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Top & Best Beach trip Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Beach trip: How to choose the best one in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a versatile and indispensable piece on summer days: the beach exit. Ideal for going to the beach and the club, the beach outlet has diversified and today it can be used even in the city, on the most diverse occasions.

Characterized by being fresh, light and comfortable, the beach outlet can be found in different versions. Therefore, we will show in this article what types of beach getaways are, how to use them and what you should take in order to buy the best one.

First, the most important

  • The beach exit is an indispensable item to get to and from the beach or the club.
  • Versatile, the beach outlet can be open, closed, short, long, transparent, smooth or printed.
  • We are going to show you how to combine the beach outing with the bikini, swimsuit and other clothes and accessories to also use in everyday life.

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The best beach outings: A model for every style

There are so many models and options for beach outings that you can be confused when choosing the best one. After all, the ideal is to invest your money in a piece that can be used on other occasions and not just on the beach, right? With that in mind, we have selected the best beach outing models. Look:

  • The best beach outing at all times
  • The ideal option to create a classic style
  • The beach outlet for those who want versatility
  • The most elegant model of all

The best beach outing at all times

No products found.

The beach outlet of UV.LINE has a super modern style of dress, with wide sleeves and V-neckline. With a white background and colorful prints, this beach outlet also features lightweight 100% polyamide fabric with maximum protection FPU50 +, in addition to fast drying. It is the ideal model to use at any time of the day and even at night.

Buying Guide

Investing in a beach trip depends a lot on your style and your goal. As there are many options, you need to consider the practicality and versatility of each model.

In order for you to understand everything about the beach trip and how to use it on the most diverse occasions, we have created this Buying Guide with all the necessary information for you to make the perfect purchase.

What is a beach trip?

When summer comes and it’s time to put on the bikini and swimsuit, the question always arises: What to wear over the swimsuits? That’s where the famous beach exit comes in.

The beach exit is a light and fresh fabric suit that serves to get to and from the beach or the club. In a way, the goal is to cover the body, but not with the clothes we wear on a daily basis.

But the main thing is that the beach exit is practical and comfortable, and without leaving aside the style and colors characteristic of summer.

But if you think that going to the beach is a specific and unique outfit, and that you need to spend a lot to buy one, you are wrong.

The fact is, nowadays, almost any type of clothing can be used as a beach outlet. That’s what we’ll see next.

What are the types of beach outings?

There are several types of clothing that can be used as beach outings, considering lightness, comfort and practicality.

The beach exit can be, for example, a tunic, a long, short dress, a caftan, or a button-down shirt, smock, little monkey, shorts, among many other options.

Here are the main types of beach outings and their characteristics:


The dress is one of the most used pieces as a beach outlet. But ideally, it should be made of fluid design and light fabric, such as natural fibers, lese and lace. Here you can choose the short , long and even the transparent dress .


The tunic is a piece that is very similar to the dress, but is usually more elegant. It is characterized by having a V-neck and being, in general, shorter and wider.

Shirt and gown

Both the shirt and the gown can be worn over the bikini or swimsuit to create a chic, stripped-down style. To do this, choose pieces that reach up to the hip. If they are too short, it is worth adding a short one.

Shorts and Blouse

This is another classic option to get to and from the beach or the club. But the ideal is that you choose a shorts and a blouse that is comfortable and with light fabrics to avoid difficulties when dressing, especially if your body is still damp.

Canga or scarf

The sarong and scarves are super versatile types of beachwear because, in addition to being able to use them with different moorings, either as a skirt or as a dress, you can still use them to stretch out on the beach and protect yourself from the sun.

Did you know that the yoke originated in Africa?

The story goes that the first cangas, known on the African continent as capulana, appeared around the 10th century, in Kenya and Mozambique, when the population had access to fabrics coming from Portugal.

Even today, the yoke is used there in traditional ceremonies, to carry the children and, in some countries, the way the woman ties the capulana even indicates her marital status.

Beachwear and bikini: how to combine?

There are no rules to combine the bikini or swimsuit with the beach outlet. But if you want to create a harmonious style, fashion consultants recommend choosing one of the printed pieces and the other plain. If you choose a printed beach skirt, give preference to plain bikinis

For example, if you choose a printed beach skirt, give preference to plain bikinis that have at least one of the colors of the beach skirt print.

But if you prefer to dare, it’s worth abusing colors and prints. After all, if there is a place where you can and should take care of the colors, textures and prints it is on the beach

If leaving the beach leaves your bikini on display, it is worth making a play of colors to create a balanced combination, for example, white and black, navy blue and yellow, stripes and polka dots, etc.

For a chic and sophisticated effect, choose neutral tones. The white beach outlet, for example, is one of the most classic and never goes out of style.

