Top & Best Astaxanthin Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Astaxanthin: What is the best supplement in 2022?

Have you heard of astaxanthin? Because in today’s text we are going to talk about supplementation based on this organic substance and very beneficial for the human body.

Some know her as the “queen of carotenes”, placing her, for example, above the so-called beta-carotene. Others refer to it as “the most powerful antioxidant in nature”, a self-explanatory phrase, let’s face it. The fact is, astaxanthin is here to stay.

In this Guide, we will show your position in the market, showing varieties, competitors, in addition to, of course, the best products available on physical and digital shelves. In the process, we will also give you the necessary information so that you can choose the ideal formula for your need.

First, the most important

  • One of the great benefits of astaxanthin is its safety, with minimal contraindications. Still, consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting your supplementation.
  • Studies indicate that astaxanthin is up to ten times more efficient than common antioxidants.
  • Its natural color is red, and does not bleach. Be wary of products that sell it in another color.
  • Its price ranges from R $ 50, among the cheapest supplements, and R $ 300, among the most expensive, depending on the quantity of capsules, the concentration of the substance and even its formula.

Best Astaxanthin Supplements: Our Recommendations

Below, we list some of the best astaxanthin supplements on the market, taking into account their dosage, the focus of their benefits, the method of obtaining, among other aspects.

  • The best rated astaxanthin supplement on the internet
  • Well-rated supplement worldwide
  • Astaxanthin supplement for two months


Buying Guide

If its extensive list of benefits, of improving vision to the immune system, places astaxanthin as the “queen of carotenes”, its prominent place among antioxidants is due to its enormous resistance to becoming a pro-oxidant, a common fact among the rest of the category.

This combination made it the new “darling” of the supplementation market. Here, in the Buying Guide, we will give your panorama in this segment, showing the varieties, advantages and disadvantages of the product, and even competitors.


What is astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, an oxidizing biomolecule produced by microalgae, in particular Haematococcus pluvialis , where most of its market production comes from.

A characteristic element is its intensely red color, which makes not only the supplement capsules red, but also the tissue of many of the animals that consume it, such as salmon, lobster, krill, shrimp and crab.



What are the benefits of astaxanthin?

From its powerful antioxidant effect, which is up to ten times more effective than the well-known Vitamin E, for example, astaxanthin can bring several benefits to different areas of the body.

Starting with the brain, which has neurons protected from free radicals and thus has the effect of delayed aging. Further down, in the eyes, its ability to accumulate in the retina protects vision from problems related to tiredness.

Following the path, the heart is also benefited by the improvement that the substance promotes in blood circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol control. This makes muscle recovery equally beneficial.

Finally, two other major systems, the immune system and the integumentary system (skin), stand to gain from astaxanthin. The first, from the increase in lymphocytes (protective cells) related to the consumption of carotene; the second, from the improvement in skin moisture and elasticity, in addition to greater resistance to UV rays.



Quais as vantagens e desvantagens da astaxantina?

A primeira vantagem de se consumir um suplemento de astaxantina, é obviamente, seu vasto conjunto de benefícios à saúde e ao funcionamento do corpo humano. Depois, a resistência em virar um pró-oxidante a torna muito mais segura.

A astaxantina é também lipossolúvel, o que a deixa mais apta para absorção, além de mais versátil, mercadologicamente falando. Por fim, a sua procedência é confiável, por ter uma fonte “única” de produção, as microalgas pluvialis.

On the other hand, research related to the effects of astaxanthin on the body is quite recent, and of a volume well below other established substances. Not that the benefits of their consumption are put in check, but the extent of them, and how they happen.

Finally, although its consumption is quite safe, it is not free from contraindications. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and babies should not use the supplement – at least not without consulting a specialist first.



  • Wide range of benefits
  • Safe consumption
  • Good absorption by the body
  • Reliable source


  • Recent researches
  • Contraindications

Natural or synthetic astaxanthin?

We are talking here about the vegetable origin of astaxanthin, produced by freshwater microalgae. It turns out that it is not the only way – excluding animal extraction, which is not economically viable – to obtain the antioxidant.

The production of synthetic astaxanthin is not exactly normal, but it is not uncommon. It happens a lot for the preparation of feed for salmon, shrimp and etc., and it is not impossible to find it for sale, especially online.

The biggest difference – in addition to production, being synthetic derived from petrochemicals – is in effectiveness, with natural being about twenty times more effective than “rival”.



Astaxanthin or Krill Oil?

Natural astaxanthin is produced by microalgae, but it can also be found in abundance in animals that feed on them, such as salmon, lobster … and krill.

An emerging product in the supplementation market, Krill Oil is a competitor of Fish Oil, but one of its great advantages is the presence of astaxanthin, which also leaves the Oil in “competition” with the product in this text.

To solve a possible doubt between the Krill Oil supplement and the “pure” Astaxanthin supplement, however, it is simple. It is a matter of focus: the oil is rich in Omega 3, which acts in the sphere of cholesterol, with the difference of having good levels of astaxanthin.

The formulas of “pure” carotene, on the other hand, focus more on protecting against free radicals and their effects related to aging, with complementary actions on muscles and blood.


How much does it cost and where to buy an astaxanthin supplement?

Very recent in the market, astaxanthin still has some fluctuation in prices, due to the large volume of imports and the whole exchange rate issue. Then, the difference in dosage and even the formula of the product also make the value vary.

Still, basically, the cheapest supplements cost around R $ 50, and the most expensive, R $ 300.

The safest and best equipped physical locations to sell astaxanthin are the large pharmacy chains, such as Drogaria São Paulo, and handling units, such as Doce Flora or Miligrama.



It is on the internet, however, where you will find the widest range of prices, brands and formulas. In this case, Amazon, Mercado Livre and the online version of pharmacies like Drogaria São Paulo, are the most suitable, even for you to be able to buy in the comfort of your home.


Purchase Criteria: how to choose the ideal astaxanthin

Next, we will help you find the ideal astaxanthin supplement. As? With a super list of purchase criteria, assembled from elements of the product and characteristics of its use.

  • Conductive oil
  • Flavor
  • Dosage
  • Red color

In order for your choice and purchase to be the most informed, and therefore the best possible, we will detail each of the items:

Conductive oil

As we said, astaxanthin is fat soluble, that is, it needs to be associated with fats in order to be absorbed by human cells. So, at first, choose only the supplements where this combination exists.

Then, most products, especially those in which the nutrient is consumed in capsules, use a conductive oil to be the associated fat, commonly coconut oil or even olive oil. Therefore, choose the driver that you like the most.


The liposolubility of astaxanthin makes it one of the best times for its consumption to be during meals, with the substance being able to be associated with more oils and fats and be better absorbed.

So, thinking about your well-being, try to orient yourself with the flavor of the supplement you want to buy, if it is neutral, if it is sweet, if it has an artificial flavor, in short, that fits with any mealtime, serving as an incentive consumption, in a way.



Pay attention to the packaging numbers: they can be decisive. The number of capsules per package and the concentration of astaxanthin in each is decisive for your choice.

First to follow the advice of your doctor or nutritionist, then to dictate the product’s longevity, and match its expiration date. The most common concentrations are 4 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg and 12 mg; most bottles contain 50 to 120 capsules.

Red color

Remember the intense red color of astaxanthin? Well, this feature is very useful at the time of purchase, because the antioxidant does not lose its color, I mean, it does not whiten.

Therefore, choose only the capsules that contain red or reddish liquids, to make sure that the product sold is the same being consumed.


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