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Foot massager: Which are the best of 2022?

Who never came home after a day of hard work and wanted a foot massage does not know what is tired. However, it is often impossible to get someone to do this at the desired time and that is where the foot massager comes in, a product we will talk about in this article.

This device is the solution to the problems of many people who suffer with foot pain or who just need moments of relaxation and well-being through a good massage.

In this article we will introduce you more deeply the foot massager, we will talk about its advantages, price, benefits and much more. To know all this, just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • The foot massager is ideal for people who suffer from foot pain and who cannot or do not have time to attend massage therapists.
  • There are manual and electric models, which are capable of performing different types of massages.
  • Manual models are more affordable, while electric ones are more expensive, but offer more benefits and advantages.

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Best Foot Massagers: Our Favorites

A beautiful massage at the end of the day is the dream of many people and thanks to the foot massager you can achieve this whenever you want and without depending on anyone. But to make a good investment it is necessary to choose correctly and in the list below we have separated the best models on the market for you to make no mistake.

  • Magnetic Foot Massager
  • Foot and Leg Massager Reflexor 40w
  • Tsuyoi foot and calf massager
  • Foot Massager Airbag Foot Massager Supermedy


Buying Guide

If there’s one thing that promotes immediate well-being, it’s a well-done massage. It has the power to relieve pain, promote muscle relaxation, improve circulation and even soothe. But, there is not always a massage therapist available at any time and in order to meet this need, a foot massager was created.

If you are interested in the product you have come to the right place. In this Buying Guide we will show you all about it and at the end of the reading you will be able to decide which one will be yours, come on?

What is a foot massager?

The foot massager is a product that emerged with the aim of promoting massages on the feet, and some models also on the calves, in a simple way and anywhere.

It is a product that can be manual or electric and that has areas for conditioning the feet while performing the massage through air bags, vibrations, rollers, spheres and other instruments.

There are options that combine massage with reflexotherapy, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy techniques, bringing even more benefits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the foot massager?

The main advantage of having a foot massager is that you can get a massage without leaving the house, simply and easily. With that, thanks to him it is possible to relieve pain, relax and slow down after an intense day of work or activities.

For those with circulation problems this device is also a good option, since with its tools it is able to improve blood circulation.

Another positive point is that there are portable options, which can be taken anywhere, including to the office, which makes their use even easier.

On the other hand, there are models with a high value, but if you compare it with the number of massages he can do and the value of a professional massage therapist can be worth the investment.



  • Provides massages anywhere and anytime
  • Promotes relaxation, pain relief and a sense of well-being
  • It’s portable
  • Improves blood circulation


  • There are models with high value

Electric or manual foot massager?

There are currently electric and manual massagers on the market and which one to choose will depend on the preference and value you are willing to pay.

Manual foot massagers are usually composed of wooden or plastic rollers that promote massage according to the user’s movement, that is, 50% of the work will be yours and 50% of it.


The advantage of this type of product is the fact that it is more affordable, smaller and can be used anywhere, without any worries.

With the electric massager, you won’t have to do anything at all, just sit and wait for it to do the job. With this option there are more forms of massage and intensity movements, some of which even have a heating system.

The problem with electric massagers is that they usually have a higher price and are larger, which can make portability a little difficult, not to mention that they can only be used in places with outlets nearby or if they have an internal battery.

How much?

There is a good variation in price with respect to the price of foot massagers and there are options that are very affordable and others with a high price.
Manual massagers are the ones that have low price and these usually cost around R $ 20.Electric models have a large price range and it varies according to the number of functions that the product will perform. Simpler options with only vibration cost an average of R $ 40.

More complete electric foot massagers, which have different massage tools and programs, can have a high price that varies between R $ 300 and can exceed R $ 1,000.


Where to buy?

The best way to find different models of foot massagers is online. On the websites there is an extensive range of options and very competitive prices that can help you achieve the ideal model for a more affordable price.

Online stores like Amazon usually have this product.

If you prefer physical stores, the ideal is to look for establishments that sell products related to orthopedics, multi-purpose stores, in the case of manual models, or hypermarkets.

In addition, our Ranking options are also for sale and can be purchased just by clicking on the desired product.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Foot Massager Models

Regardless of how your foot massager works, it is essential to make a good choice so as not to spend money for nothing. For this, there are certain characteristics that if taken into account when comparing products can help you choose the best option. Are they:

  • Types of massages
  • Intensity of massage
  • Padding
  • Additional

Types of massages

The types of massages that your foot massager will perform are directly related to the fact that it is electric or manual. If you choose the manual, know that there will only be one massage option. In the case of trams there are great variations.

There are models that perform simpler massages, while others have different programs, with different intensities and use of tools to achieve a better result.

If this is what you want, you should check the product’s technical specifications for what it offers in this regard.

Intensity of massage

This is another factor that generates a lot of buzz with respect to electric foot massagers.

It is common to see users complaining that some products massage so hard that they are uncomfortable, what is the complete opposite thinking about the function of this right product?

So, before purchasing yours, if you have the opportunity, test the massager first. If not, analyze if it has different intensities that can be selected by users. There are usually three options and this way if the maximum is too strong for you just select the others.


Did you know that on the feet there is a map with areas that correspond to all the organs of the body and that when worked bring benefits to them?

This was a discovery of foot reflexology, a technique that is widely applied in the creation of various foot massagers.



Usually electric foot massagers have a structure made of plastic, with some having padding or airbags on the tips and others not.

In these product models the feet are inside it and there are complaints that those that are not padded can hurt the sides of the calf. So it is worth keeping an eye on that too.


The extras are the great grace of the massagers and often a decisive factor for those who are in doubt about which is the best product.

Precisely because they exist in great variety, foot massagers have been gaining auxiliary functions that seek to improve their efficiency more and more.

For this there are models that have magnetized areas, others work with chromotherapy, there are options that have massage areas based on reflexotherapy.

There are also those that are activated by remote control and those that work with water, such as a special hydromassage for the feet. All of these extras have benefits and if any of them please you more, it is worth focusing on the models that offer them.


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