To complement the look, invest in accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets and even jewelry.

On the feet, in addition to the traditional slipper , it is worth daring and enhancing the look using flat shoes and low and comfortable platform.

How to use the beach outlet in the city and day to day?

The fact is that the beach exit is no longer a piece used only to get to and from the beach. Nowadays, the beach exit is actually a wild card, which can also be used in informal programs.

Versatile and stylish, the beach exit is ideal, for example, for a stroll on the boardwalk, to go to restaurants and even for a more relaxed dinner.

The only caveat here is if your beach exit is transparent. Depending on where you want to go, style experts recommend using a second or third piece to cover your hip area.

In addition, if the beach exit is too short, you can, for example, wear shorts underneath.

But, in addition to being able to use the beach exit in moments after the beach, you can also create looks for other situations. You can, for example, compose the look of the gown or tunic with detonated jeans, shorts and top.

Even the lacy beach outlet is enhanced with other items and is used exclusively at parties and casual gatherings.

On these occasions, it is also important to play with the accessories to complement the look. Check out some examples of how to use the beach exit in the city below:

  • Lace dress : The lace with light transparency can be combined with denim shorts and a top, and with a stylish cardigan over it. Sandals or sneakers complete the look.
  • Cotton T-shirt : This piece goes well with skirts, jeans or leggings, and shorts. High-heeled sandals, sneakers and even sneakers can give the final touch of production.
  • Canga : The sarong can be used as a skirt and the swimsuit can serve as a body or the top of the bikini can become a top. Another option is to transform the sarong into a dress.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the beach?

If you have come this far you can already see that there are countless advantages of going out on the beach. To start with, there are several options of pieces that can be used to get to and from the beach.

Another advantage is that there is a wide variety of fabrics and models, allowing you to create unique and modern looks every day.

In addition, the beach exit is versatile, since it can also be used on other occasions of your daily life, from informal walks to parties.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy a traditional tunic or lace beachwear, you will probably face very high prices.

For you to have a general idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of the beach exit, we have prepared an illustrative table. See below:

How much does the beach trip cost and where to buy?

The price of the beach outlet will depend on the fabric, the design and the brand. But, in general, you can find this piece costing between R $ 15 to R $ 600.

Of course, the cheaper the beach trip, the lower the quality of the fabric. But that’s not why you need to invest in more of each.

In addition, it is easy to find the beach exit, either in women’s clothing stores, department stores and even in large supermarket.

Still, we recommend that you buy the beach outlet at online stores, such as Amazon . In addition to purchasing the comfort piece of your home, you will still have more options to choose from.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before choosing the beach outlet

When buying the beach outlet you will need to take into account your style and your purpose of use. After all, depending on the material of manufacture and the design of the beach outlet you can create different looks.

Therefore, we have listed for you the main factors that must be observed before buying the beach outlet. Look:

  • Kind of fabric
  • Numbering
  • Length
  • Neckline and sleeve

Next, we will explain how to analyze each of these criteria so that you have no doubt when buying the beach outlet.

Kind of fabric

The first criterion that you must take into account is the type of fabric. Remembering that, preferably, it should be light, fresh and comfortable. That is, leave the fabrics with heavy and thick textures for another occasion.

In this regard, the options are numerous. The fabrics most found in the manufacture of the beach outlet are: Knitting, crochet, lace, chemise, cotton, viscose and cold knit.

It is noteworthy that some fabrics also have technologies that protect the body from sunlight and others that dry faster.


Also note the numbering before purchasing the beach outlet, especially if you are going to buy online.

In general, you will find the beach outlet in sizes P, M, G and Pluz Size. But it is also possible to find the numerical indication, for example, 38, 40, 42 and etc.

A tip to make no mistake is to opt for the one size beach exit. But, if your choice is for the yoke type beach outlet, also check the fabric measurements, expressed in centimeters.


Another factor that you should take into account is the length of the beach exit, especially considering the most popular models of dress and tunic. Here you will find long, midi or short models.

The long beach exit is usually more elegant

This choice is very personal. But, in general, the long beach exit is usually more elegant and stylish.

You can also choose the models with slits, which can be closed at the front or with a button. The short beach outlet offers more comfort, freshness and lightness to the look.

Neckline and sleeve

Still dealing with modeling, it is also worth checking the type of neckline and sleeves. You can choose the beach outlet with short sleeve, tank top, long, tight or wide.

Going out on the beach with long sleeves is a good option for those who also want to protect their bodies from the sun’s rays and the cool wind at the end of the day.

Regarding the neckline, the most popular are the V-neckline. But you can also opt for the traditional canoe and U-neckline.


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