Top & Best Otoscope Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Otoscope: Which is the best in 2022?

Those who work in the medical field know the importance of instruments that make a difference in the day-to-day care. One of them is the otoscope, a product we will talk about today!

The otoscope is essential to diagnose diseases that affect the outer and inner ear. It is a simple instrument, but very functional and widely used.

And if you are interested in it you have come to the right place. In this article we bring you all the information about the product and we will help you choose the best one for you, for that, just keep reading.

First, the most important

  • The otoscope is the ideal equipment for doctors and nurses to perform internal and external ear exams for children, adults and animals.
  • It is essential that the model you buy is approved by Anvisa.
  • There is a wide variation in the price of otoscopes, but there are good options for account values.

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Best otoscope models: Our recommendations

A quick search is enough to discover that there are many models of otoscope for sale and choosing which product to take can be a complicated task. For this reason, we have separated in this Ranking the options best evaluated by users so that you can already start and think about which one to take, check out:

  • MD Omni 3000 Xenon Otoscope
  • Pocket Junior 22840 Welch Allyn Otoscope
  • Pocket Led Otoscope 22870 Onyx Welch Allyn


Buying Guide

The otoscope is a relatively simple piece of equipment, but it has an important function for performing ear exams. It is essential for both general practitioners and for ENTs and veterinarians.

If you fit into one of these classifications and need to choose a model for you, but still have questions about the product, don’t worry. In this Buying Guide you will find all the information about him and at the end of the reading you will be well versed in the subject. Come on?

What is an otoscope and what is it for?

The otoscope is a medical device that appeared in France in 1363. At the time it was used for both ear and nose exams. It was only around 1838 that the Italian Ignaz Gruber created an instrument model more similar to what currently exists on the market.

However, at that time Ignaz did not divulge his research and his project was only discovered in 1864 in Germany.

Over the years the product has been improving and is now widely used by doctors and nurses for external and internal ear exams.

The otoscope resembles a flashlight in its design, consisting of a handle, a head, which has a tapered tapered tip, magnifying glass and lamp. It has an area at the tip where specula are connected, which have different sizes to enter the patient’s ear.

The otoscope is usually powered by batteries that are placed inside the instrument cable.

Even though it is relatively simple, this product is essential for a deeper analysis of the ear, which is an area very susceptible to diseases and which usually causes great discomfort to patients.

Otitis is one of the most common ear problems, affecting both the outer and inner ear of people and animals.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the otoscope?

The otoscope is a device widely used in routine medical care. There are several conditions that affect the ears and therefore the demand for this product is high.


This is due to its high effectiveness. This instrument mainly makes it possible to visualize the inner area of ​​the ear thanks to its specula, which adapt to the shape of the patient’s ear, thus being able to be used in adults and children.

In addition, current models have lamps with brightness control and technologies that allow a detailed examination.

As much as the investment in the product is high, it is important to know that currently specula can already be reusable and often what is spent on the device is a unique value, since there is no need to buy additional for it.


  • Allows you to evaluate the inner and outer ear
  • Facilitates diagnosis
  • It’s easy to use
  • Can be used on people and animals


  • High Price

How to use an otoscope correctly?

Even though it is simple to use, it is necessary to use the otoscope correctly in order to have an effective examination. In this way, we have created a step by step so that you who are starting to have contact with this product already know what is the best way to use it.

    • First perform an analysis of the outside of the patient’s ear to check the size and be able to choose the speculum suitable for him.
    • Always hold the otoscope with the hand on the same side that you will be evaluating. That is, right ear, right hand, if you do otherwise your hand will be on the patient’s forehead.
    • Then check the healthy ear first. This prevents an infection from being transmitted from the sick ear to the one that has no problem.
    • Place the otoscope outside the ear canal and then move towards the tympanic membrane to examine it.
    • To facilitate observation, if your device has this function, adjust the light intensity.
    • At the end of the exam, if you used a reusable speculum, take it to the autoclave or, if it is a disposable one, throw it away.


How much?

The value of an otoscope is quite variable and depends on the number of specula and the quality of the materials used in its composition.

It is possible to find more affordable options that cost around R $ 60, with the most expensive ones costing more than R $ 6 thousand.

Where to buy?

You can find otoscopes to buy at stores specializing in the sale of medical products and, especially with regard to physical stores, they are the best option.

On websites, on the other hand, it is much simpler to see otoscopes for sale, some of which we recommend are Amazon, Center Medical. All of them have several product options.

In addition, if you are interested in the models we list in our Ranking, know that you can purchase them just by clicking on the product.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing otoscope models

By now you have been able to learn more about otoscopes and from now on we will present you all the main points that you should take into consideration to choose the best model for you.

By following them, it will be possible to get closer to the model that will perfectly meet your need. Check out:

  • Speculum type and size
  • Price
  • Bulb type
  • Product differentials

Check in detail each criterion mentioned:

Speculum type and size

You can buy the best otoscope on the market, however, if he does not have the right specula, nothing will serve the product for you.

When purchasing the instrument, check if it comes with disposable or reusable specula models. If they are disposable, know that each patient you attend and use the tool must throw away the plastic cone.

Those that are reusable prevent you from having additional expenses, since they only need to be placed in the autoclave to be used in other patients.

The sizes of the specula that come with the product are another essential thing that you must take into account according to the age group that will most suit.

A basic size guide can be found below:

  • Speculum 2.5 mm : should be used on children up to 3 years old
  • Speculum 3.0 mm : from 3 years old to about 12 years old.
  • Speculum 4.0 mm : ideal for children over 12 years of age and adults.


Yes, this is also a factor that must be taken into account when comparing otoscope models.

We told you above that there are options for less than R $ 100 and for more than R $ 6 thousand. Regardless of the amount you are willing to pay, analyze what each model includes.

Usually the cheapest options have poor lighting and are made of low-strength materials. The more expensive ones have a very high visualization potential, however they can be replaced by cheaper models that are also good.

It is not necessary to spend all the money you have on the device, but sometimes the savings can be expensive.

Bulb type

The type of lamp can also make a difference. There are models that are made with xenon lamps, others with halogen and the latest generation that have LED lamps.

The halogen lamp usually emits a light that is similar to natural lighting and thus provides greater color fidelity. The Xenon is an extremely powerful lamp, with great potential for lighting and high durability.

The LED emits white light and thus provides a clearer view. In addition, it consumes less energy and is more durable than allogens, for example.

Product differentials

There are also other differentials that can make a difference in the otoscope. There are options that have lighting regulation, others that have input for insufflation pears and models that have different colors.

It is worth analyzing whether these factors are important to you and choosing the model that best suits them.


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