and not trauma.



Be patient and empathetic, put yourself in his place and have this activity as something that gives you pleasure and not that it is martyrdom. Do not demand too much, everyone has time to learn. Pass the security that the child needs.


Lance ArmstrongFormer professional cyclist

“If you were worried about falling off the bike, you would never control it.”

Pay attention to the place and space used for the practice, observe what is around and what can be dangerous or cause some type of accident. Always be attentive and with your eyes very well directed towards the little one, a distraction can cause problems.

How much?

A good rim 20 bike can cost between R $ 300 and R $ 800 and the variations are in the manufacturers, some accessories or applied materials.

You can find the same model and brand with little price variation, but nothing too absurd. The most expensive models are usually the most elaborate, with damping and front and rear suspensions, for example.

Rim 20 bikes for use in professional competitions also tend to have a slightly higher price, as do modern models with special functions, such as the folding bike.

Another item to be evaluated is whether the product is linked to a famous character or that is in “fashion”. This can also make the bicycle more expensive.

Where to buy?

Physical stores aimed at sporting goods are good options to answer practical questions between models.

Centauro and Decathlon are some of them, but large supermarkets and department stores usually offer a good variety, especially Americanas, Ponto Frio, Magazine Luiza and Walmart.

The variety is even greater in online stores. Sites like Amazon and Netshoes offer a huge range of 20-rim bike models.


Purchasing criteria: factors for comparing the rim 20 bike models

Now that you know how to differentiate touring bikes from those used in competition, it’s time to take a closer look at some other factors. We will highlight and provide important tips and details by noting mainly:

  • Production material
  • Accessories and drawings
  • Exchange and suspension
  • Safety
  • Comfort

These are very important factors for you to analyze before buying a 20 rim bike. Below we detail each one so that you can find the best option for cycling.

Production Material

When we talk about production material, we need to consider that a bicycle is made up of several elements and each of them can be produced in a specific material.

The tires are mostly made of rubber, and the bicycle has numerous divisions such as frame, fork, handlebars, pedals, rims, usually made of steel, carbon, aluminum and other light and resistant metals. Be sure to check the quality of these materials.


Accessories and drawings

Some items are usually added to the rim 20 bikes to attract the attention of children.

Items like horn and support for water bottles are interesting, because besides being removable, they have specific and efficient functions.

Chain cover plates are very important for protection. In addition to preventing the child from getting hurt, it prevents clothes from getting tangled in the chain, tearing or even causing accidents.

But it is worth mentioning that thematic bikes may not pay off the investment in the long run.

First, because the child may be attracted more by the character than by the quality of the bicycle in question, and also because the fascination with Batman or Barbi can last for a few months and the bicycle can be more of an item thrown in the corner. A more neutral model can be an excellent option:

Exchange and suspension

The geared bicycle still divides opinions, especially when it is aimed at children, because it is a two-way street.

The gearbox can provide a smoother ride on the way up, saving the little ones’ effort. However, it is another step to be learned by the child and can make the experience more complex and discouraging.

If you choose models with gearshift, give preference to the simplest gear shifters, with lever or swivel drives.

Just pay close attention, as some suspension systems have a purely aesthetic character and instead of providing more softness on impact, they add only one thing to your bike: price.

Safety and Warranty

For the child to ride a bicycle safely, the equipment must meet the basic requirements, one of which is the chain protector, as we have already mentioned.

Safety is a mandatory factor when it comes to any material aimed at children. In addition to guaranteeing a helmet, clothes, gloves and other essential equipment, ensure that the bicycle is certified by INMETRO, which can be found on a seal attached to the equipment.

If you do not find it or want to check it beforehand, this site provides all INMETRO regulations for children’s bicycles.

It is very common for manufacturers to offer only a 3-month warranty on their 20-rim bicycle models. Stay tuned, compare, and be safe at the time of your purchase.


Pay attention to the design of the rim and seat, is the child comfortable when riding the bicycle?

It is important to highlight that the leg cannot be fully stretched and in the movement there must be an angle of 15 degrees between the thigh and the leg. It is still advisable that the arms are semi-flexed and the spine straight.



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