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Top & Best Moped Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Moped: What’s the best of 2022?

If you are looking for a versatile, economical and yet fast transport, this article is for you: we will now talk about the motorized bicycle, the great friend of cyclists at the time of uphill and tiredness.

So, so that you can put the pedals aside when it suits you, we have set up a Guide, which will help in your research, in the choice, and, who knows, even in the purchase of your next motorized bicycle. Important information, selected models, tips, in short, content is not lacking on the pages below.

First, the most important

  • Engine sizes are one of the factors that most differentiate motorized bicycle models on the market. The most common values ​​are 40, 50 and 80 displacement.
  • The motorized bicycle, in ideal conditions, can reach 65 km / h, but it normally travels between 30 km / h and 40 km / h.
  • Motorized bicycles have a price that varies between R $ 500, in the most basic models, and R $ 4000, in the most powerful models with a different design, such as the chopper type .

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Best motorbikes: Cyclists’ favorite models

Below, you can check our selection with the best models of motorized bikes on the market. We analyze, in addition to its parts, such as rim, frame and engine, its performance and especially its cost-benefit ratio.

  • The motorized bicycle for any situation
  • The most robust model
  • The most economical motorized bike model

Shopping Guide

However healthy, agile and practical the bicycle may be, there are times when it is not enough. There is no need to go far to look for an example: uphill, streets without cycle paths or even when the tiredness is great, make the “skinny” facility a beautiful trap.

The motorized bicycle, therefore, is a great option, a hybrid, with the convenience of pedaling with the ease of the engine – as long as you choose the right model. Lucky for you that in this Shopping Guide we will give you all the tools you need to find the ideal motorized bicycle.

What do I need to have a moped?

First of all, in order for you to buy a motorized bicycle, and to ride it, you must be at least 16 years old, and equip your vehicle with a horn, mirrors and night signs. In addition, the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN) determined additional rules as optional for each municipality.

Therefore, inquire about the traffic rules for motorized bicycles in your city. In any case, the most common, in the case of stricter rules, is the mandatory CNH type “A”.

Many cities divide the rules between motorized and non-motorized driving, that is, when the engine is off, the rules for bicycles apply, and when the engine is on, the rules for bicycles apply.


How fast is the motorized bicycle?

The speed that the motorized bicycle can reach is, of course, very much related to the capacity of its engine. Still, you will hardly find a model that has a top speed less than 30 km / h, as well as one that reaches more than 65 km / h.

The average cruising speed of motorized bicycles, that is, the speed that you will normally ride, the speed that models reach without forcing the engine, is between 35 km / h and 40 km / h.

How many km per liter does the motorized bicycle do?

Gasoline consumption of a motorized bicycle is another point that depends on the model, but also on the engine, the driver’s weight and even the mileage of the “scooter”.

Considering a brand new model, and with a driver with the world average weight, between 75 kg and 90 kg, an 80-cylinder motorized bicycle, the most powerful, can do up to 65 kilometers per liter.

Regardless of the model’s consumption, the ideal is that you can make slight stops every thirty minutes of using the engine, so that it cools down, and therefore lasts longer.


What are the advantages of the 4-stroke motorized bicycle?

The four-stroke motorized bicycle, together with an eighty-cylinder engine (of which we will see more below), is the most powerful model on the market. Focusing, however, on the four times, there are a number of advantages and some disadvantages in its use.


The biggest advantage is the automatic clutch.

The advantage that will most impact the use of the model is the automatic clutch, that is, just accelerate as the bike rides. On two-stroke models, you need to engage the clutch with a lever.

Another advantage is that, although it depends on the engine capacity, the four-stroke models achieve a higher maximum speed and a better relative consumption. Finally, they have their own oil compartments, with greater capacity, therefore, less oil changes are necessary.

  • Automatic clutch
  • Higher speed
  • Less oil change
  • Bigger and heavier
  • Specific oil

Why is the 80cc moped ideal for climbing?

To be able to ride only on the engine, without giving that “help” with the pedal, with your motorized bike uphill, you need starting power, and, above all, the ability to maintain speed.

The eighty-cylinder engine is the best option in this case, since, together with a 4-stroke model, it has an excellent start, in addition to being able to reach high speeds, for this mode, of course. Depending on the situation, it can reach up to 65 km / h. Not that you need it all for a climb, but it can be useful in some situations.

What is the difference between a motorized bicycle and an electric bicycle?

