Top & Best 5-burner stove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

5-burner stove: How to choose the best appliance for your kitchen in 2022

Who is passionate about cooking and has the kitchen as the main environment of the house, should invest in a 5 burner stove. The appliance offers practicality and agility in preparing several dishes at the same time – ideal for large families and couples who receive guests frequently.

As the stove is one of the most traditional appliances, you can find several models from different brands, which makes the task of finding the ideal model complicated. That’s why we have prepared an article with everything you need to know about the 5-burner stove.

First, the most important

  • The 5 burner stove can be floor, built-in or table – also known as a cooktop. Know the advantages, disadvantages and indications of use of each model throughout this Purchase Guide.
  • The main advantage of a 5-burner stove is the possibility of preparing several dishes at the same time. This model is suitable for families from three members or couples who usually receive family and friends for meals on a regular basis.
  • The 5 burner stove can be operated with gas – LPG or natural gas – electric or induction (only 5 burner stove). But all models have automatic activation, so they need electricity to work.

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The best 5-burner stove models: The newsroom favorites

We have prepared a list of the best 5-burner stove models to help you find the ideal appliance for your kitchen. To build this list, we analyzed the technical specifications of the equipment of the most popular brands in  homes and the evaluations of people who have already bought these products.

  • The best 5-burner stove with glass table
  • A 5-burner stove with double oven
  • A 5-burner stove option
  • An option for those who prefer table stoves

Buying Guide

Anyone who likes to select the ingredients, spices and prepare a special recipe to gather family or friends for a delicious lunch or dinner on the weekend should invest in a 5-burner stove.

A 5-burner stove is versatile, as it can be used to prepare simple and sophisticated meals efficiently and quickly. Learn more about the appliance in this Buying Guide. Good reading!


Who is a 5-burner stove suitable for?

With the 5-burner stove you can prepare everyday meals and guarantee space for an additional pan. The 5-burner stove is ideal for families with three or more people and couples who often receive friends and family at home.

Before buying your 5-burner stove, be aware of the space available in your kitchen to install the appliance, as this feature will help define the type of stove – floor, built-in or table.

What are the benefits of a 5-burner stove?

The 5-burner stove meets all needs by offering five burners, expanding the variety of foods that can be prepared at the same time and making your meals even more varied.

The stove has smaller mouths, suitable for cooking delicate foods, larger ones for cooking meats and fried foods and specials.

Generally, the middle mouth has double, triple or quad flame, which allows for faster and more efficient cooking, ideal for large pans and preparation of recipes that require intense heat. Learn more about the types of burners:

  • Semi-fast : Smaller and less potent, ideal for preparing food over low heat.
  • Fast : Intermediate size and potency, enough to prepare most foods.
  • Double, triple or quad-flame : They have two, three or four rings of fire. They are more potent, so they are useful for preparing foods that need an intense fire and more preparation time.

The 5-burner stove has an oven with two or three grills (self-adjusting or manually adjustable) that can be positioned at up to three height levels, which allows the inclusion of refractories of all sizes.

In addition, the oven – single or double – has a capacity of more than 90L, which allows the preparation of several dishes at the same time.

Another benefit is the automatic ignition, which provides quick, easy and safe ignition, just press the ignition key and turn the control knob to adjust the level of flame intensity.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the 5-burner stove in the table below:

Before buying a 5-burner stove, make sure that you have the necessary space to accommodate the appliance, which is about 80cm wide, 1m high and must be at least 30cm away from the tub.

The stove must not be leaning against the side wall of the refrigerator, as this proximity negatively influences the energy consumption of the refrigerator.

Stove 5 burners floor, built-in or table?

The 5-burner floor stove is the conventional model, usually powered by natural gas or canisters. It can be accommodated in any space of your kitchen. It is ideal for those who change the stove frequently.

If you need to move it is very simple, as the appliance has two rear casters that increase the mobility of the equipment. It is worth buying a model with taller feet, for easy cleaning.

In contrast, the 5-burner built- in stove needs a space with the exact measurements to fit in a niche in the planned kitchen. It is an excellent option for those who have little space at home.

However, it cannot be moved. And if one day you need or want to buy a new 5-burner stove, you will be restricted to the shape and dimensions of the previous model. Those who live on rent or change their homes regularly should avoid this model.


This model maintains all the functionalities of a conventional 5-burner stove, with the advantages of complementing the decoration and facilitating the cleaning of the kitchen.

Another option is to invest in a stove 5 burners table , also called stovetop. You can find models powered by gas, electric power or electromagnetic induction.

