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Top & Best Digital thermometer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Digital thermometer: How to choose the best in 2022?

Despite being an indispensable item at home, people only remember it when they put their hands on their foreheads and realize how hot they are. In today’s article we will talk about digital thermometer.

The digital thermometer is a very important instrument for measuring fever and variations in body temperature. It is practical, light, modern and very accurate. At home with children and the elderly it is essential to have at least one thermometer kept in the drawer, or in the medicine box.

The temperature measurement can take place orally, through the armpit, forehead or through the ear. In the text below we will talk a little about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital thermometer, which are the best currently on the market, where to buy, among other tips.

First, the most important

  • Precision, fast results and no risk of contamination to the environment. These are the main differentials of the digital thermometer models.
  • Proper handling of the digital thermometer is extremely important. If the person moves a lot during the measurement, he may make a wrong reading and disrupt the health treatment.
  • The values ​​of digital thermometers vary according to the technology, speed of the result and the need or not for contact. Models with infrared rays are quite efficient and usually require a larger investment.

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The best digital thermometers on the market: We recommend

A high-precision thermometer is very important to measure body temperature safely. The digital thermometers below are the best and most popular currently on the market.

  • A practical and safe option
  • Easy-to-use digital thermometer
  • A comfortable and precise option
  • The most common and popular model on the market


Buying Guide

Having a digital thermometer at home is really a huge convenience. With a low investment, you can have one at home. Now that you’ve met some of the most recommended currently available on the market, let’s talk about how to choose yours, where to buy and how much it costs.

What are the different types of digital thermometer?

There are different types of digital thermometer on the market. Understanding its features is an extra guarantee that you are buying exactly the product you need. That is why it is so important to know each one of them before making your decision. Check out each model:

    • Digital rectal thermometer: This thermometer measures body temperature through the anus. It is very accurate and most suitable for newborns. The result appears in a few minutes. It is easy to use, does not cause discomfort or hurt.
    • Infrared digital thermometer : This model is the newest available on the market and considered one of the best. It is popularly known as a forehead thermometer. Using an infrared scanner, it measures body temperature. There is no need for skin contact.
      Its use is very simple, just approach the forehead that it gives the temperature quickly. This model is widely used in hospitals, as they are more hygienic, safe and comfortable. It is also very popular with parents, for its ease of use in babies and children.
    • Multipurpose digital thermometer : One of the most common and cheap on the market. Body temperature is measured using a sensor located on the metal tip of the digital thermometer. It is possible to use it orally, rectally or axillary.
    • Digital ear thermometer: This digital thermometer is also known as the eardrum thermometer. Body temperature is measured using infrared rays. They are quite fast and safe, just insert them lightly into the ear canal. It is fast and does not cause discomfort. For an efficient reading it is important to insert it correctly. Suitable for babies over six months of age.
    • Digital oral thermometer : Used below the tongue. Measurement of body temperature is done in a few minutes using the tip of the thermometer.
    • Digital armpit thermometer : As the name says, it was made to measure body temperature below the arms. They are very easy to use and safe. The measurement is done in a few minutes. It is not as accurate as the rectal and infrared for forehead and ear, however it is quite reliable.
    • Smart digital thermometer : New in the market, it was developed to interact with operating systems of phones, tablets and other gadgets. Some models come with a strap for you to put on your arm. The reading is done like a normal thermometer, can be used orally, rectally or in the armpit. The big difference is that it connects to devices via WiFi and sends the information to the person’s phone. There are applications that provide graphics to monitor the fever. Information can be shared with healthcare professionals in real time.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital thermometer?

Very accurate, with fast results and without risk of contamination to the environment. These are the main differentials of digital thermometer models, in comparison to mercury thermometers.


The digital thermometer is easy to use and very safe.

Digital thermometers have gained space in the market and are gaining more and more followers, precisely because of their ease of use, safety and assertive results. It is an excellent investment and offers great value for money.

Proper handling of the digital thermometer is extremely important. If the person moves a lot during the measurement, he may make a wrong reading and disrupt the health treatment. This is one of the few negative points of the device.

After use it is prudent to clean with a dry cloth, in the case of infrared thermometers. In multipurpose digital thermometers, you can use a tissue slightly moistened with alcohol.


  • Measurement accuracy and safety
  • Fast and reliable results if used correctly
  • There is no risk of contamination to the environment, as it does not use mercury
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Cannot move during measurement – result may be incorrect
  • Clean after use.

How to measure fever with a digital thermometer?

There are different ways of measuring the temperature and this will depend on the thermometer you purchase. However, whatever it is, it is very simple to use, just follow a few steps:

  1. Check if the digital thermometer is working correctly or if it is time to change the battery.
  2. If your thermometer is a multipurpose model, just place the silver tip under the armpit or under the tongue and wait for three to five minutes.
  3. In models with infrared rays, just press the button next to the forehead or in the ear canal. The result comes out very quickly.
  4. Turn the thermometer off and clean before storing.



It is important to note that the ideal body temperature is between 36º C and 36.7º C, according to doctors. When the temperature is between 37.3º C and 37.8º C it is considered a feverish state. Already above 37.8º C it is, in fact, fever.

The ideal is not to measure the fever after a hot bath or if the person is under cover, since in both cases the body temperature is naturally higher.

How much does a digital thermometer cost?

There are digital thermometers with a wide range of prices on the market. It is possible to find models that exceed R $ 300, as well as it is possible to buy with around R $ 15.

The values ​​vary according to the technology, precision and also the need or not for contact. Digital thermometers that have infrared rays, which make it possible to measure body temperature without contact, usually require a greater investment, as do earphones.

The most basic digital thermometers, used under the armpit, in addition to being the most common and easy to find, are the most affordable on the market.


Where to buy a digital thermometer?

With a quick search on the internet, you can find different options of digital thermometer to buy. Online stores like Amazon, Lojas Americanas, Submarino, Carrefour, Walmart, among others, offer models according to what you are looking for.

There is also a good variety available in pharmacies such as Drogaria Onofre, Drogaria São Paulo, CliqueFarma and Droga Raia, for example, both in physical stores and online.

Big toy stores like RiHappy, for example, which also sell baby care items, often have some thermometer options on their shelves.


Purchase criteria: Factors for evaluating a digital thermometer

The effectiveness of the digital thermometer is the first point to be taken into account. It is essential that it is reliable. This contributes a lot at the beginning of a health treatment. Before you buy yours, pay attention to the following points:

  • Age
  • Time
  • Display
  • Drums

Keep reading to learn more about each one.


The question of age does not concern the product itself, but who the digital thermometer will be used for. It is important to note that not all appliances are ideal for everyone in the home.

The multipurpose model is suitable for all age groups. The best for newborn babies are rectals, which offer excellent accuracy. Forehead thermometers are great for babies over 3 months and children, who don’t stop quiet for a long time.


Here the decision of the model is also related to age. With babies and young children the faster the body measurement results happen, the better. The digital thermometer models with infrared rays are quite accurate and efficient in these cases.

In the most common and popular models, such as multipurpose, oral, axillary and rectal, the measurement usually takes place after three minutes.


The display is a differential that must be taken into account when you are going to measure someone’s body temperature in the middle of the night and do not want to turn on the light, or leave the room to see the result.

Some models of digital thermometers have backlit displays, very easy to read in the dark.



The digital thermometers available on the market currently work on battery or alkaline batteries, of that standard or smaller models.

Opt for models that indicate that the battery has a long life. These digital thermometers are more convenient, since you don’t have to worry about changing batteries every three months, for example.


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