First of all, it is important that you know that both models are motorized bikes. It is that the motorcycle treated in this article uses fuel – a mixture of gasoline and oil -, while the electric motor uses, well, electric energy to power your engine.

Due to the combustion inside, the motorbike reaches higher speeds, an average of 35 km / h to 45 km / h, while the electric one reaches a little more than 25 km / h.

Sports and Fitness
Electric Bicycle

On a daily basis, the motorized bicycle needs to be refueled every ninety or one hundred kilometers, approximately. The electric bicycle, in turn, is being recharged while it is pedaled. Still, it is possible to plug it into an outlet, like any electronic device, to complete the charge.

Among its counterpoints, the motorcycle needs more repairs, as it has more parts, while the electric bicycle is dangerous on rainy days and flooded roads.

Motorized Electric
Motor Petrol and oil Electricity
economy Low High
Negative point Repairs and pollution Speed ​​and danger on rainy days and flooded roads.

What is the price of the motorized bicycle?

The price of the motorized bike varies widely, as there are many parts, items of materials, qualities and capacities, and even variable designs.

You can buy more basic models from R $ 500, with light and low-powered engines, and you can also take robust models, with fast engines and different designs, for up to R $ 4000.

Where to find a cheap motorbike?

Considering that the normal value of a motorized bicycle starts at R $ 500, it will be difficult to find “cheap” models, that is, below that.

Your best chances are used models, found in bicycle and other moped resale stores, and the so-called “kits”, in which the engines and other accessories to be installed on ordinary bikes are sold.

The best place you can go to look for motorized bikes is the good old internet, especially at Mercado Livre, where you can negotiate directly with the seller. On Amazon you also find a good offer of models, all new and of quality.


Purchasing Criteria: What to note when buying your moped

Choosing a product that is a hybrid between two modes of transport can be a rather complicated task. Therefore, we have put together a list of purchase criteria, which are the essential elements of the motorized bike to be noticed before you decide your ideal model.

  • Painting
  • Hoop
  • Motor
  • Brake
  • velocity
  • Use


Like the whole bicycle, the frame is an important point to be examined on your motorized bicycle. An ideal frame should be both resistant, for greater safety and stability, and light, for aerodynamics and practicality.

Search for steel, carbon or aluminum frames, the materials that best match the requirements mentioned above, in addition to being durable and affordable.



Despite being motorized, the product of this article remains a bicycle. Thus, it is totally valid to compare and select models from their rim. Unlike ordinary bikes, with a huge variety of rims, the most common on the motorized bike are the rim 26 models.

Either way, guide your search for the size of the rim, that is, the size of your motorbike, and whether it is suitable for your size for the use you intend to give it.


It is not even necessary to explain the importance of the engine to your moped, is not it. After all, it’s in the name … anyway, not to make a new article just for the engine, we will be objective. There are three elements to be aware of:

  • Cylinders,  engine performance, measured in “CCs”. The most common are 40cc, 50cc and 80cc.
  • Horses , the power, measured in “HPs” that hardly exceeds 5HP.
  • Time , which makes the models more or less fast. The most common are two or four stroke.


Brakes are also of paramount importance when choosing your motorbike model. They must be as safe as possible, and present on both the rear and front wheels, and made of quality materials, such as aluminum.

Most likely, you will fall back on the choice between disc brakes and “V-Brakes”, the latter present on most moped models.


The speed of your motorized bicycle should also be taken into account at the time of purchase, and the ideal is that it is aligned with its use with the vehicle, whether for tour, work, daily transportation, in short.

The tip here is to note, more than the average speed that such a model is capable of reaching, it is the recommended speed for it, usually varying between 40 km / h and 60 km / h. Operating at the speed suggested by the manufacturer, you have greater driving safety and greater durability of the model’s parts and engine.


Don’t forget to take into account the use you intend to give to your next model of moped bike. To simplify the process, we divided it into three main uses: professional, recreational and modal.

The professional motorized bicycle should focus on economy, performance and comfort. It must be a model who can stand on the street all day, and who helps you to stand on it too. The economics of the model is also essential, so that fuel costs do not interfere with the profit of your sales.

Recreational, in turn, allows you to think of models with more powerful, faster engines and more elaborate designs. After all, it’s for a walk.

The modal, which is the motorized bicycle used as a means of transport to get to work and other commitments, must be, mainly, resistant, that is, that it makes the daily commute smoothly, nor does it need a very recurrent maintenance.

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