Installed on a countertop, it is ideal for planned kitchens and American style. It is small in size – it does not have a built-in oven – so it is ideal for smaller environments.

But be aware, in addition to the table stove being more expensive, you must hire or pay for the installation separately.

What is the ideal size for a 5-burner cooker hood?

The combination stove and hood is essential in a kitchen, so when buying a 5-burner stove, set aside a part of the budget to buy the hood or a scrubber.


For a 5-burner stove, buy an 80 to 100cm range hood.

The ideal is that you choose a hood a little wider than the stove, this way you guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the appliance. Because of the width of the stove, invest in a hood with 80 to 100cm wide.


Purchasing criteria: What to look for when buying a 5-burner stove

With such a variety of models, choosing a 5-burner stove can seem like a complicated task. Even more if we take into account that the appliance will be used daily for a few years, then you cannot make a mistake in your choice.

However, with careful evaluation it is possible to find the ideal appliance for your kitchen. Check out what features to analyze on a 5-burner stove below:

  • Operating mode
  • Table material
  • Unique grids or individual trivets
  • Oven
  • Design
  • Special Features
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Brand

We will explain each of these items below. Follow these tips and you will find the 5 burner stove ideal for you and your family. If any questions arise do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will be happy to answer it. In the end, don’t forget to rate this text.

Operating mode

The 5-burner stove can have different ways of generating heat. Some use gas cylinders – or piped gas – others are powered by electric energy or electromagnetic induction (the latter two are only table stoves).

The gas stove is versatile, as it works with any type of pan. It is also cheaper, especially if you consider that this is the only model that comes with an oven.
But keep in mind that you will need to buy the gas cylinder every time you run out. And know that the conventional stove is a little slower than an electric stove.

The electric cooker has safety as a differential, after all there is no risk of gas leakage. It is also possible to adjust the temperature more precisely. However, the appliance usually consumes a lot of electricity, so your electricity bill will be higher.

Finally, the induction cooker is powered by electromagnetic induction, that is, it does not use gas or electricity, so it is the safest and most economical model. However, it requires a larger investment – you also need to buy a set of induction cookers.

Table material

When purchasing a 5-burner stove, evaluate the material on the cooking table. The traditional model, with stainless steel table, has individual niches and double enameled grids that are easy to remove.

The surface can be compartmentalized (it has dividers, ideal to avoid dirtying the entire stove if you accidentally spill some food) or Flat , that is, the table has no compartments and the trivets are trapped in structures in high relief.

You also find the model with tempered glass table and cast iron trivets. The design of this type of stove resembles modern table stoves. Another benefit is the ease and agility of cleaning. This model can come with or without a glass cover.

Unique grids or individual trivets

If you choose a 5-burner stove with a stainless steel table, you must choose whether you prefer equipment with single grills or individual trivets. The individual trivets are usually made of cast iron, to ensure stability for the pans.

The single grids are generally double and have an enamel coating. It is the ideal choice for those seeking practicality. After all, there are only three bars instead of five trivets.

In addition to the grids, analyze whether the burners are sealed – prevents dirt from entering the holes – or dismountable, in a set of three pieces – dirt gets in and gives more work to clean.


The oven is an important part of a 5-burner stove, as it is where roasts such as meats, cakes, pies, breads and everything you want will be prepared. That is why it is important to analyze its characteristics.

Those who cook a lot can choose a 5-burner stove with two oven compartments. The differential of this model is that you can prepare a savory dish and a sweet dish at the same time, as one food does not absorb the smell of the other.

These two ovens are completely separate and work independently. Generally, the bottom oven has a higher capacity than the top oven. The operation can be gas, electric or hybrid.


It is also important to assess whether the 5-burner stove has an oven with a grill function, which gives baked dishes such as meats and vegetables au gratin a golden and crispy layer. The grill oven is a great ally, as it offers practicality, makes food healthier, tastier and allows you to vary the menu.


You will find several 5-burner stove options with different styles, colors and finishes. Choose the model that matches your kitchen decor.

  • Stove color : The most common options are white, black and chrome. To choose the ideal color, it is important that there is harmony of colors in the kitchen, but it is not necessary that all appliances have the same color. The white stove is simpler and more discreet, the black has a bold, sober and elegant appearance and the chrome it is modern. You can also find colorful models such as pink, yellow, blue, red, among other shades. But think hard before buying a colored stove, so you don’t regret the purchase, okay?
  • Material : You find 5-burner stove models with stainless steel finish, which has a modern design and greater durability. This material is also more scratch resistant and less susceptible to stains. Because of the material, a 5-burner stainless steel stove is more expensive than a conventional model.
  • Design : Give preference to a 5-burner stove with a single front – and preferably with panoramic glass. In addition to the distinctive design, the absence of cutouts prevents the accumulation of dirt between the sides and the front of the appliance.

