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Top & Best Bathroom cabinet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bathroom cabinet: What are the best 2022 models?

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house and it has been gaining investments in the decor item every year. But in addition to being beautiful, this space needs to be functional and a way to guarantee this is with the bathroom cabinet, a product we will talk about here today at

Can be used to store all items used in the bathroom, such as shampoos, towels and toilet paper, this type of cabinet is found in different sizes, shapes, models and materials. Thanks to this it adapts to all styles of decoration and spaces.

And if you are building or renovating your bathroom, but you don’t know which type of cabinet to buy, you have just arrived at the right place. In this text we gather all the information about this product and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to choose, so continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • You can buy a ready-made bathroom cabinet or hire a furniture store designed to make an exclusive model.
  • This piece of furniture can be placed in different places in the bathroom, being very present below and above the sink.
  • The bathroom cabinet is found in several materials and there are options made of PVC, aluminum and wood of type MDF and MDP.

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Ranking: The 5 best bathroom cabinet models

There are a multitude of bathroom cabinets, but not all can be a good option. Thus, we have gathered in this Ranking the models best evaluated by users so that you can already start choosing yours, check out:

Buying Guide

The bathroom cabinet is an item of furniture that serves not only to store the products used in daily life, but also to add to the decoration. It complements in space and can be accompanied by mirrors and various finishes.

Currently, practically all houses have at least one of these in their bathroom and thanks to its versatility it is not difficult to find a model that suits your needs. To show you this, we created this Buying Guide and if you want to know more just read until the end.

What is a bathroom cabinet?

Often called a cabinet, the bathroom cabinet is a piece of furniture made to store all the products used in this room on a daily basis.

It is found in several models, with open, closed options, with the most varied types of door and also in different materials such as wood, PVC and even aluminum.

Because of this, this is a widely used product, as it can adapt to all tastes and sizes of the bathroom, being an excellent ally in decoration and also in the organization of space.

It is important to know that bathroom cabinet and cabinet are the same. However, when it comes to the cabinet, it refers to the cabinet that is located below the sink and if it is placed anywhere else it should not be named.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom cabinet?

The bathroom cabinet is a product that can be added to this room in several ways. The first of these is in terms of organization, since it is possible to keep all products in one place, without the need to leave them on top of the sink, for example.

Another positive point is that the cabinet can add to the decoration, since there are several materials and finishes that can be used to make the environment more beautiful and sophisticated.

It should also be noted that this item is found in several versions, with the possibility of making it according to needs. That way, there are no restrictions and it can be used in every type of bathroom.

One should only be careful with some materials in which the bathroom cabinet can be made with its durability in mind. An example is wood, a raw material that is resistant to moisture, but that cannot be wet.

In which places can the bathroom cabinet be installed?

Regardless of the size of the bathroom it is essential to know that there are no rules and this type of closet can be installed anywhere in this room. In fact, this is a great way to optimize space and thus be able to store more things.

The most common are the cabinets placed under the sink, which as we told you are often called cabinets. These have a dual function and in addition to allowing the products to be stored, they also hide the plumbing that may be apparent.

There are also those who place the bathroom cabinet over the sink and often these are joined to mirrors, creating a more sophisticated look. Another very viable place option is above the toilet.

This space is often overlooked in the bathroom and by placing a cabinet there, it is possible to make better use of the wall. Care should only be taken that it is high enough so that it does not get in the way.

In addition, if you have a large bathroom and there are walls available, it is also possible to place a cabinet on them. Just be careful not to fill the place with cabinets and sin in aesthetics.

What to store in a bathroom cabinet?

There are a multitude of products that can be stored in the bathroom cabinet and the ideal is to store in this furniture all the items that are used in this room on a daily basis. Some towels , soaps , hair cleaning products, nail clippers , tweezers, brushes, hair dryers , flat iron and toilet paper are some examples.

However, it is essential to keep the closet organized, so that you can keep more things in it. For this you can use organizing baskets and always place products of the same category inside them.

For example, in one basket you can store only hair items like shampoo , conditioner, moisturizing mask and the like, in another you can store hygiene products like toothpaste and soaps .

In addition, the items you use least can go to the bottom of the closet, while the most used items should be on the front. Another tip is for storing bath towels and at that moment you can make rolls with them and stack one on top of the other to optimize space.

Regarding toothbrushes , it is worth knowing that they can be stored in the bathroom cabinet or left over the sink, but it is essential that they have a protector for their bristles, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria.



