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Top & Best Diving kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Diving kit: Which is the best for you in 2022?

If you are in the habit of diving and are thinking about purchasing high-level equipment for this activity, you have arrived at the right place! Diving kit is the subject of this text that will bring all the relevant information for those who want to buy an excellent device!

As much as it is always possible to rent diving equipment, having one for you is the best idea. But items like mask, snorkel and fin are not easy to choose, having many variables that need to be thought about. Therefore, we will talk in detail about all these issues below!

First, the most important

  • Diving kits can be quite simple, with only a mask, fin and snorkel, or contain many other equipment that serve the most experienced in this activity.
  • Diving is an activity that has many benefits, both physical and mental. It also serves as an instrument of socialization and contact with nature.
  • The most fundamental characteristic for diving equipment, be it for the face or legs, is comfort. Under water, any discomfort takes on greater proportions.

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Buying Guide

There are many important questions about diving kits: After all, what should they offer? Are they really safe? Is it worth making the purchase?

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll bring you the answers to all of those questions!

What are the advantages of diving?

Diving is an activity that many have as a hobby. In addition to being very fun and relaxing, it provides beautiful moments of contact with nature, knowledge of different forms of life and development of the ability to respect all species.

But that’s not all: Diving is a great physical activity. Water resistance helps strengthen your legs and develop flexibility, and breathing control also has a lot to gain. For those who have depression and anxiety, it helps a lot.

When diving, you meet new people, socialize and travel to beautiful places. And even if you have children, do not deprive yourself of that pleasure: Children earn a lot from the activity, just like adults!

The only disadvantages of diving are the cost, as there are always fees to pay, the obligation to know how to swim and the restrictions for those who have breathing or heart problems.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of diving:



  • Fun and relaxing activity
  • Great physical activity
  • Helps mental health a lot
  • Allows socialization and knowledge of new places
  • Can be done in family


  • It usually involves high costs
  • There are restrictions for some people

What equipment is essential in a diving kit?

There are three basic equipment that are indispensable in a diving kit. They must always be present and must be used in order for you to do the activity safely.

    • Mask: It serves to cover the face with a perfect seal and ensure that the best viewing angle is achieved. Most models are made of silicone or PVC. It is also known as diving goggles.
    • Snorkel: It can also be called a tube or a respirator. There are models with or without a valve. It serves to allow the diver to breathe even under water and needs to ensure comfort and resistance for the user.
    • Flipper: It is the popular duck foot. Responsible for locomotion underwater, it can be of various types and is available in sizes similar to ordinary shoes.


There are still other pieces of equipment that can be used, especially the cylinder when the chosen diving mode requires it. However, even the most basic kits should offer a mask, snorkel and fin.

How does a beginner dive kit differ from a professional?

A basic diving kit will consist of a mask, snorkel and fin. These items can be made of simple materials and have instructions for beginners, who are still taking initial steps in the activity.

As people become more experienced in the practice of diving, they can look for more elaborate models, with greater durability and that also guarantee the safety of scuba diving practices. The quality of the materials used and the equipment are the main differential factors.

Professional or very experienced divers, in turn, can opt for much more elaborate kits. In addition to the superiority of basic items, these sets will also feature neoprene clothing, boots, waistcoat, cylinder, air regulator, pressure marker and even a diving knife.

Obviously, there is no reason to opt for a complete kit when you are still just crawling on the activity. As experience comes, it is possible to evolve and make better acquisitions. If one day you are a very experienced diver, you will covet models of the highest level!

We have prepared a comparative table between starter and professional kits:

Is it worth buying a diving kit or is it better to rent?

To answer that question, you need to think about how often you dive. If it is very low, like once a year or even less, perhaps investing in a kit is not worth it. Rental is very common, available on beaches and ponds, and will suit your needs.

The purchase of the diving kit has many advantages, such as the choice and customization of the equipment. You can always wear a mask and fins that guarantee comfort and that you are used to. This will make the practice even more enjoyable.

Therefore, those who already practice diving with a certain frequency or intend to start doing it in the future, can choose the purchase without any major problems. It will also have financial benefits, since you will not have to pay the rent each time you plan to do the activity.



Did you know that there are several sports diving modalities? The scuba, one of the most traditional, had its first equipment developed by the engineer Henry Fleuss, in 1878.

How to take good care of your diving kit?

When investing in a diving kit, you certainly want it to have a long life. After all, a purchase like this needs to endure for years and years.


The diving kit should always be rinsed with cold water after use.

For this, you cannot forget proper maintenance. The first thing is to always rinse with clean, cold water after each dive. All equipment must be washed! For drying, prefer the shade. Excessive exposure to the sun can damage your set.

It is also very important to keep the diving kit in a cool, dry place and not leave it exposed to the actions of nature. Ideally, there should be a bag for storage and transportation, an item that can even accompany the set at the time of purchase and which is able to greatly increase its durability.

How much does it cost and where to buy a diving kit?

A beginner dive kit can be quite affordable: We find prices that vary between R $ 60 and R $ 120. The higher the level of the diver, the more it is necessary to pay. Professional models can reach R $ 6,000.

Shops specializing in outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing, are great places to find diving kits, especially in beach towns. You can also make your purchase through Amazon, which has great models, Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a diving kit

Do you want to know now how to choose the diving kit that you like the most? So we’ve selected four technical criteria that can help you a lot!

  • Number of pieces
  • Materials and finishing
  • Fins size
  • Mask and snorkel dimensions

Below, you read more about each one!

Number of pieces

The more pieces a diving kit offers, the more complete it will be. This does not mean, however, that the top quantity is right for you. Beginners tend to prefer only the basic set of mask, snorkel and fins.

If you are looking for a more professional kit, you should check which items are included. In this case, the idea is to opt for what offers everything you are looking for. Read the list carefully and make your life easier by not having to buy anything separately.

Materials and finishing

The search for a good diving kit involves choosing a durable model, capable of withstanding many sessions. Therefore, you should always analyze whether the materials used are of a good standard and whether the finish is satisfactory.

Silicone is increasingly used as the material for diving masks.

In the case of the mask, silicone is increasingly used. It allows not only high durability, but also superior comfort because it fits well with the shape of the face. PVC is still a satisfactory choice.

For snorkels, the same logic applies, since comfort to adapt to the mouth is essential. Silicone and PVC are the most used. The fins can be of various materials, mainly carbon fiber, fiberglass and polyamide.

Fins size

The diving fins are fitted on the feet and, therefore, work exactly like sneakers, shoes and slippers: They have a numbering with a unique scheme, but which may vary slightly from brand to brand.

As comfort is absolutely essential when diving, you need fins that are the perfect size. If it is possible to try before purchasing, we recommend, otherwise, follow the one that most closely matches your favorite shoes.

Mask and snorkel dimensions

You must also choose the correct mask and snorkel dimensions. In this case, there is not a graduation as big as with the fins, but simple choices, such as small, medium and large, and adjustments that must be made in the piece itself.

Mask and snorkel are directly in contact with the face, which makes the comfort of these pieces even more indispensable. Problems such as excessive tightening or, mainly, water entering through cracks should be avoided.

The good news is that after using comfortable equipment, you will always know what your ideal measurement is.


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