Special Features

Some features are common in most 5-burner stoves, from conventional to sophisticated models, such as a safety valve, automatic ignition, self-sliding shelf and double glazing in the oven door.

However, some models have special features, designed to facilitate your routine such as digital panel, Cleartec technology, clock with timer, internal lamp, super-automatic lighting and much more.

Discover the main special features of a 5-burner stove in the table below:

Assess which features best suit your needs. Remember: The stove does not need to have all these features, but those that will facilitate everyday life.

Ease of cleaning

In addition to considering all the features mentioned above, evaluate the ease of cleaning of the equipment (both the burners and the oven) before choosing the appliance.

Make sure which parts are removable – on some models, even the oven door can be removed for easy cleaning – and if the oven walls have a non-stick enamelled coating to prevent sticking to food – but be aware, as this type of coating can retain food odors after a few years of use, which can compromise the result of your recipes.

Do you know how the self-cleaning oven works? The interior of an oven with this functionality is coated with an enamelled layer with small pores. When you start roasting some food and the roast fat spills into these pores there is a chemical reaction and the fat evaporates.

For this reaction to occur, the internal temperature of the oven must be very high (around 480ºC), to reach this temperature it is important to keep the stove lid closed so that there is no heat dissipation. After finishing cooking, just wait a few minutes with the oven still on.


If you cannot choose a model with removable glass, look for equipment with sealed glass to prevent the accumulation of grease and dirt between the oven door glass.


You can find a 5-burner stove from different manufacturers. With that in mind, we decided to draw up a list of the best brands and their main models, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The brands Brastemp and Consul belong to the same group (Whirpool) and both offer high quality equipment at a higher price. The positive point is that this equipment has above-average durability, a 12-month warranty, quality technical assistance and the Procel A seal.

Consul offers the CFS5VAR and CFS5VAT models both with glass table and cast iron trivets, oven with 96L capacity, with sliding and adjustable shelves in three levels, in addition to the easy-clean system and sealed internal glass, which prevent the accumulation of dirt.

These devices have five burners, three with 2500W and two with 1800W. Other interesting features are oven light, removable buttons, automatic ignition and digital timer (the latter function is only available on the CFS5VAT model ).

If you prefer a model with these characteristics, but a stainless steel table, with double and enameled grids and easy to remove, double flame and digital timer with audible alert, choose the CFS5QAR or CFS5QAB models . There are also two other, simpler options: CFS5NAR and CFS5NAB .


The Brastemp also offers more variety of models: floor stove, for pressing, with double oven, stainless steel or glass table and more.

If you are looking for a built-in stove, invest in one of these models: BYS5PCR or BYS5CCR , both have stainless steel table, turbo flame, clock, digital timer, robust and individual trivets, removable buttons and protective rim. The BYS5CCR model offers a convection oven, Meat Control thermometer and steam function.

If you prefer a floor model with a glass table, choose the BFS5VCR model . If you prefer a model with a stainless steel table, the possibilities are even greater:

Another option is to buy a 5-burner stove from Electrolux , a brand that delivers equipment of excellent quality and good durability. Prices are very similar to those charged by Consul and Brastemp.

The brand offers only models with a stainless steel table, but its differentials are the oven with two doors – the upper one has a capacity of 38.8L and the lower one has a capacity of 94.5L – both gas, with sliding and adjustable shelves and removable glass.

The appliances have a triple flame burner, two quick and two semi-fast burners. In addition to a table panel with laser graphics, digital timer, clock and electric grill. Models with these characteristics are 76DBA and 76XDR .

If you prefer a simpler model, with a conventional oven (capacity for 91L), an ultra-burner and four semi-fast burners, double grills, removable shelf and ergonomic handles, choose the 76LBU model . Need more resources? Choose the 76RBS model with a clock, digital timer, self-cleaning oven and gas cut-off system.

Other interesting options are the stoves of the brand Atlas . The equipment is usually simple and inexpensive. You can find models with glass or stainless steel table. The best models are:  Tropical Glass , Top Gourmet Glass ,  U.Top Glass ,  Agile Glass , FastCook ,  Havana and Monaco .

Other options are Bosch (German), Continental (for more than 50 years on the market), Dako (has been on the market for more than 80 years, offers two ranges of stoves for domestic use), Esmaltec (over 55 years of tradition) and Fischer.



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