Top & Best Colcci Scholarship Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Colcci Scholarship: How to choose the best one in 2022?

your internet review site. Today’s article will deal with an essential accessory for women – the handbag. More specifically, let’s talk about the Colcci handbag models, one of the most renowned brands in national fashion.

Choosing the right bag may seem like an easy task, but in the midst of so many options it is easy to make the biggest fuss and buy a less-appropriate model.

To make your shopping easier, we have created a complete Guide with everything you need to know to find the perfect Colcci bag for your style (both fashion and lifestyle). Here we go

First, the most important

  • Colcci is a company that cares about the environment and all its bags are made with synthetic materials.
  • There are so many styles, sizes, colors and finishes that it is impossible not to find a bag that matches your look.
  • Colcci bags combine design with functionality and have great durability, being the perfect accessory for women with a busy routine.

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The best Colcci handbag models: Our favorites

Those who know Colcci know that the brand does not stop innovating and there are many models to choose from. To make your life easier, we created a Ranking with some models that raise any look. Check out!

  • A basic black bag
  • A fashionista option
  • The Colcci bag with vintage design
  • A structured model

Buying Guide

A purse is more than a simple accessory – it is an essential ally in any woman’s routine!

So that you can make the right decision when investing in a Colcci model, we have created this Buying Guide with the brand’s differentials, advantages and disadvantages and even tips on conservation and cleaning so you can rock around for many, many years ! Come on

What is the difference of a Colcci scholarship?

Colcci has over 30 years of history in national fashion and is a reference in more than 15 countries.

The brand combines quality with style and sustainability, since all bags are made of durable and resistant synthetic materials, with a bold and modern design.

Choosing a Colcci bag is making a conscious choice to contribute to reducing the use of animal products and all the environmental impact that this entails, without giving up style.



Colcci underwent a major overhaul in 2004 and part of the marketing plan was to hire supermodel Gisele Bündchen to star in the brand’s campaigns and participate in the parades at SPFW. The initiative worked and Colcci extended its operations to 15 countries.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Colcci scholarship?

Colcci bags are produced with quality synthetic material that guarantees a longer life, making the accessory an investment.


There are Colcci bags suitable for the most varied styles and occasions.

Another advantage is that Colcci’s team of designers works hard to create the most diverse models and one of them will surely win you over. There are Colcci bags suitable for the most varied styles and occasions, from a day at the beach to a gala dinner. Anyway, you can’t do it ugly!

The only disadvantage of Colcci bags is the price, which may be slightly higher than other brands in the same segment. Anyway, Colcci models have a great cost-benefit ratio, since they are of excellent quality and last a long time if well taken care of.

Check out a smart table below with the advantages and disadvantages of a Colcci bag:

How to clean and keep your Colcci bag for longer?

All Colcci bags are made of synthetic material. However, this is not synonymous with poor quality, quite the opposite: Colcci invests in design and technology to offer the best to the most demanding consumers, causing the least possible environmental impact.

Therefore, a Colcci scholarship can last for years if well maintained. To keep your bag as new for a longer time, it is recommended to clean its exterior with a slightly damp cloth. That’s it – there’s no secret!

As for the interior of the bag, just vacuum it (use the smaller pipe, adapted for small surfaces) to remove dirt and dust.

On what occasions to use a Colcci bag?

Colcci is a  fashion giant, and as such, it has many (many!) Models for you to compose your look in the way that most pleases you.

Anyway, it is possible to find totes, flaps, bags, shoulder bags, party bags, handbags, in short … there are several options that match each style of woman and each occasion.

There are perfect models to go to work, others that hold even the heaviest university books , bags to take cell phones and keys on that run to the bakery, sophisticated bags to rock that party, anyway!

There is a Colcci bag for every occasion you can imagine. And, as in fashion nothing is definitive, how about daring in your choices?

Where to buy a Colcci bag?

It is possible to find a Colcci bag in the brand’s stores, of course, but if there is no boutique in your city, don’t despair: there are many multi-brands that resell Colcci bags and there is a great offer on the internet.

Online clothing and accessories stores of options, in addition to large stores like Amazon.

If you really want a Colcci bag but are tight on money, a good option is to look for a model used.

How much does a Colcci scholarship cost?

The price of Colcci bags varies depending on the model. Smaller and more basic models, with fewer dividers and simpler closures can cost around R $ 150.

The most sophisticated models, with appliqués, embroidery or different finishes, can exceed R $ 500.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare Colcci handbag models

Choosing the perfect Colcci bag for you and your needs is not a seven-headed thing, but as money doesn’t work for you and we want you to make the best possible decision, we’ll present below some factors that should be taken into account when buying :

  • Material
  • Style
  • Size
  • Compartments
  • Occupation

Below is a detailed explanation of each factor:


As we saw earlier, all Colcci bags are produced in synthetic material to reduce environmental impact. However, this does not mean that all bags have the same face.

Colcci invests heavily in the finishing of its pieces and it is possible to find bags that imitate crocodile, metallized, with Colcci’s “C” engraved, appliqués, embroidery … all to give a sophisticated look to the material. Remember: not being leather does not mean that it is of poor quality.

So, the tip here is to consider the finish that you like best and that’s it – just go out and rock!


As for the style of the bag, consider the design that suits you best. There are women who prefer a more structured handbag, which gives a more tidy look to any production.

Likewise, there are more informal models, who can handle a weekend of music festival for the cinema with the crush.


Size is an important factor here. Consider larger and more structured scholarships if you have an intense routine, so that you can go from work to college without having to change scholarships, for example.

Smaller bags, however, also have their uses: after all, if you just want to go to the park with your dog, a tiny shoulder bag may be ideal for you. Cell phone, keys, wallet … if you are looking for an accessory that can handle only the essentials, Colcci is also the right choice!


It is not just the size of a bag that must be observed. The way you can organize your belongings inside is also very important, especially if you want to keep valuables. So assess whether the compartments are well planned and do the job.


To make the most of your Colcci bag, think about what occasions you would use the model. Thinking about buying a Colcci bag to work with?

How about investing in a bag with space for your notebook ? Just want a purse that can handle a day at the mall? A bag model is modern, spacious and functional.


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