Top & Best Battery charger Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Battery charger: How is the best in 2022

If you’re thinking about buying a battery charger, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will give you all the tips so that you can choose the model that best meets your needs!

There are several reasons to buy a battery charger. In addition to practicality and ease in times when there is no way to go after new batteries, we highlight the savings that will happen in the long run and the protection of the environment.

However, there are several points to pay attention to not to throw money in the trash. Therefore, we will explain everything that is important when making this acquisition. So, you will make a perfect choice!

First, the most important

  • Battery chargers must be used with rechargeable batteries. Although some models promise efficiency with alkaline batteries, this practice is not recommended by experts.
  • There are several types of compatibility that must be observed at the time of purchase: size, load capacity, chemical type and brand exclusivity are some of them. Stay tuned!
  • Prices start at around R $ 50, for simple models with few options. Smart chargers, usually full of features, can cost up to R $ 350.

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Ranking: The 3 best battery charger models

We have prepared a list with some models of high-quality battery chargers. All of them will be great acquisitions, and in the lines below we bring the specifications of each one


Buying Guide

What are the most important factors when buying a battery charger? How can you not be on hand with your model or take the risk of having the unpleasant experience of discovering that it does not fit your needs?

To know this and other answers, don’t worry. Continue reading our Buying Guide, because now we are going to answer all these doubts!

What is a battery charger and what is it for?

With the growth of everyday electronics that consume a lot of batteries, such as digital cameras, music players, and laptops with all kinds of usefulness, the need to recharge them has also increased. Among other things, the battery charger allows you to save money, without having to buy new batteries in a short time.Economy, practicality, protection of the environment. Imagine having a device that consumes a new pair of batteries a day? It would not be legal to always make these new purchases, it would be very expensive and, as they are polluting and difficult to dispose of, it would cause environmental damage.

The popularization of battery chargers solved these problems, but it is necessary to take some precautions: there is no point in wanting to recharge alkaline batteries, those common on the market. There are chargers that do this task, but this is not recommended by professionals.

Chargers often come with rechargeable batteries of the same brand for use. When that doesn’t happen, you need to pay attention to several compatibility issues.

In addition to all these advantages, rechargeable batteries also last much longer than alkaline ones. Those with a higher load promise a durability up to 3.5 times longer after fully charged.

Did you know that the battery is an Italian invention? In 1800, researcher Alessandro Volta stacked discs of copper and zinc, and interspersed with them wet tissue in sulfuric acid. This strange contraption was able to generate energy and was called the Voltaica Stack.

Over time, it is clear that there has been an improvement. From that contraption, we now have small sources of energy that work very effectively. What almost 220 years are not able to do, right?

Compatibility: Any charger fits any battery?

No. There are several categories of compatibility that need to exist between batteries and chargers. To avoid these doubts, it is recommended to buy a complete kit at once, ensuring that no problems will happen.The first question is about the size. There are four of the most common in the  market: AA, AAA, C, and D. Check which one you need in your devices before buying a charger.

If there is no size compatibility, there is nothing the charger can do. Most current models support sizes AA and AAA. Below, a table with the measurements of each of these types of batteries:

The second important aspect of compatibility is load capacity. Normally, in batteries, it is usually specified what their capacity is. The most common numbers are 1300 mAH (milli-amp hour), 2000 mAH, and 2500 mAH.

There are smart chargers that know how to recognize the battery’s charging capacity and not cause accidents. But in common, a lack of compatibility can cause serious inconvenience.

For this reason, chargers also come with specifications as to what load capacities it is recommended for. Placing a battery below this value in the device can cause serious accidents, such as explosions and other types of damage.

Chemical compatibility must also be mentioned: batteries made with two different compositions are available on the market: nickel-metal-hydride (Ni-MH) and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Ca). There are chargers that serve both without problems, but others that do not.

Be sure to also note this factor. If you have rechargeable batteries in your homemade of nickel-cadmium and need to purchase a new charger, don’t choose an exclusive model for nickel-metal-hydride!

Check out this video from the Letra na Foto channel that talks about the main specifications of some chargers:

How much?

Thinking only of a single charger, not part of a kit, there are variations according to functionality. The simplest ones, compatible only with a specific brand, can cost in the range of R $ 50.The intermediaries, which have compatibility restrictions, but support all brands, leave between R $ 60 and R $ 70. The more advanced the model, the more that price goes up.

Smart chargers, with capacities for many batteries and compatible with all possible types, can be found even for about R $ 350.

Where to buy?

Electronic stores are the best option. In addition to presenting a good variety of models, they will have specialized professionals who will give correct guidelines. Avoid buying these products in street vendors, even though their presence is constant.For an Internet purchase, we recommend using Amazon of options. Big electronics stores’ websites are also great options.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare when buying a battery charger

Compatibility is the most important thing when buying a battery charger, but let’s not stop there. There are other factors that must be taken into account. We made a list of four important aspects:

  • Voltage
  • Safety
  • Extra features
  • Models without exclusivity

Below, we explain what you should pay attention to in each of them:


As we know, cities have two types of voltages: 110 and 220 volts. Most battery chargers are bivolt, meaning they work smoothly on both. But they are not all.

So, knowing the voltage in your city, avoid buying a device from the other. Using a 110 in a 220 city will result in product burning, while a 220 in a 110 location will not work properly.


Some simple models of chargers do not provide much security. You need to keep an eye out to avoid overloads. In case of forgetfulness, damage or accidents can happen.

To avoid this, there are some models that bring excellent safety specifications. Among them, automatic shutdown when charging is complete, protection against short circuit and warning of remaining battery life.

That way, you can handle your charger more relaxed, without risk of accidents.

Extra features

To make your life easier, there are chargers that bring extra useful features. For example, the USB port, which allows the connection to be made directly with an electronic device, eliminating the use of a power cable.

We also need to highlight digital displays. The so-called smart models usually bring written information in a very intuitive way. For example, they tell you the percentage of charge, the remaining time, and battery life.

All of this makes the experience with a battery charger much more pleasant. To prevent overloads on chargers without many features, it is necessary to calculate the charging time.

Models without exclusivity

When we talk about compatibility, we leave the simplest type out. There are chargers that can be used only or with the batteries that come with it, or with batteries of the same brand. Failure to comply with this rule prevents the product from working.

This type of charger should only be used if your need is very small. In this case, the user will always be made from the same kit and the service life will be long. But without a doubt, a device with such restrictions is not the best option.

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