Did you know that some products cannot be stored in the bathroom cabinet? This room contains a lot of humidity and thanks to that it can cause damage to a series of items.

With that, know that makeup and medicine should never be placed in the bathroom cabinet because steam and temperature can change their characteristics and end up spoiling products.

How much?

The value of bathroom cabinets is extremely variable due to a number of factors, such as material, size and the presence or absence of a mirror. Even if you buy the finished product, it will usually be more affordable than if you make a planned model.

With that, it is possible to find bathroom cabinets to buy with a price that varies between R $ 25, in the case of simple ones made in plastic, up to more than R $ 2 thousand, in the options that contain two or three pieces made in wood.

Where to buy?

The bathroom cabinet is a very easy product to be found in several stores, especially those that sell furniture and construction products , since there is a huge range of online stores that sely ll it,

    • Amazon
    • Free market
    • Mobly
    • American
    • Wood Wood


Regardless of the place of purchase, it is important to pay attention to the assembly of the bathroom cabinet. Some physical stores offer free assemblers or charge a fee for this. The websites do not normally have this option, so it is necessary to know a professional to install your cabinet.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare bathroom cabinet models

Now that we have let you in on everything about the bathroom cabinet and even show you how to use yours, the time has come to explain what factors should be taken into consideration to choose the ideal cabinet model, they are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Design
  • Door opening mode
  • Mirror presence

We will detail each one below so that you can understand it better.


The first point to be considered before buying a bathroom cabinet concerns the available size you have and the measurements of the model you are considering buying.

In this sense, it is essential to measure the height, width and length of the cabinet, especially if this is a model that will be fitted under the sink, since it must be aligned and well fitted.

The same goes for cabinets that are above the sink, since the width of both should also be the same. Regarding the options that will be suspended, it is also essential to measure how high the cabinet will be, as this way injuries are avoided.


Speaking specifically of wooden bathroom cabinet models, it is important to define their color and it depends a lot on the style of decoration and also on the size of the space.

Regarding this, there are no rules and it is possible to choose cabinets in neutral tones such as beige, hazelnut, black and white, as well as colored. There is even the possibility of creating compositions, for example, a door of one color and structure in another.

Take into account that for small bathrooms, light colors help to enlarge the environment, while dark colors visually decrease space.


The bathroom cabinet is a product made of different materials, the most common being PVC, aluminum and MDP and MDF type woods. Thinking about the aesthetics and durability of the product it is important to analyze this carefully.

The PVC is a hard plastic type found in very white and transparent color. Visually speaking, the bathroom cabinets manufactured with it are the simplest, not having much aesthetic appeal.

The positive side of this material is that it can be wet and exposed to moisture without damaging it, however, if it undergoes very strong shocks it can break and even generate some kind of injury. There are such options with and without a mirror .

Aluminum bathroom cabinets were widely used years ago and basically existed in a simple model with a mirror on the door. Nowadays there are more options in terms of design, but there is nothing very elaborate.

This material is very resistant and can be exposed to moisture without undergoing any type of oxidation, but it is not very sophisticated.

On the other hand, thinking about aesthetics and sophistication, the cabinet models manufactured in MDP and MDF are the best and it is not for nothing that they are currently the most chosen.

Visually speaking these two raw materials are very similar and both cannot be wetted, as this will spoil them.

Apart from that, bathroom cabinets made with these types of wood have great durability, exist in several colors and there is greater variation in the design aspect as well.


Another point to be taken into account is the design of the cabinet. In this sense it is important to check how many shelves it has, whether there is a good internal space and the existence of drawers, as they can be very useful.

Also, know that in terms of organization, shelves are one of the most important items, as they help to keep products separate according to the category and intensity of use.

In addition, niches are a good option for anyone looking to invest in bathroom decor. In them can be placed more worked towels, flower pots, aromatizers and more.

Door opening mode

The way to open the bathroom cabinet door should also be considered and it is possible to find models with all the options, however the opening ones end up being the most common ones.

In the case of those who have enough space, this is irrelevant, but for those who have a passage area between the closet and the bathroom door or the smaller wall, perhaps opting for an option with a sliding door is more feasible.

In addition, suspended models can also have a hinged door and this makes it easier to open and close.

Mirror presence

Nowadays it is difficult to find bathrooms without a mirror , since this piece helps in everyday life and also manages to give an appearance of spaciousness in this room.

In this sense, it is possible to opt for a cabinet that already comes with a built-in mirror and in this way it is possible to make a better use of spaces. This is especially true for models that are installed above the sink.


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