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Top & Best Aromatic candle review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Aromatic candle: How to choose the best in 2022

Your internet review site. To make any room much more fragrant and with a touch of sophistication, nothing better than a good aromatic candle.

Developed with essential oils, they can be found in a range of fragrances and colors, and as soon as they start to burn, they help create a more pleasant atmosphere and help even your health.

Through aromatherapy, you can use different scents to induce relaxation and get rid of stress after a difficult day. To understand more about aromatic candles and their benefits, check out our review.

First, the most important

  • To achieve a more pleasant experience, the ideal is to light the aromatic candle at least an hour beforehand so that your perfume spreads well in the environment.
  • Many aromatic candles come in beautiful packaging that can be reused after use.
  • To avoid accidents, it is important to keep the candles in a safe place, away from flammable materials.

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The best aromatic candles on the market: Our choices

Ideal to create a moment of intimacy and romanticism or to compose the decoration of your home, aromatic candles can be incorporated into your daily life in several ways. To get an idea of ​​which candles are perfect for your home, take a look at our Ranking.

Buying Guide

Candles were once essential for lighting environments before the large-scale implementation of electrical energy. Today they are used to create cozy moments and make our lives more fragrant.

To understand everything about scented candles and how to incorporate them into your home or workplace, see our Shopping Guide with some essential tips that will help you with your purchase.

What is an aromatic candle?

Aromatic candles are nothing more than traditional candles that have natural or artificial essential oils that help maintain a fragrant environment with pleasant and cozy indirect lighting.

If, before, candles were essential to illuminate the environments when night fell, with the advent of electrical energy, they adapted and never went out of fashion, reaching today a status of sophistication, relaxation and romanticism.

Today it is possible to find decorated models, in different fragrances and colors to please every type of smell and to help create or celebrate special moments.

What are the types of aromatic candles?

With the evolution of manufacturing technologies, it is possible to find different types of aromatic candles. The most common is paraffin, which is cheaper, can be found widely on the market and is ideal for everyday use.

Gel candles allow more customization, which makes them ideal for helping to compose a decoration. They have become popular and are in an intermediate price range.

But if you prefer candles made from natural products, they can be more difficult to find and are often more expensive. Check out our comparative table below.

How can I incorporate the use of aromatic candles in my daily life?

Aromatic candles are excellent for helping to create beautiful decorations in all types of environments, whether for dinner, to make the bathroom more cozy and fragrant during your baths or to create a feeling of relaxation in your room, before going to sleep.

You can even place the candle in the room to receive visitors, or compose the decoration of a table. In this case, as it involves food, choose very mild fragrances.

Candles can also be used for aromatherapy.

They can also be used for aromatherapy, where each fragrance helps to create a type of sensation or mood, especially when combined with the right colors.

The best thing is that to enhance the sensations, you must light the candle for at least an hour and then put out the flame, so the perfume will spread well through the environment without wasting.

How much does an aromatic candle cost?

The price of aromatic candles can vary widely according to their size and the materials used in their manufacture. Traditional paraffin or gel candles can be found in a price range of R $ 5 to R $ 100.

Candles produced from natural ingredients cost a little more and can be found from R $ 20 to values ​​that exceed R $ 200.

All models in this article can be found in a price range that ranges from R $ 25 to R $ 230.


Where to buy an aromatic candle?

You can find aromatic candles in decorative items stores, stores specializing in the candle trade and even in large supermarket chains.

However, if you prefer to purchase the comfort of your home quickly and conveniently, all the models shown in this review can be found on Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying an aromatic candle

As you can see, aromatic candles offer several benefits, be it for scenting environments, helping with decoration and even for giving gifts to those you like on a special date.

However, before making the purchase it is important to check some criteria to make sure you are making the right choice to get the color and fragrance right.

  • Material
  • Fragrances
  • Colors
  • Size and shape
  • Packing

Check each of these topics in detail below to find which aromatic candles are perfect for those moments when you just want to relax a little and forget about everyday problems.


Currently, most aromatic candles are produced in paraffin, a by-product of oil that is transformed into a type of solid, white wax that is then used to make candles.

During the process, essential oils are placed in the mixture to obtain different fragrances, which can be natural or artificial. They also receive dyes during manufacture, resulting in candles of different colors.

Today it is also common to find paraffin candles in transparent or colored gel or those that are made exclusively from natural ingredients that do not harm the environment.


What makes aromatic candles special and fragrant are fragrances. Here it is important to find one that appeals to your sense of smell, arouses sensations and is not nauseating.

The fragrance can be obtained through natural or artificial essential oils. If you want candles for aromatherapy sessions, it is possible to find different fragrances to achieve different moods.


The colors help to give more life to the candles and complement the effects of aromatherapy, since there are studies that show how different colors influence our mood.

They also help to highlight candles as decorative items, allowing you to incorporate them into your environment so that it matches the color of your furniture.

Size and shape

You can find aromatic candles in all sizes and shapes. Especially in the case of the size and thickness of the candle, this will influence its durability and how many hours it can remain lit before the paraffin runs out.

The formats also vary widely, from the most traditional to round or carved candles in thematic or floral formats to match different occasions or festive dates.


Today most aromatic candles come in glass or ceramic packaging, which are heat resistant. The packaging also prevents the paraffin from draining out and ends up damaging the surface on which it was placed.

At the time of purchase, the packaging can be a decisive factor, because even after the candle is finished, you can continue using them in other ways in the decoration of your home.


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