Top & Best Pantaloons Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pantaloons: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about pantaloons, a classic model in the female wardrobe. With wide modeling and straight cut, pantaloons are an elegant and versatile piece, as they can be used in formal and informal situations.

Pantaloons are also democratic, they can be used by women of different biotypes, just choose a model that enhances your curves. Want to know more about the trend of the moment? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • You can find pantaloons in different fabrics: mesh, jeans, linen, silk, satin, cotton, among others.
  • The piece can be smooth, colored, printed, striped or textured. The choice depends on personal style.
  • You can wear pantaloons to work, study or take a walk. The garment can also replace the dress at prom or wedding parties.

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The best models of pantaloons: Our recommendations

Although pantaloons are synonymous with sophistication, those who think that the garment can only be used in formal combinations are mistaken. There are options in different models and finishes, for different occasions. We have selected some purchase suggestions below:

  • The best model to work
  • A versatile model
  • The ideal option for events


Buying Guide

Pantaloons are in store windows, in fashionistas’ looks and in fashion editorials. Also called Wide Legs Pants , this model is elegant, modern and versatile.

If you want to bet on pantaloons but don’t know how to use them, you’ve come to the right place. In this Buying Guide we will talk about the differentials of this model, give some tips on how to use it and how to choose the ideal model.

What are the characteristics of pantaloons?

Pantaloons have straight cut, wide and wide modeling. It is the ideal model for those looking for elegant, versatile pants that promote the sensation of elongated silhouette.

Did you know that pantaloons are different from Flare? Although many people confuse the models, the flare pants are tight to the knees and then widen, while the pantaloons have loose modeling along the entire length.


You find pantaloons in different styles, it depends on the fabric used in the making of the garment, modeling, tone, pattern and details – such as belts, buttons and pockets.

Versatile, it can be used in any occasion: From casual combination to party attire. Just choose a suitable model for the occasion and combine it with the perfect pieces.

Another interesting feature of pantaloons is that the garment values ​​all biotypes: thin women, plus size, low and high. Find out all the advantages – and some disadvantages – of pantaloons in the table below:

Should I combine pantaloons with which blouse model?

Pantaloons should be worn with tighter blouses. The combination brings balance to the look. However, you can wear it with a wide blouse, but it must accommodate the piece, accommodating a part of the blouse inside the pants.

Tip: Neckline combines wider pants, such as pantaloons, as it counterbalances the look. If you don’t like cleavage, you can bet on blouses with a single front or with one shoulder, use your imagination.


How to wear pantaloons in casual looks?

For informal occasions, choose a stripped pants. The printed models are ideal for day trips, the plain models combine with night tours and the metallic or sequined models are ideal for parties.

You can combine pantaloons with a cropped one for a harmonious look – while the blouse leaves the skin exposed, the pants are discreet and wide – just choose a high-waisted pantaloon.

To go out at night, dare in the texture or color palette. You can combine the pants with a body or corset, bringing even more sensuality to the look.

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Can I wear pants to work?

Want to bet on pantaloons to create an office look? Give preference to a social model – made in fine fabrics like linen or silk – and combine it with a blouse of noble fabric.

You can choose a model with classic straight cut, tailoring style or envelope style. Combine with high heels and delicate accessories. This production is ideal for women with traditional style.

On cold days, you can combine pantaloons with a feminine blazer with a straight cut and tight modeling, matching the color of the pants or in a contrasting shade.

What is envelope pants?

Envelope pantaloons have overlapping and crossed ties, which add even more fluidity to the pants. This detail is usually done on models with more structured fabrics.

You can find envelope pantaloons models in soft and printed fabrics and tailoring models

Do pantaloons value all women?

Pantaloons wear women of all biotypes. The secret is to find a model that enhances your curves, highlights the points you want to enhance and disguises imperfections.

If you have a few extra pounds, avoid the prints, especially the large ones, which give the feeling of volume (if the drawings are small, fine). Prefer the flat models and give preference to dark colors.

Tip: To disguise your tummy, wear a dark blouse with light pants. To disguise the hips, do the reverse, that is, combine light blouse with dark pants. The models with marked crease help to harmonize the silhouette.

Pantaloons are also perfect for skinny women, with long arms and legs. In this case, bet on a model with full-bodied fabric, with textures or prints, to cause the feeling of volume and wider hips.

Short women should be aware of the bar, ideally it should be a little narrower. In addition, bet on the heel sandals , especially models in platform style or Anabela. Let the pants cover almost all the shoes, only the point should be left out.

Other tips for short women are: Wearing nude shoes – it gives the feeling that the legs are longer – putting together monochromatic looks (pieces of the same color do not create division between trunk and legs) and with vertical details.

What footwear should I wear pantaloons on?

You can wear pantaloons with any shoes. It depends on your style, just don’t forget to adjust the length of the pants with the shoes.

Pantaloons match any shoe.An interesting option is to combine trousers with casual sneakers, that way, you can combine style and comfort in the same look. Our recommendation is to bet on white sneakers.

You can also wear pants with sandals, heels or flat shoes. If you want to use it with a flat shoe, let your fingers show. In such cases, the bar should be slightly above the soles of the feet.

Another option is to combine the pants with a mule shoe. If you prefer to wear heels, put on pants that cover most of the shoe, but do not drag on the floor.

Another, less usual option, is to combine pantaloons with boots , especially in autumn and winter. Tip: To add even more value to footwear, use pantacourt pants

What are the differences between pantaloons and panties?

Pantacourt pants have the same structure as pantaloons, that is, straight cut and loose modeling, the difference is in the length, which goes up to the heel or ends below the knees.

This model is gaining more and more fans, as it gives personality and youthfulness to the look. You can put together more basic combinations, with sneakers or low sandals, or sophisticated looks with high shoes.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing pantaloons models

As important as knowing how to use pantaloons, it is knowing how to choose the perfect model. With that in mind, we have prepared some guidelines for our readers to make the right purchase:

  • Fabric
  • Plain, patterned or striped?
  • Bar size and length
  • Details

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section.


You can find pantaloons in various types of fabric. The linen models are very sophisticated. With such a piece, the woman will feel well dressed and elegant. Ideal for going to social events and parties.

Pantalona jeans is a relaxed piece, ideal for those who want to feel at ease. It can be used in elegant combinations, without forgetting its essence. Tip: Choose a high waisted model with few details, that way you can use it for several seasons.

The mesh models are comfortable and ideal for everyday casual looks. You can find options in various shades, with or without print. This model is also usually cheaper.

Plain, patterned or striped?

You will also have to decide if you prefer a smooth pant – in this case, choose a model of your favorite color – printed or striped. Want to find the ideal model for your style? Check the table we prepared below:

Regarding colors, you have the option of traditional shades such as black – it gives you the feeling that you are thinner – white, navy blue and gray, or vibrant colors, such as yellow, lavender and living coral.

Bar size and length

Although the pantaloons are wide, you must choose a piece of your size, nothing to buy a number above, because the waist – which can be medium or high – must be right.

In addition, buying pantaloons in a larger number is not necessary, because the modeling of the garment is naturally wide.

The hem of your pants should never touch the floor.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the pants, which has an ideal proportion. The hem of the pants should never touch the floor and the ideal is that you leave part of your feet out.

Tip: If the model you bought has a large bar, go to a seamstress and ask to adjust.


When choosing pantaloons, pay attention to details. You find models with belts, buckles, side pockets, front zipper, creases, side buttons, lace to adjust or decorative and fabric belt.

Some models also have a side slit on one or both legs. There are also models with transparency – analyze if the region of the butt and pelvis has a lining.


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